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Update 4.2

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Release Date[edit]

  • Android, iOS & Windows - 4 December 2018

Noteworthy Changes[edit]

  • The same Dragons can now do multiple actions at the same time, such as breeding, battling, exploring ruins and so on and so forth.
  • Made it possible for Dragons preoccupied with timed actions, such as attending the Dragon Academy, breeding, and other such processes, to undergo babifying/adultification simultaneously during said processes. Starting with this update, only Dragons that are stored in the Dragon Vault can not be babified or have their form reverted.
  • The graphical interface of several features has been altered:
    • The pre and post-battle interface of the Clockwork Dungeon, Dragon League and Campaign Map have been greatly sharpened.
    • The hatching screen has received some slight modifications.
    • The skill-training screen of the Dragon Academy is now more intuitive.
    • The Breeding Den has received several new buttons and options while some buttons were replaced by new ones. Additionally, the Breeding Helper was moved from the time-limited breeding screen to the inside of the Den.
    • Dialogues are now shown inside a yellow dialogue box instead of a white one. The dialogue box has also received borders and its shape is rectangular instead of oval.
    • The leveling-up screen has been enhanced and its background color has been changed to blue.

New Features[edit]

New Dragons[edit]

The number of unique Dragons increased from 546 to 559.



Only for Android & Windows

  • Minor errors corrected.
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