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Update 5.7

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Release Date[edit]

  • 13 October 2020 - All Platforms (except Android)
  • 20 October 2020 - Android

Noteworthy Changes[edit]

  • End of Support for Win 8.1 / iPhone 4S - As of this update, Dragon Mania Legends will now no longer support Windows 8.1 or Apple iPhone 4S. In upgrading operations and reevaluating the technical requirements of the game, GameLoft, unfortunately, had to end the support of these platforms. Affected players will already have been notified in-game.
  • Switch to Microsoft Account - As part of the technical changes mentioned above, the accounting synchronization for Windows players has switched from Xbox Live to Microsoft Accounts.
  • Ruins Rework - An all-new Ruins system was introduced. This introduced the leveling of ruins, changed the Dragon selection options, reduced the time spent exploring, improved the general user experience, and added some extra rewards for making use of this feature.
  • Sigils & Castle Events - With this update some behind-the-scenes change to Castle Events were made, making Sigils appear in Castle Events on opponent dragons. Sigils on opponents during these events get randomized when the battle begins. The chosen Sigils get selected from certain Sigil Schools based upon the Elements of the opposing Dragons to ensure consistent Sigils are chosen.
The equipped Sigil rarities of the Trainer's Sigils are completely mirrored to the opponents: if a player has a team with only Rare Sigils, so too will the opposition. The type of the generated Sigils will match the Dragon's Elements though and not be mirrored.
If only one of the player's Dragons has Sigils equipped, then the opponents will also have only one Dragon with Sigils. This way Sigils will not give the opposing team an advantage, and the difficulty of the fight and the enemy dragons' levels are balanced according to the Trainer's own team's abilities and the intended difficulty of the battle.

New Features[edit]

  • Halloween Event! - It's that time of year when things start to cool down, the leaves start to turn orange and DML players search Dragolandia for a new spooky treat to add to their Dragon Collection! This update adds in the new Dragons and data for the annual Halloween-themed event.
  • New Badges! - Update 5.6 added new multi-stage collections into the game. Now four new Badges get introduced into the game tied to the highest stage completion of certain Collections:
- Legendary Dragon Master: Complete Stage 6 of the collection Legendary Dragons.
- Bewitching Dragon Master: Complete Stage 6 of the collection Bewitching Dragons.
- Dungeon Dragon Master: Complete Stage 6 of the collection Dungeon Crawlers.
- Elite Dragon Master: Complete Stage 6 of the collection Elites of Arena.

New Dragons[edit]

The number of unique Dragons increased from 738 to 750.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Dragon Parts collected from Divine or Ancient Chests will now no longer appear with negative numbers.
  • Dragons available for a limited time as part of an event will now have a timer appear within the Dragon Codex menu.
  • The Egg Inventory menu will now display an active Element filter when selected.
  • The 'hide menu' button on the Clan Quest screen will now work as intended and will not disappear when tapped.
  • Sigil of Wonder will now correctly boost the HP bonus earned from Divine Blessing. It will now also correctly boost the life steal effect from the Void Skill.
  • Sigil of Mirror will no longer trigger Dazzling Aura on the user.
  • Selling decorations from your Inventory will no longer count towards the Golden Gatherer Event.
  • Dragon Collections can now be properly compared when visiting another player.

Other Updates[edit]

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