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Clans represent the main social feature, second only to the Social System, in Dragon Mania Legends, allowing Trainers to get together under the same banner and take on various activities. Upon joining a Clan, Trainers can raise a Clan Dragon with fellow Clan members and battle other Clans to achieve greater success and earn unique rewards. Clans were introduced in Update 2.0.

The Clan Fortress is the base of operations for Clans and all aspects related to them. Pressing the Clan Fortress (the physical building on the small island just south-east of the main island) causes several buttons to display, choosing the Clan Button.png option will open the main page of member access. This page can also be accessed through the Clans Icon.png button on the left-hand side of the screen. The image of both access options will reflect the banner of the league the Clan is currently in. The Clan interface can also be accessed through the top button in the Social System interface. If the Trainer is not in a clan, this button will bring up the Join or Create a Clan option, otherwise the button displays the Clan's name, their level, their Coat of Arms, the time left until the current ongoing event is over or, conversely, the time left until the next event begins, and the Trainer's rank.


Creating or Joining a Clan[edit]

Pre-Clan Information.png

Clan Information.jpg

Regular member and elder view

(Co)Leader and officer view

Trainers need to be, at least, Level 25 to join a Clan and Level 30 to create a Clan, and they can only be part of one Clan at the same time. In order to join or create a Clan, the Trainer must head to the Clan Fortress, select it and then press the Create Clan Button.png button. From there on, a list of Clans will be displayed, as well as the Clan Search Panel.png panel. The same panel can be accessed through the Clans Icon.png button.

If the Trainer chooses to join a Clan, they can either select one from the available list under the panel and inspect it through the Forward Button.png option, press the Ranking Button.png option to choose one of the Top 50 Clans, or the Search Clan Button.png button to search a Clan by their name, by language, or by both. Additionally, if the Trainer is clanless, the    Quick Join    button appears at the top of the panel and pressing it will randomly add the Trainer to an open Clan.

If the Trainer chooses to create a Clan, the Create Clan Button 2.png option must be chosen from the panel. In the window that pops up, they can choose the name of the Clan (the Clan name can not be changed once chosen, thus the name must be decided upon wisely), choose the Clan crest through the   Edit   button, select the language (this represents the usual language the members communicate in and will not affect the interface of the game) through the   Change   button, add a description, choose the status (open, closed, or join by request) of the Clan, and enable or disable the profanity filter for the chat. When editing the crest, the top row will show only the Dragons the Trainer currently has, in the order they obtained them, while the bottom row will show only the shields that are currently available to a Level 1 Clan. When the Trainer decides on the desired Dragon and shield, the   Use   button must be pressed to confirm the choice. Once everything is settled upon, the   Create     1.5 M Gold Icon.png button must be pressed and 1,500,000 Gold, the cost to create a Clan, must be paid.

Member View[edit]

The main page shows details about the Clan to which a member belongs and has several buttons below it for various Clan activities.

The header of the Clan shows:

  • Clan name - There is a limit of 24 characters for the name.
  • Coat of Arms - The Clan's distinctive heraldic bearings (Dragon chosen to represent the Clan) and shield.
  • Clan level - The Clan Level is determined by the amount of Clan Experience earned.
  • Current experience - Experience is earned through Clan Quests.
  • Clan status - The current stance on accepting members.
  • Clan message (description) - A public message or motto made up by the leader (limited to 100 characters).
  • Search button Search Button.png - Used to look through all Clans on the same server and platform.
  • Settings button Settings Button.png - Used by members to   Leave Clan  , or by Co-Leaders or Leaders to   Edit Clan   (details); the leader also has the option to disband the Clan through the   Disband Clan   button if they are the only person in the Clan.

If the search button is chosen, the same panel and list of Clans will be shown only that when pressing the Ranking Button.png option, aside from the top Clans, the Trainer will also see the position of their Clan as well the Clans in its vicinity.

