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Points for Collecting Food

The maximum amount of {{{item}}} that can be received from a task in this event is 600 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]], thus, no higher number can be obtained. Any values over 600 are merely representative.

Duration Food [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] per Farm [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] per 15 Farms Maximum [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] per cycle[1]
30 seconds Spiky Cherry 1 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 15 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 10,800 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]]
5 minutes Purplemon 1 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 15 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 1,080 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]]
30 minutes Sour Cone 7 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 105 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 1,260 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]]
1 hour Spring Cherry 15 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 225 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 1,350 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]]
2 hours Blue Hazel 31 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 465 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 1,395 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]]
6 hours Dragonscale Squarey Berry 93 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 1,395 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 1,395 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]]
12 hours Dragolandic Berry 187 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 2,805 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 1,402.5 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]]
1 day Star Fruit Royal Fig 375 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 5,625 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 1,406.25 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]]
2 days Sweetroot Candied Pear 750 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 11,250 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]] 1,406.25 [[File:{{{item}}} Icon.png|20px]]
  1. These values are calculated based on perfect cycles, assuming that there is no loss of time in between re-planting Food. However, one must take into account that collecting and planting Food does consume a certain amount of time, which depends on the Trainer's speed, therefore, the amounts will vary (lower than shown).

Creates a "Collect Food" table for events.

Template parameters

Currency Item Nameitem

Enter the event currency item name (plural)

Level of the item max/cap/limitlevel1

Enter the level that has the highest item limit/cap

Max Task Currency Amount (Highest Level)max

Enter the number of the maximum currency that can be obtained in the highest level task.

Override Item Name TextitemName

If you want to override the default item name (some times this is used for singular items), enter some text, this completes the x in the text: "The maximum amount of x that can be received from a task..." otherwise leave this blank

(Defaults to whatever was entered for 'Item")
Override 2nd Level (with the same) max/cap/limitlevel2

If more than one level has the same item max/cap/limit, enter it's level number, otherwise leave this blank

Override Multipliermult

If you want to override the default multiplier, enter a number, otherwise leave this blank.