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This is straight up testing and in-progress, it is not formatted, grouped, or templated yet. There's no point in doing any of that until its desired use or feasibility is determined.


Name End
Pumpkin January 24 2022
Fifth January 24 2022
Hermit February 1 2022

If {{Countdown-ThemeDev}} had parameters for name separated like: name1, name2, name3, endDate1, endDate2, endDate3 (one for DOTW, BDGD, DOTM) then used in {{LTD Countdown}}, they could be queried and auto-appear in the listings below. It would simply then be "Xylophone Dragon is the new Dragon of the Week. I haven't bothered adding timing for the events yet because, don't know if we even want to use this yet and that would be added work. And, we'd have to have the "event ended" bits go for now.

The Ongoing Events thing might be easier to automate.

24 January 2022

  • Chain Breeding event started.
  • Cake Craze event started.
  • Clan event started.
  • Dragon of the Week changed.
  • Dragon of the Week is available in the market.
  • Bottomless Dungeon new Guaranteed Dragon started.

  • 23 January 2022

  • Whale-Mart departed.

  • 22 January 2022

    21 January 2022

  • Food Gathering event started.
  • Gold Spending event started.
  • Whale-Mart arrived.

  • 20 January 2022

    19 January 2022

    18 January 2022


    y = 2 digit year
    m = month index zero padded
    d = day zero padded

    VAR: 21 January 2022

    j = day of the month not zero padded
    F = full month name
    Y = 4-digit year
    18 October 2021
    j F Y

    Time: 21 January 2022
    Today y/m/d: 22/01/24
    1 day ago y/m/d - 1: 22/01/23
    2 day ago y/m/d - 2: 22/01/22
    3 day ago y/m/d - 3: 22/01/21
    4 day ago y/m/d - 4: 22/01/20
    5 day ago y/m/d - 5: 22/01/19
    6 day ago y/m/d - 6: 22/01/18
    7 day ago y/m/d - 7: 22/01/17

    Boss Challenge|Hero's Challenge=Relay 7 days
    Crowded Nursery=Hatching 3 days unless |duration=override |ended=
    Breeding Blitz=Chain Breeding relies on |duration=override
    Dinnertime!=Feeding 3 days |duration=override
    Farming Fanatic=Food Gathering 3 days |duration=override
    Golden Gatherer=Gold Collecting 3 days |duration=override
    Golden Opportunity=Gold Spending 3 days |duration=override
    Feel the Fury|Settle the Score|Winner Takes All|Clan Siege|The Great Dragon Race|Weekend Dragon Race|Emerald Wars|Sugar Rush=Clan 4 days unless |duration=override
    Dragon Board=Dragon Dice |duration= |ended=
    Dragonmaster Pass|Milestone Rewards=Milestone Rewards |duration = x Days