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Whelp Day (17/10/05)

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Carnival Dragon Event.jpg
Dragon Tamers over the world hatch new Dragons on this day to give them a most festive welcome to the world. Hatch as many dragons as you can. Rarer dragons give you a higher score!
Started 5 October 2017
Ended 16 October 2017
Duration 11 Days
Type Hatching
First Prize Carnival Dragon Carnival Dragon Icon.png
Occasion Children's Day

The requirements stated in this article are that of the highest-level brackets while the leaderboard and milestone rewards belong to the highest level modifier.

Progress Rewards

Milestones Progress Marker Blue Icon.png Milestones Progress Marker Blue Icon.png Milestones Progress Marker Blue Icon.png
150 500 1,500
Gems Icon.png
Scrolls Icon.png
Gems Icon.png


  • Common Dragon: 2 points
  • Uncommon Dragon: 100 points
  • Rare Dragon: 250 points
  • Epic Dragon: 500 points
  • Legendary Dragon: 1,000 points
  • Divine Dragon: 2,000 points

Leaderboard Prizes[edit]

1-15 Carnival Dragon Egg.png Carnival Dragon
16-25 Gold Icon.png 375,000  Food Icon.png 30,000  Scrolls Icon.png 2
26-75 Gold Icon.png 180,000  Food Icon.png 15,000  Scrolls Icon.png 1
76-150 Gold Icon.png 120,000  Food Icon.png 7,500
151-250 Gold Icon.png 60,000   Food Icon.png 3,750
251-500 Gold Icon.png 30,000   Food Icon.png 1,500
501-5000 Gold Icon.png 7,500