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Ned.png Arya -- there's trouble!
Arya.png Huh? Now? I was just about to gorge on the candy basket the Sweet Thistle Bunnies sent us as thanks for last year. And then sleep the whole day...
Ned.png That sounds... nice. But I just saw Brant sneaking into Mirage Woods -- and wherever Brant sneaks, trouble follows!
Arya.png Wellllll... *sigh* I guess that's true. Let's go make sure he isn't plotting our downfall. But then you have to leave me alone with my candy!
Ned.png In exchange for a springtime forest adventure with you? Sign me up!
Ned.png Oh-- She's already gone.

Brant.png WAAUGH! Dragon spit! You scared me!
Brant.png You're a weird sorta dragon, aren't you? Usually dragons aren't so interested in being my friend -- because I'm so scary, of course.
Brant.png But I GUESS I can let you travel with me. Your shiny tail will help light my way, so you get a pass.

Brant.png Arya?! What are YOU doing here? And Ned, aren't eerie forests like this too hardcore for you?
Arya.png ... ... *drool*
Ned.png Sorry, she's been distracted by this Sweetie Bunny Dragon ever since we got here.
Ned.png But that doesn't matter! We're here to put an end to your fiendish plans... whatever they are!

Brant.png That's right. Stay out of my way, fools! Now I can go back to finding bunnies... and my treasures.
Arya.png Huh? Did he say "treasures"? And what could he possibly want with the Mirage Woods bunnies?
Ned.png I knew he was up to something! We'd better stay on his trail.

Brant.png Now we can go deeper into the forest, just as planned.
Brant.png I appreciate your dedication to my cause, dragon. You'll get a cut of the profits -- I promise!

Brant.png NOW we're talking! I'm so excited to look for my bunny friends... Teehee!
Brant.png *ahem* Dragon, tell nobody about my giggling.
Brant.png Now... where did mom and dad hide those treasures...

Brant.png One bunny, two bunnies, three bunnies-- HEY! What did I tell you two about getting in my way?
Arya.png Pixie Dot Dragons love to party, so I'm surprised this one led us to you, ya little stinker.
Arya.png Whatever you're up to, we'll help the Pixie Dot Dragon get you out of its forest -- and back home where good little boys belong!

Brant.png That'll teach you! My faithful forest dragon and I are unstoppable!
Brant.png It knows the importance of my quest better than you two ever could! Now, begone!
Ned.png *sigh* He sure talks big for a little kid.

Brant.png I'm getting pretty sick of those big bullies popping up to disrupt my hunt.
Brant.png But you'll never get in my way, right? My trusty dragon steed?
Brant.png Look! Just now you've showed me the way! We've got more bunnies to find and treasures to seek.

Brant.png If I'm not mistaken, this is where the witch of the woods lives! My parents weren't fooling around when they arranged this hunt...
Brant.png Be wary, dragon friend. If we're gonna find all the springtime eggs my parents hid, we'll need to ask the witch's permission.
Brant.png What's that dumbfounded look for? You knew you were escorting me on my annual solstice egg-and-bunny hunt, right?

Brant.png Get away from the witch of the woods, you... you... interruptors!!! I must ask for its guidance!
Ned.png Wow....
Arya.png Pretty sure this Wood Witch Dragon just wants you to stop mucking around in its woods, Brant.

Brant.png I did it! I wonder... Was this the witch's test? If so, I passed with flying colors!
Brant.png Come on, dragon buddy -- we're in the clear to continue our hunt, with the witch's permission!
Arya.png Arrghh! Get back here, Brant!

Brant.png I can't understand why Ned and Arya keep getting in my way... Haven't they ever been on a springtime egg hunt before?
Brant.png The bunnies of Mirage Woods help your parents hide the eggs, and then you have to find them all, and get a prize.
Brant.png I mean, it's not rocket science! At least YOU understand, dragon. Now, let's keep looking.

Brant.png *sniff sniff* Do you smell that? There's something sweet in the air.
Brant.png Maybe it's the chocolate eggs... or that sparkling river... or the flowers and trees...
Brant.png Ahhh. This is my favorite time of year! There's nothing better than egg hunts in Mirage Woods.

