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Work In-Progress

  • Clans - Need to continue on this page, but am having troubles today (more than my usual already bad troubles lol) and can't do it. Will return later. Can only do very small bits at a time before I lose track completely. Need to finish Chat and Donations sections as well as check Clan Fortress section, because I think there needs to be a mention about this button also changing function during clan events, used to access the event features (I think, if I'm remembering correctly, may very well not be and am not currently in a clan to check).
  • Social System - Left off at clans (and removed a bunch of stuff that didn't belong there, renamed sections properly and reordered to match the actual interface sections of the social system. Everything else needs a complete rework because the amount of text is insane, repetitive and I'd never read it the way it is.
  • Player Profile - Parcelled out information from social to here, because it didn't belong in social. It desperately needs review and fixing, massive fat trimming. Also need to search for things that linked to Social System#Player Profile and replace all links to the new one.
  • Inventory - Take a new (sane sized) image for this, resized and optimized for web. If it was wrong format (PNG) fix that too.


I am far from a good writer (I have cognitive problems that prevent me from being this. It also causes me to dislike indirect, wasteful and excessive language because it makes reading and retaining information harder (and not just for folks with similar issues, also internet readers in general).

  • Ensure page's first lines define, then introduce the topic.
    • If the first 2-3 lines aren't doing this, the intro needs fixing and/or rearranging. What things are is prerequisite knowledge before explaining what they do!
    • Introductions should include only what what's necessary for initial understanding, headings should elaborate.
    • It should be easy to transclude (include in another page), any introduction, without also capturing additional unwanted information that belongs in other headings. Then the intro can be placed on other pages along with a "See x page for information on how x is used/found" link.
  • Ask yourself (every line, every section), "what does this info belong to?" (i.e., Is it in the right section? Under the right heading? On the right page? If not, fix it).
    • E.g., Information about the Clan Fortress on the Clan Dragon's page, does it belong there (this is where Clan Dragons live after all) or does it belong on the Clans page. Clan Fortress information belongs either on its own page (which exists) or on (or better yet transcluded to) the Clans page. No one is going to look at the Clan Dragons page for information about the Clan Fortress.
  • Be as concise as possible when writing. If you see wording that can be simplified, please simplify it.
    • Example: "It is a multifaceted game with several different Gameplay Elements" - "Multifaceted game" basically means the same as "several different gameplay elements," it is unnecessary and wastes the reader's (precious) time. Be respectful of people's time, assume it is short, give only what is necessary.
    • Example: "In order to join or create a Clan, the Trainer must head to the Clan Fortress, select it and then press the Create Clan Button.png button. From there on, a list of Clans will be displayed, as well as the Clan Search Panel.png panel." was replaced with: "To join or create a Clan, access the clan screen (explained above), then press the Create Clan Button.png button. A list of Clans and a search Clan Search Panel.png panel appears."
  • Look for overlap, eliminate/merge/cross-link it (on same or other pages) or if necessary for context, replace with transclusion/inclusion from its most appropriate page, that's what links and the LST extension are for.
  • Eliminate weak, unnecessary, or indirect language
    • Example: "Will appear" = "appears"
    • Example: "In order to join or create a Clan" = "To join or create a clan"
    • "If the Trainer chooses to create a Clan" = "To create a clan" (describing the Trainer's thought process is unnecessary).
    • Not every sentence or paragraph needs to remind the reader they are "the Trainer", nor do we need to describe who is taking the action, most know they are in the driver's seat in games.
  • Move "Introduced in" or "in Update" text to "History" sections - It is inappropriate to put history information in page body text, that's what the History section of any page is for.
  • Delete insignificant history items - No one cares what the old button text used to be, they care what it is now. They also don't care what color, shape or position the button used to be in.
  • Replace comparison text with tables - I don't want to read a while paragraph about the difference between 1, 3 and 5 card packs, their costs, required levels etc, put the info in a table instead. The text above the table should not repeat what is in the table.

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