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Points for Breeding Dragons

The maximum amount of {{{item}}} that can be received from a task in this event is 600 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]], thus, no higher number can be obtained. Any values over 600 are merely representative.

The listed Dragons are maximum two examples for breeding - there may be more than two available breeding options.
If only one Dragon is listed, this is the only option.

Breed Time VIP Breed [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] per Breed Recommended Offspring[1] Parent
Other Dragon(s)[2]
30 seconds 24 seconds 1 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] Fire Dragon Icon.png Fire Dragon
Wind Dragon Icon.png Wind Dragon
Fire + (FirePlant)
Wind + (WindEnergy)
1 minute 48 seconds 1 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] Earth Dragon Icon.png Earth Dragon Earth + (EarthVoid) -
5 minutes 4 minutes 2 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] Water Dragon Icon.png Water Dragon Water + (WaterMetal) -
30 minutes 26 minutes 16 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] - Smoke Dragon Icon.png Smoke Dragon
45 minutes 36 minutes 25 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] - Bee Dragon Icon.png Bee Dragon
1 hour 48 minutes 33 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] Plant Dragon Icon.png Plant Dragon Plant + (PlantFire) Lava Dragon Icon.png Lava Dragon
1h 30m 1h 12m 50 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] Metal Dragon Icon.png Metal Dragon Metal + (MetalWater) Tribal Dragon Icon.png Tribal Dragon
Elephant Dragon Icon.png Elephant Dragon
2 hours 1h 36m 66 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] Energy Dragon Icon.png Energy Dragon Energy + (EnergyWind) Dust Dragon Icon.png Dust Dragon
3 hours 2h 24m 100 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] Void Dragon Icon.png Void Dragon Void + (VoidEarth) -
4 hours 3h 12m 133 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] - Breeze Rock Dragon Icon.png Breeze Rock Dragon
Elemental Dragon Icon.png Elemental Dragon
6 hours 4h 48m 200 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] War Dragon Icon.png War Dragon Fire + Metal Seed Dragon Icon.png Seed Dragon
Tree Dragon Icon.png Tree Dragon
The breedings below give only 200 points while taking longer.
8 hours 6h 24m 200 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] Lumino Dragon Icon.png Lumino Dragon
Mist Dragon Icon.png Mist Dragon
Fire + Void
Wind + Void
Leaf Dragon Icon.png Leaf Dragon
Armored Dragon Icon.png Armored Dragon
The breedings below give only 300 points while taking longer.
10 hours 8 hours 300 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] Shard Dragon Icon.png Shard Dragon
Solar Dragon Icon.png Solar Dragon
Metal + Void
Fire + Light
Brick Dragon Icon.png Brick Dragon
Nightshade Dragon Icon.png Nightshade Dragon
12 hours 9h 36m 300 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] Jungle Dragon Icon.png Jungle Dragon
Reaper Dragon Icon.png Reaper Dragon
Plant + Light
Metal + Shadow
Prickly Dragon Icon.png Prickly Dragon
UV Dragon Icon.png UV Dragon
The breedings below give only 400 points while taking longer.
14 hours 11h 12m 400 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] Missile Dragon Icon.png Missile Dragon
Nightmare Dragon Icon.png Nightmare Dragon
Energy + Light
Void + Shadow
Lightning Dragon Icon.png Lightning Dragon
Rust Dragon Icon.png Rust Dragon
16 hours 12h 48m 400 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] - Orange Dragon Icon.png Orange Dragon
Black Armor Dragon Icon.png Black Armor Dragon
18 hours 14h 24m 400 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] - Coral Dragon Icon.png Coral Dragon
Blueflame Dragon Icon.png Blueflame Dragon
Longer breedings also give only 600 points.
18 hours+ 14h 24m+ 600 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] - Alien Dragon Icon.png Alien Dragon
Dracula Dragon Icon.png Dracula Dragon
  1. Recommended Offspring indicates those Normally-Breedable Dragons with guaranteed combinations as well as Base Dragons that share the specified breeding time. It is suggested to breed these to obtain because there is at least one combination that will result only in the desired outcome, avoiding unwanted offspring with breeding times different than the one looked after.
  2. Other Dragons include Normally-Breedable Dragons that share the specified breeding time with the exception of Dragons with guaranteed combinations and Base Dragons. Dragons with breeding times over 18 hours non-VIP are not shown, as obtaining them will award the maximum of 600 within the highest level. They take longer to breed, but yield the same amount of as shorter options, making them a less efficient alternative.

Used in events where Breeding of Dragons gives Event Currency (e.g. Castle or Solo Events). This template displays 2 possible combinations for breeding to give currency depending on the breeding time.

Template parameters

Event Currencyitem

Icon file name that should be used (without "Icon" and extension)

Item Name OverrideitemName

If the in-game name of currency does not match the icon name, specify it here.

Dorbs vs. Berries
Maximum Pool Sizemax

The maximum amount of items in a single pool out of ALL pools (usually the last).

Maximum Pool Levellevel1

The level of the event where the maximum pool size can be found.

Maximum Pool Level 2level2

If a second level has the same maximum pool size, specify it here.

Amount Multipliermult

For high pool sizes the amount given is usually also higher. Specify the multiplier for the reward here in these cases.