Brant.png *sniff sniff* Ah-ha, so THAT'S what I was smelling -- a Caramel Dragon!
Ned.png Huh? How'd you know it was a Caramel Dragon? According to my dad's Codex, these creatures are super rare...
Arya.png Well, it DOES smell like Caramel-- Blech! But it tastes like a moldy purplemon.
Ned.png Stop licking the dragons, Arya!!!

Arya.png Ah-ha! I figured it out! The sweet part of the Caramel Dragon is its HORN! Tastes a bit lime-y, though...
Ned.png While you were busy figuring out how to lick our best battle strategy, we totally lost!
Brant.png Serves you two right for interrupting my innocent childhood lark-- I mean, my important mission!

Brant.png To be honest, dragon buddy, I'm getting a little upset.
Brant.png I only get to do my springtime egg hunt ONCE a year. It's very important to me, and Arya and Ned keep ruining it...
Brant.png But I can't tell them what I'm REALLY up to. They'll think I'm some weak little baby...!
Brant.png Hmph! All we can do is keep beating them up, and eventually they'll leave us alone.

Brant.png What's up, dragon? You seem excitable. Are you interested in this place?
Brant.png Don't tell me -- have we almost found all the bunnies and eggies?!
Brant.png Ooooo, I wonder how much candy I'll get? Maybe I'll even get a fluffy bunny of my own! I can't wait!

Brant.png Out of my way! I'm in the home stretch here!
Arya.png Sorry to do this, Brant, but unless you come clean and get out of the woods, we're gonna have to get the Pink Bloom Dragon to stop you and your friend!
Ned.png Blue Bloom Dragons like your friend there are subservient to Pink Bloom Dragons. That means it has to listen to what our dragon says.
Arya.png And our dragon says "Quit sneaking around!" ... probably.

Brant.png *s-sniff... sniffle...* W-Waahhhhhhh! *sob*
Arya.png Oh no, Brant! But, why are you crying? You won!
Brant.png Y-You two just won't let me enjoy my most favorite day of the year! The only day I can act like a kid! And find candy! And count bunnies!
Ned.png Arya, um... Maybe we should just let Brant go for now.

Brant.png *sniffle* Those losers... totally ruining my vibe... *hic* And now they know my secret!
Brant.png B-But I'm glad you stayed by my side, Blue Bloom Dragon -- even when we battled a dragon who always tells you what to do.
Brant.png Whatever! I won't listen to bigger kids OR grown-ups who boss me around. Today is MY day, and I'm gonna keep having fun!
Brant.png Let's head deeper into the woods. I know we're getting close to conquering our candy quest...

Brant.png Jackpot! We found where all the Mirage Bunnies live! They'll help us find the rest of the candy eggs, and get prizes from mom and dad.
Brant.png Blue Bloom Dragon, I suppose you've proven yourself worthy of sharing my chocolatey spoils...
Brant.png But first, let's complete our springtime egg hunt!

Brant.png AGAIN with you two?! Didn't your parents ever make an egg hunt for you? What do you have against them?!
Ned.png Actually, my dad's always been too preoccupied with dragons, and my mom passed away before I knew her...
Arya.png I ran away from home a long time ago...
Ned.png Oh-- Uh...
Arya.png But let's forget that, Brant! We realized we were being major jerks to you. For this battle, we'll just have fun! How does that sound?

Arya.png You did it, Brant! Now the Meadow Dragon will give you free rein in the woods to finish your egg hunt.
Ned.png And we'll even help out, if you want! I mean, neither of us has gone on a springtime egg hunt in a long time...
Brant.png I... I guess that's okay. And you won't tell ANYBODY about how I cried, or how much I love bunnies and candy?
Arya.png Our lips are sealed, kiddo. But for what it's worth, there's nothing wrong with any of that!

Brant.png We did it! I can't even imagine the size of the candy basket my parents are gonna make me...
Brant.png I... owe you all a debt of gratitude. Especially you, Blue Bloom Dragon. You never doubted me.
Arya.png By "debt of gratitude," do you mean a share of your candy spoils?
Ned.png Arya, you have your own candy basket! You're such a little kid, sometimes... but I guess there's nothing wrong with that!

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