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From Dragon Mania Legends Wiki

I am an avid player of Dragon Mania Legends, as I love the designs of the dragons in the game! My favorite dragon is also the Tree Dragon. I don't know why, probably because of its eyes. Hmm.

Event Dragons: Hammerhead, Ghost, Pulsar (DOTW Dragons, all in a row!), Go Green, Typhoon, Agnes, Nurture

Epic Dragons: Orange, Blueflame, Golden Crow, Aurora, Regal, Geyser, Coral, Agave, Banana, Black Armor, Alien, Ruby, Ironcast, Storm, Swamp, Jelly, Clay, Tiger, Faun, Radiant, Pharaoh

Rare Dragons: Sunflower, Lightning, Mercury, Magnet, Rust, Clownfish, Tribal, Elemental

Favorite Dragons: Tree, Hammerhead, Pulsar, Alien, Minotaur, Metal, Elemental, Pharaoh

Dragon Wishlist: Toxic, Dracula, Emerald