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From Dragon Mania Legends (DML) Wiki

Note: To convert any TableOfEventsPerYear output set from dynamic data to static:

  1. Copy the contents of {{TableOfEventsPerYear}} and paste into a sandbox page.
  2. Change the debug statement to |debug=5 and preview the result.
  3. Copy the resulting wikitext (leave out the {{Extension DPL}} part) and paste into notepad++.
  4. Find EventsTableIcon and replace with EventsTableIcon-Debug.
  5. Paste this into Special:ExpandTemplates (suppress nowiki tags) and press okay.
  6. Copy the result, and paste into notepad++ again.

Find and replace the following with nothing/blank
  • <pre>{{Extension DPL}}
  • </pre>
  • {{#sub:
  •  Dragon|0|-7}} (note the space before " Dragon")
  •  </pre> (note the space before " </pre>")

Also replace the following
  • <pre> {{Extension DPL}}</pre>
    • with \n

The rest should be a static table, don't forget to add the header per the other static pages.