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Promotion Prizes

When Trainers reach the The Dragon League is broken up into multiple leagues and divisions. Placing in the Top 200 of a division promotes the Trainer to the next division, awarding them with a Dragon or decoration. Each reward may only be received once. The Elite League is the only league without divisions.

Promotion From League of Fire Icon.png

League of Fire

League of Wind Icon.png

League of Wind

League of Earth Icon.png

League of Earth

League of Water Icon.png

League of Water

League of Plant Icon.png

League of Plant

League of Metal Icon.png

League of Metal

League of Energy Icon.png

League of Energy

League of Void Icon.png

League of Void

League of Light Icon.png

League of Light

League of Shadow Icon.png

League of Shadow

Legendary League Icon.png

Legendary League

Divine League Icon.png

Divine League

Ancient League Icon.png

Ancient League



Agent Dragon
Bronze League 3 Promotion Reward.png
Lynx Dragon Steel Dragon Hammerhead Dragon Armadillo Dragon Torpedo Dragon Cosplay Dragon Wolf Dragon Celestial Dragon Legion Dragon Cockatrice Dragon Spectral Snake Dragon Sumo Dragon