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Update 5.0

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Release Date[edit]

  • Android, iOS & Windows - 6 January 2020

Noteworthy Changes[edit]

  • Revamp of Event Screens - Leaderboards have a new transparent background and a better, more streamlined visualization of the player’s position within the leaderboard. Additionally, better clarity regarding information for the event (such as no longer requiring a help button to understand the value of hatched dragons in the weekly Crowded Nursery event).
  • Changes to the interface of the clan profile - Added drop-down list to sort clan members by MVP Score, Dragon Collector Points, Last Online, and Clan Rank. Leaders can also view "Applicants" from the drop-down list.
  • Clan Events now appear in Event window along with regular Events.
  • Dragon Info Screen Updated - Overall design improvement and added a tooltip menu to the skill info, providing extra detail on the damage and effects of the selected skill.
  • Ruptia's Clan Power - Power moved from Clan Dragons to become a fort power, instead (meaning it is always available once a day for use, including during events when a clan power is in use).
  • Transferred the usage of the Clan Dragon Power Token from the Clan Dragons to the Clan Fortress.
  • Clan Powers Changed -
Dragon Previous Effect New Effect
Chip CDP Icon - Gold.png Boost Gold production by 15% Decreases the time to craft a Fireball in the Clan Siege event, reducing further with each level.
Ruptia CDP Icon - Hatching.png Reduce active hatching time by 60 minutes Provides a percentage chance (increasing per level) to earn double points when feeding a dragon in the Great Dragon Race.
Striker CDP Icon - First-Strike.png Increase first-strike damage by 50% for one Dragon in battle Decreases the time for War Energy to regenerate in Emerald Wars, further decreasing with each level.
Gravelis CDP Icon - Shield.png Protect a Dragon from the first hit in battle Generates a Legendary quest after the clan completes a certain number of quests (rerolling does not count). Reduces the number of required quest completions per level from 40 down to 4 (at max level). This works in parallel with normal Legendary recipe generation.
Amoura CDP Icon - Breeding.png Reduce active breeding time by 60 minutes Provides a percentage chance (increasing with each level) to refund a Fireball after shooting.
Brimstone CDP Icon - Gems.png Award 1 Gem Increases the chance (increasing per level) of receiving a Legendary Recipe in the Great Dragon Race.
Kutter CDP Icon - Quests.png Skip Clan Quests refresh timer Increases the Winstreak Score during Emerald Wars by a percentage based on level.
Boone CDP Icon - Chest.png Give random rewards Provide a chance (increasing chance percentage per level) to earn double points when feeding a dragon in the Sugar Rush event.
Feather NEW! Increases the points earned in every event by a percentage, increasing with each level.

New Features[edit]

  • Master Dungeon Badge - Defeat 5,000 Dragons in the Dungeon Brawl.
  • Power Boosters - Power Boosters increase the effect that the Clan Dragon's passive skill provides during an event (can be enhanced up to level 10)

New Dragons[edit]

The number of unique Dragons increased from 661 to 671.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Bottomless Dungeon - The Skills behaving improperly in the Dungeon were fixed.
    • Divine Blessing (both masteries) should now work as intended
    • Metal element mastery Final Vengeance will now correctly activate if killed through damage-over-time skills like Poison or Shadow
    • Kills taken by Damage over Time in Dungeon should now apply x3 token multiplier
  • Emerald Wars
    • Resolved the issue that caused rollbacks when revitalizing War Energy.
    • Removed the ability to regenerate War Energy through the process of quitting and then rejoining clans.
  • General fixes
    • The third skill of the dragon from slot 0 being hard to use in fight screens.
    • VIP level being hidden for clan members on member list even when it's set to public.
    • The unlocked dragon skill being displayed as locked in the Breeding Den dragon list.
  • Ancient Event fixes
    • Leaderboard overload where leaderboard position is refreshed after each dice roll in the board game event.
    • Double trouble "tutorial" reminder becoming stuck on the server and causing users to experience huge rollbacks (server doesn't save during tutorial).
    • Desync when a user presses the Roll button again 5 seconds after the first press while the server hasn't responded with the roll results (bad connection).
    • Crash in Arena main screen when League Promotion reward is a decoration item.
    • The Mass Leech Mastery not increasing allies damage.
    • Crash when tapping the info button of Toby's Top Dragon.
    • Crashing caused by redirection from the welcome screen to Ancient Chest Screen when there was no event active (or events haven’t been loaded yet).
    • Crashing caused by missing DLC check for Collection Event.
    • The board game tutorial could be interrupted when exiting the section while waiting for the roll result, which could eventually lead to server crashes.
    • Reward counters appearing prematurely.
    • Icons enlarged in Dragon Dice key conversion popup.
    • Ancient element strengths and weaknesses displayed in prefight element info screen.
    • Bad damage/HP display in dragon info for dragons in Codex with locked elements.
    • Bad damage display in dragon info for opponents with two elements in prefight screens.

Other Updates[edit]

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