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Tricolor Dragon

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Hey Tricolor Dragon, You mentioned on the Table of Dragons page that your Rocker Dragon has less Attack than your Comet Dragon at higher levels. Have you unlocked any elements on your Comet Dragon? Unlocking elements changes the base stats (and thus the current stats) of the dragon. In this case, unlocking Void boosts Comet's base Attack to 74, unlocking Void and Wind boosts Attack to 76. You can see the full stat changes on Comet Dragon. (Also, dragons with the same base stat, may not have the same upper stats; Toxic's level 10 attack is 356, Tiger's level 10 attack is 359 and both have a base stat of 69). So unlocking one or both elements would explain the increase of Comet Dragon's attack. Please let me know if that is the case. I'm planning on putting the new stats in a new table, and putting a comment about this information in the current Table of Dragons. This will be done in the next day or so. Vercanos (talk) 01:30, 7 September 2015 (UTC)