If the leave button is chosen, the Trainer will be presented with the option to change their mind No, I changed my mind! or to confirm they want to leave Yes, I want to leave..

If the settings button is chosen, leaders and co-leaders can then press the   Edit Clan   button to make changes to the Clan header. This option will bring up the same window when creating a Clan, only that the option to change the name will be grayed out and more shields might be available to the Trainer, depending upon the current level of the Clan. Once the Trainer is done editing the header, they must select the   Accept       150,000 Gold Icon.png button and pay the necessary cost of 150,000 Gold to proceed with saving the changes. Officers also have the option of accessing the settings, but they only have the   Leave Clan   option available.

Non-Member View[edit]

Clan Header (Non-Member View).png

When viewing the details of a Clan as a non-member, the Trainer can see the Clan's name, its Coat of Arms, its level, the maximum number of members it can have and the current number of members it has, the language, the description and the status. If the status is set to open and there are available openings in the Clan, the   Join   button will be displayed and the Trainer can press it to immediately join the Clan. If the status is set to join by request and there are available openings, the   Apply   button will be displayed and the Trainer can press it to apply to the Clan, then wait until their request is reviewed by a member with the ability to accept or reject it. Trainers can not apply to multiple Clans at the same time, thus, if they had already applied to a Clan, they have to cancel their request or wait for it to be declined before applying to another Clan. The request can be cancelled by heading back to where they applied for the Clan, selecting the    Pending    option, then confirming by pressing the Cancel Request button. No button is available if the status of the Clan is set to closed.

Additionally, under the Clan header, there is a list of the current members of the Clan showing their name, their avatar, their level and their rank. Next to their name, the existing Forward Button.png option can be chosen to inspect their Islands.


A Clan can have one of three statuses to indicate their current stance on accepting members:

  • Open - Any person can join the Clan at any given time, without the need to wait for approval, as long as there are free spots.
  • Join by request - Any person can apply to the Clan at any given time, as long as there are free spots, but they must receive approval in order to get into the Clan.
  • Closed - No person can apply to the Clan under any given circumstances and no member, regardless of their rank, can send invitations to outside Trainers. The Clan must be set to either of the other statuses, by a person with appropriate permissions, in order to be able to accept members.


Clans start out with a maximum of 15 members allowed. Once certain levels have been reached, the limit on the number of members allowed will be increased. Various increases in Clan Level offers additional choices that can be used for the Clan's Coat of Arms.

Level Members Clan Exp Clan Experience Icon.png Additional Shields Available
1 15 5,000 Curved Black Shield.pngCurved Blue Shield.pngCurved Green Shield.pngCurved Gray Shield.pngCurved Purple Shield.pngCurved Red Shield.pngCurved Yellow Shield.png
2 17 10,000 Curved Purple Red Shield.pngCurved Yellow Green Shield.pngCurved Green Purple Shield.pngCurved Gray Black Shield.pngCurved Red Blue Shield.pngCurved Blue Yellow Shield.png
3 20 15,000 Edged Gray Shield.pngEdged Black Shield.pngEdged Red Shield.pngEdged Blue Shield.png
4 22 25,000 Edged Yellow Shield.pngEdged Green Shield.pngEdged Purple Shield.png
5 25 40,000 Edged Yellow Green Shield.pngEdged Purple Red Shield.pngEdged Green Purple Shield.pngEdged Gray Black Shield.pngEdged Red Blue Shield.pngEdged Blue Yellow Shield.png
6 27 60,000
7 30 80,000 Elegant Gray Shield.pngElegant Black Shield.pngElegant Red Shield.pngElegant Blue Shield.png
8 32 100,000
9 35 125,000 Elegant Yellow Shield.pngElegant Green Shield.pngElegant Purple Shield.png
10 37 150,000
11 40 180,000 Elegant Green Purple Shield.pngElegant Purple Red Shield.pngElegant Gray Black Shield.pngElegant Red Blue Shield.pngElegant Blue Yellow Shield.pngElegant Yellow Green Shield.png
12 42 210,000
13 45 250,000 Ornate Gray Shield.pngOrnate Black Shield.pngOrnate Blue Shield.pngOrnate Red Shield.pngOrnate Yellow Shield.pngOrnate Green Shield.pngOrnate Purple Shield.png
14 47 300,000
15 50 350,000 Ornate Gray Black Shield.pngOrnate Red Blue Shield.pngOrnate Blue Yellow Shield.pngOrnate Red Blue Shield.pngOrnate Yellow Green Shield.pngOrnate Green Purple Shield.pngOrnate Purple Red Shield.png

More shields are available depending on the league that Clan is currently part of.


The Clan Chat is the interface where members can communicate to each other. It is always shown in the left of the screen whenever the front page of the Clan is accessed through either of the options. Whenever a members sends a message, their name and Clan Rank is shown, as well as the time they sent the message and the Clan Event MVP Icon.png icon if they are the current MVP.

Upon joining a Clan, new members are able to view a limited number of past messages posted to Chat (the default behavior as of Update 6.0 was 50 messages retained on new member entry, though this has been known to change in Game Updates). Clan Chat has a memory buffer that retains the limited number of posts, though once chat is viewed if a Trainer keeps the screen active, the number of messages retained increases until they are fully logged off. Similarly, Trainers rejoining the same Clan may be able to access the full history of messages if they did not log off the game.

When using chat, messages are written at the top of the chat interface and then sent through the Chat Button.png button (the message can also be sent through the enter key on the keyboard). The Trainers' equipped badge is shown in the left of their name. The names of other Trainers are colored in a lighter shade of blue while the main Trainer's name is not displayed. The messages of all Trainers are colored in black and those of the main Trainer are over a lighter shade of orange background while those of the other Trainers are over a light gray background. However, Trainers have the option to color their text by adding # and any number from 1 to 8 before their text. Additionally, the Messages are limited to 512 characters and profanity is censored with asterisks. Profanity, however, can be enabled or disabled when editing the Clan settings.

Apart from member messages, the Clan Chat also sends automated messages for whenever a Clan levels up or a Clan event started, who is elected the MVP of the event, who and when they completed a Legendary recipe, who joined, left or was removed from the Clan, who asks for donations, who and which Clan Dragon they changed, who and which characteristic of the Clan they changed. Automated messages are generally sent in light gray text over an even lighter gray background, but the color of text becomes green whenever a new Trainer joins the Clan.

If a Legendary recipe is completed, the automated message will be sent in white text over a purple background. During Clan events, if there are people who asked for donations, but have not received all the ingredients they asked for, whenever a Trainer is scrolling through the chat and said incomplete donation message leaves the viewable screen, the Trainer will see a number in a yellow-bordered shape Yellow-Bordered Request Icon.png indicating how many people have not received all the items they have asked for. Whenever a request for ingredients appears in the chat, other Trainers can donate by pressing the   Donate   button in the right of the requested ingredient, and can also press the i button to see how many times they have donated for that day. Enchantment Material can be requested from Clan members by selecting the Request Material Button.png button in the Clan Chat. The Trainer can request either 16 fair or 2 average material at once every 24 hours. Once a request is sent, the Trainer must either wait until a fellow Clanmate has donated the requested material or 24 hours before being able to send a new request. Donators will receive 1 Enchanted Trinket for 1 Fair Material and 6 Enchanted Trinkets for 1 Average Materials. A donator can donate up to a maximum of 24 times per day. Legendary, Divine, and Ancient materials can not be requested or donated, except for extremely rare special occasions.

If there are people who asked for donations, but have not received all the materials they asked for, whenever a Trainer is scrolling through the chat and said incomplete donation message leaves the viewable screen, the Trainer will see a number in a purple-bordered shape Purple-Bordered Enchantment Request Icon.png indicating how many people have not received all the items they have asked for. Whenever there is a new message, the New Message Indicator Icon.png icon will be shown in the top-right corner of the Clan-accessing option in the left of the screen.


Clan Quest Button.png
Notification - Clan Quest Progress.png
Notification - Clan Quest Completed.png

The Clan Quests button can be used to access the Clan Quests, which Clan Quest Icon.png are various tasks that can be done by individual Clan members in between clan events to earn up to 1,000 Clan Coins per day, unlimited Power Boosters, as well as various amounts of Clan experience Clan Experience Icon.png.

During clan events, Trainers are given five quest options to choose from and only one quest can be selected at a time. Once the limit for Clan Coins is reached for that day, members can still continue on doing quests to gain experience and Power Boosters.

Clan Experience & Power Boosters

Clan Experience is used to help the Clan grow in level and it no longer accumulates once the Clan reaches maximum level. Clan Power Boosters are used to Power Up the Clan Dragon. Completing Clan Quests is the only way to gain Clan Experience or Power Ups and between 90 and 130 experience can be given per quest (though limited events allow Trainers to collect double the amount of Power Ups). Additionally, these quests can be refreshed for free Refresh Button.png and will take 2 hours to do so, but the timer can be sped up with Gems. Multiple quests can be refreshed at the same time. The quest the Trainer desires to do has to be chosen by pressing the Start button. Once a quest is started, if the Trainer wishes to no longer do it, it can be refreshed through the Delete Button.png button. Whenever the Trainer wishes to refresh through the latter button, an additional    Refresh    must be pressed to confirm the choice. When a quest is finished, a notification at the top of the screen will be shown and the Trainer must access the Clan Quest menu and then press the   Claim   button to complete it.

There are several types of quests:

Quest type Requirements Quantity Range
Clan Quest - Breed Dragons.png Breed Dragons. At least one of the parents must have the required Element: Water, Plant, Metal or Energy. The Clan Quest is completed when the Yellow-Bordered Heart Icon.png icon is tapped after the breeding is finished. 2
Clan Quest - Collect Gold.png Gather Gold from any Habitat until the required total has been collected. Gold can be collected at any time and does not require a Trainer to wait until the Yellow-Bordered Gold Icon.png icon appears above a Habitat. 64,800-96,000
Clan Quest - Collect Food.png Gather Food from Farms until the required total has been collected. Food can be collected in any increments. 3,240-4,800
Clan Quest - Explore Ruins.png Explore any of the ruins available. The Clan Quest is completed once the exploration is finished and the Yellow-Bordered Chest Icon.png icon is tapped. 1
Clan Quest - Feed Dragons.png Feed Dragons the required amount of Food. Food can be given in any increments. 3,640-4,800
Clan Quest - Side-Quest Battles.png Win battles that are off of the Main Quest path on the Campaign Map. Battles off of the Main Quest path include both Side Quests and mines. 7-9
Clan Quest - Arena Battles.png Win battles in the Dragon League. These do not need to be consecutive. 7-9
Clan Quest - Perfect Hits.png Score perfect hits during battle. Perfect hits can be performed in any battle venue (Bottomless Dungeon, Campaign Map, and Dragon League) and do not need to be obtained in consecutive order. 14-17
Clan Quest - Dragon Fury.png Unleash Dragon Fury during battle. Dragon Fury can be performed in any battle venue (Bottomless Dungeon, Campaign Map, and Dragon League). 4
Clan Quest - Enchanted Arena.png Win battles in the Enchantment League. These do not need to be consecutive. 3
Clan Quest - Pet Dragons.png Pet various Dragons in their Habitats until the required total has been reached. 18-22
Clan Quest - Collect KOs in the Dungeon.png Gather KOs from the Bottomless Dungeon during Dragon Brawls, until the required total has been collected. KOs are collected for each Dragon defeated and the points for a KO range from x1 to x3, depending on the level of the Trainer's attacking Dragon. ??-15
Clan Quest - