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Update 1.9

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Release Dates[edit | edit source]

  • Android & Windows - 3 February 2016
  • iOS - 4 February 2016

Noteworthy Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The maximum Trainer Level has been increased to 85.
  • The Hot Air Balloon has been converted to Otto's Lotto and offers free spins instead of Gems in exchange for watching advertisements.
  • The maximum amount of Portal Gems a Trainer can have in their inventory has been limited to 1,500.
  • Gifts received from friends expire after 36 hours if not collected while the number of Trainers another Trainer can have on their friend list has been capped at two hundred.
  • Trainers can now choose to hide their VIP level from other Trainers.
  • The attack bar has been modified to prevent automatic misses.
  • The boost in Gold production given by Boss Dragons is now shown for each Dragon, next to their current Gold/Hour production, when accessing them inside their Habitats.
  • The in-game cursor was changed from Cursor (Old) Icon.png to Cursor Icon.png.

New Features[edit | edit source]

  • After reaching the maximum level, every time a Trainer earns the same experience that was needed to reach that last level from the second-last level, they will be given a reward randomly chosen from Scrolls, Gems, Gold, Food, Dragon Fury Essences, VIP Tickets, and will refill the Battle Energy.
  • The Ancient Portal can be switched between its normal form and a golden variant for Trainers of VIP Level 5 and above.
  • Dragons can now be renamed.
  • Three new leagues added to the Dragon League.
  • New Chinese-themed decorations.
  • New option Link A Device Button.png introduced under the main menu Options Menu Button.png that allows moving the game progress to a new device of the same Operating system without the need of using an external account connected with the game.
  • ReplayKit, a screen-recording tool in iOS, was implemented in the game for Trainers on this platform, enabling them to record their own gameplay Record Icon.png.

New Dragons[edit | edit source]

The number of unique Dragons increased from 258 to 269.

Sub-Updates[edit | edit source]

1.9.1[edit | edit source]

Only for Windows

  • Various bug fixes and small patches.

1.9.2[edit | edit source]

Only for iOS

  • Various bug fixes and small patches.

Other Updates[edit | edit source]

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