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Reward of the Month (Sigil Campaign)

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See Sigil System for more information Sigils system in which the Reward is obtained

Reward of the Month is a major, limited-time battling event that occurs regularly in Dragon Mania Legends. For this event, a normally-unbreedable Epic Dragon is made available for winning for the duration of 32 days. In order for a Trainer to participate in this fighting campaign event, they must be Level 10 or above and have Dragons with Sigils equipped. The current Reward of the Month (Dragon) is displayed on the button in the lower-middle corner of the Sigil Campaign. This button can be pressed to display the current Reward of the Month Dragon, its rarity, Elements, and the time remaining for the event. The i button can be pressed to view the Codex Entry for the Dragon.


Month Dragon
June Alpine Dragon Icon.png Alpine Dragon
July Cyantail Dragon Icon.png Cyantail Dragon
August Sea Slug Dragon Icon.png Sea Slug Dragon
September Spotty Dragon Icon.png Spotty Dragon

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