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Update 5.3

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Release Date[edit]

  • Android, iOS - 11 June 2020
  • Windows - 12 June 2020
  • Kindle, China Region - 16 June 2020

Noteworthy Changes[edit]

  • Daily Task Changes
    • Up to ten quests to complete each day (depending on the gameplay features accessible) with lower requirements needed to complete them. In addition to earning Season Points for each completed Daily Task, rewards related to the task - including Enchantment Trinkets, Dungeon Tokens and Dragon Part Tickets - are obtainable.
    • New Quests regarding the Sigils were introduced.
    • New Badges and Achievements regarding the Sigils were introduced.
    • The milestone rewards when completing Daily Tasks were expanded to four:
      • 2 Daily Tasks = Food
      • 4 Daily Tasks = 1x Dragon Part for Daily Task Reward Dragons*
        • This will begin with Scout Dragon, then the Foxglove Dragon and then finally the Bog Dragon. If players have already collected these Dragons, the cycle begins again from the Scout Dragon.
      • 6 Daily Tasks = 40 Season Points
      • 8 Daily Tasks = 3 Gems
  • Dragon Collector's Score
    • The way some features of the game are unlocked was changed, meaning Elements, Dragon Skill upgrades and higher rarity Sigils can only be accessed once a certain Dragon Collector Score has been reached. This is mostly to help newer Trainers get to grips with the features of the game - long-term players weren't affected.
    • The Moth Dragon was added as a reward for achieving 250,000 DCPs.
  • Combat Interface Changes
    • The combat panel will now be closed by tapping anywhere outside of the panel itself, except when tapping on your own dragons.
    • "Strong/Normal/Weak Attack" text will no longer appear after the player reaches level 15.
    • Unified the font of combat text.
    • Slightly increased ability icons for better readability on smaller screens.
  • Ancient Skill Change
    • Damage Leech now reduces target Attack Strength and increases the user's Attack Strength by 5 / 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 60%.
    • It will not be stackable anymore and will always steal the base amount.
  • Divine Skill Change
    • It will not be stackable anymore and will always increase the base amount.

New Features[edit]

  • Dragon Board Event
    • A new event type got introduced - Dragon Board events, a shorter version of Dragon Dice with the same strategic gameplay and a number of dragon rewards to collect.

Sigil System[edit]

  • Sigil Campaign
    • The new Sigils also bring with them a special campaign - the Sigil Campaign. Here Trainers have Sigil Chests available as rewards for progressing through the short campaign map. Each Sigil Campaign is only active for a limited period, but if a Trainer can reach the end and defeat the final battle in time a dragon as a prize can be claimed.
    • Only Dragons with at least one Sigil equipped can take part in the Sigil Campaign.
  • Dragonmaster Pass
    • Similar to the Milestone Rewards that are available during Divine or Ancient Events, the Dragonmaster Pass will allow players to unlock rewards just for playing the game. Earn Season Points to progress through the Dragonmaster Pass milestones by completing Daily Tasks and breeding or hatching dragons, unlocking extra rewards as you reach different milestones. A Premium Pass is also available, adding to the rewards you can collect and reducing the time of any new dragon hatchings.

New Dragons[edit]

The number of unique Dragons increased from 703 to 708.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • The 'Go Now!' button has now been restored to the Dragon Info Screen when viewing owned dragons.
  • The green outline around mines in Campaign Map now displays correctly.
  • After Awakening a Dragon's Element, the correct icon will now appear over its habitat.
  • Element filtering in the Inventory or Store menus will now correctly display Dragons with matching Elements that must be Awoken.
  • Clan Issues Fixed!
    • Clans with inactive Clan Leaders or with Clan Leaders who leave the clan will now have a new Leader automatically chosen by the system. Typically the system will choose the player who had the highest MVP Score in the previous Clan Event.
    • The way that Clan Dragons have their randomized elements calculated was tweaked, meaning Boone, Ruptia, Brimstone and Amoura generate results more similar to player expectations.
    • Sugar Rush: Arena Win Streak Quest has now been adjusted to require players to earn consective victories in the Arena without breaking the win streak status.

Other Updates[edit]

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