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DML player since the first week it was out.
Hey, this means I've now been playing for nearly a year and a half!!!
Device: Windows Phone 10 (Lumia 950 XL)
DML Version: Update 2.2.0p (eur ~ gold)
Player Level: 90
Dragons: 225 (224/284 unique types) (+33 Eggs)
Income / Day: ~$32M Gold Icon.png, ~1.4M Food Icon.png, ~16 Scrolls Icon.png, ~2 Portal Gems Icon.png, ~2 Arena Gems Icon.png, ~3 Gems Icon.png
Dungeon Shop Tokens: 17k/29k toward Monk Dragon
Currently Trying to Breed: Rocker Dragon, Vortex Dragon
Recent Dragons: Champion Dragon, Siren Dragon, Soccer Dragon
VIP Level: 7/12 (8,960/9,000)
Dragon League: Dragonscale League I

Current Events

  • Missed getting the Elephant Dragon by about 12 hours. *le sigh*
  • Sadly, wasn't able to breed the Rastafari Dragon. Again.
  • The Soccer Dragon has appeared as an egg in many peoples' egg reserve, including mine. No one seems to have any idea why.
  • Noticed something: On the info page for the Dice Dragon, the "Get Pieces" button doesn't completely obscure the "Buy for Gems Icon.png" button. Cost I believe was 1,835 Gems Icon.png.
  • The Clam Shell is a good deal, if you're getting smaller amounts of gems at a time, but you do need to be consistent. $10 USD for 200 + 20/day for 30 days, so about 800 Gems Icon.png for $10, if you come back into the game and get it at least once every 24-hour period. Compare that to $10 for 300, or $20 for 600, in the store.
  • The Dragon Team Builder page should automatically include new dragons as they're added to the Table of Dragons page. There are a couple of dragons I need to remove from the "unavailable" list as well.
  • Clans are finally here!!! Mine is named "Thoughts Thinkers". It wouldn't let me put in an apostrophe into the name.
  • Ever since Update 1.9, my daily received portal gems from sharing has dropped from about 30/day to about 2/day. As a result, I haven't been able to go through and use my friends' dragons in battles more than once per month or so.
  • The Dragon Team Builder Page is working!!! (See its own section below!)
  • I have a new set of teams!!!
  • Still no word back from the tech team at Gameloft on my game's connection to my new gaming-only, non-personal Facebook account ( - "Thought's Games" backward). There's a weird quirk where I generally receive most requests to accept or help, but I can't see any of you (other than those who used my referral code, 89f1), so I can't ask you for help or send you gifts. I'll update here when we make progress.

My Battle Teams


(Ordered by fight order; top = goes first)

Team 1


Team 2


Team 3

Dark Machine Dragon
Legendary Metal Wind
L45 -> L50
Frostbite Dragon
Shadow Water Wind
L40 -> L50
Sunrise Dragon
Energy Metal Wind
L43 -> L50
Shaman Dragon
Shadow Earth Plant
L44+ -> L50
Crystal Dragon
Legendary Light Earth
L40 -> L50
Kitsune Dragon
Water Earth Plant
L43 -> L50
Mentor Dragon
Light Energy Water
L44 -> L50
Golden Crow Dragon
Energy Metal Plant
L40 -> L50
Archangel Dragon
Legendary Metal Energy
L43 -> L50

Supplemental Dragons

Love Dragon
L40 -> L50
Warlord Dragon
L40 -> L50
Empress Dragon
L41 -> L50
Autumn Dragon
L40 -> L50
Bronze Dragon
L40 -> L50
Stardust Dragon
L40 -> L50

Dragon Team Builder

Dragon Team Builder

I still have some changes to make, but the most important bits are there.

  • v0.9.1 updates:
    • Renamed the top "Required Elements" filter to "Show Elements",
          and moved the "Required Elements" down into the Build Teams box,
          splitting the two functionalities into distinct pieces,
          located where they're used.
    • Known bug: All and None buttons on the Required Elements set are broken, and will cause the page to reload.
    • Known bug: Prevent in the Required Elements doesn't appear to be working quite right.
    • Known bug: Build Teams doesn't work right when there are still unavailable dragons shown (not filtered out).
    • Known bug: Remove the Tricolor Dragon from the list of unavailable dragons.
  • v0.9.2 planned features:
    • Add a "Recommended" button to each of the element filter lists.

DML Play Management Spreadsheet

Working on the updates for 1.6 - 2.2...
NOTE: A much more advanced version of the Dragon Team Builder has been extracted to its own web page (see previous section)

I've created a spreadsheet for managing my play on DML, because there are waaaaaaaaaay too many things going on to just keep it all in my head. Some of it seems useful, so I'm posting a cleaned-up version of it here:

Please feel free to download it, play with it, etc. If you pass it around, please make sure to reference its link.

NOTE: You MUST download it to use it, because several things on it are too advanced to work in the web version of Excel.

It has several tabs, each serving a distinct purpose...

Comments on Play and Strategies

Removed - Working on converting this into a PDF, along with more fully fleshed out advice

Dragons I Still Need To Get

Policy: strikethrough all Dragons that aren't currently available.

Breedable 3-Element Event-Only Dungeon-Exclusive
Rocker Dragon [1] Ace Dragon Frankie Dragon [2]
Arboreal Dragon [3] Monk Dragon [4]
Astronaut Dragon Zombie Dragon
Breedable Legendaries Carnival Dragon
Vortex Dragon [1] Castle Dragon
Chef Dragon Heroic Mode Completion
Cottontail Dragon Steampunk Dragon [4]
Not Yet Available Cupid Dragon
(from Update 1.5) Dainty Dragon
Fireball Dragon Elephant Dragon Dragon League Exclusive
Heavy Metal Dragon Gobbler Dragon Tsunami Dragon [4]
Seahorse Dragon Handyman Dragon
(from Update 1.6) Horn Dragon
Ceramic Dragon Jester Dragon VIP Level
(from Update 1.7) Lantern Dragon Calavera Dragon (L8) [4]
Butterfly Dragon Liberty Dragon Quadwing Dragon (L10)
(from Update 2.0) Maple Leaf Dragon Tiki Dragon (L12)
Panda Dragon Pilgrim Dragon
(from Update 2.1) Planet Dragon [3]
Matriarch Dragon Rastafari Dragon Clans (Cards)
Sentinel Dragon Shamrock Dragon Samurai Dragon (6/8)
Show Your Paws (Update 2.2) Sparkler Dragon Assassin Dragon (7/8)
Gorilla Dragon Star Stripe Dragon Ninja Dragon (7/8)
Leopard Dragon Student Dragon Tick Tock Dragon (4/14)
Orca Dragon Submarine Dragon Genie Dragon (4/14)
Rhino Dragon Sweet Treat Dragon Mummy Dragon (5/14)
Sea Turtle Dragon Tricolor Dragon Robocluck Dragon (9/20)
Uncle Sam Dragon Paladin Dragon (7/20)
Yin Yang Dragon Guardian Dragon (5/30)
Verdant Dragon (1/30)
  1. 1.0 1.1 Currently trying to breed
  2. Not available in the Dungeon Store, only as a Daily Reward during October
  3. 3.0 3.1 Currently store-purchase only
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 Working on