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Dungeon Chest - Epic.png

The Bottomless Dungeon offers Trainers an opportunity to acquire a different Event-Only Dragon each week. Acquiring the Event-Only Dragon can be done by participating in the weekly brawl and working through the map to the Epic Chest located at the end of the Dungeon Map. Once reached, the Trainer is guaranteed to receive the Event-Only Dragon once the chest has been opened 15 times.


Month Dragon Time Interval Notes
July Doomsday Dragon 8-15
Royal Dragon 15-22
Aquatic Dragon 22-29
Rock Dragon 29 July-5 August
August Vibrant Dragon 5-12
Violin Dragon 12-19
Ivory Dragon 19-26
Hellhound Dragon 26 August-2 September
September Warden Dragon 2-9
Ceramic Dragon 9-16
Vulture Dragon 16-23
Flutterby Dragon 23-30
Kongming Dragon 30 September - 7 October
October Darkfire Dragon 7-14
Eagle Dragon 14-21
Scribble Dragon 21-28
Crone Dragon 28 October - 4 November
November Doomsday Dragon 4-11
Royal Dragon 11-18 Ancient Ticket (First Fire) Icon.png
Loyal Dragon 18-25 Ancient Ticket (First Fire) Icon.png
Gobbler Dragon 25 November - 2 December Ancient Ticket (First Fire) Icon.png
December Moose Dragon 2-9 Ancient Ticket (First Fire) Icon.png