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Update 5.2

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Release Date[edit | edit source]

  • Android, iOS - 28 April 2020
  • Windows - 4 May 2020

Noteworthy Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Dragon Info Improvements - The buttons for selling, moving, renaming and other dragon actions were combined in a single "More Options" button. The "Go to" button was renamed to "Visit" and also added there.
  • Electric Jolt doesn't always hit the neighboring opponent as a second anymore but is random now.

New Features[edit | edit source]

  • Dragon Info During Combat - A new info box got added that can be opened during combat by tapping on any of the battle’s dragons. This info box reveals the selected dragon’s level and enchantment level, its health and attack stats, the level of any available skills and even any effects that are currently affecting the selected dragon - good or bad.
  • The initial screen that appears before battle begins got reworked.
  • A tower has appeard South of the Main Island.

New Dragons[edit | edit source]

The number of unique Dragons increased from 687 to 703.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Players will no longer be able to complete more than the maximum 25 quests during a Sugar Rush event.
  • If a player leaves a Clan during a Sugar Rush event while an active Legendary Quest, that same quest will respawn in the next available spot.

Hot Fix Update[edit | edit source]

Release Date[edit | edit source]

  • Android, iOS - 12 May 2020
  • Windows - 14 May 2020

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Bottomless Dungeon crash, reconnection, and rollbacks resolved.
  • Enchanted Trinkets earned from Enchanted Materials Chests will now correctly display on the reward screen.
  • Reward Cards with Enchanted Materials or Dragon Parts will display at the correct size.
  • Rewards will now correctly display on Clan Dragon Parts Cards.
  • Electric Jolt (upgraded Energy Skill) will now function as it did previously, meaning targeting top or bottom dragons will always hit the middle target with a secondary strike.
  • Opponents in Arena/Emerald Wars pre-fight screen will appear at original size with each Dragon's Elements removed.
  • Bug with Element Awakening menu fixed.
  • For Windows- Corrected the issue with feeding. New "Feed" button will feed one-quarter of the dragon's level bar as it did previously. Swipe functionality to feed dragons will be restored.

Other Updates[edit | edit source]

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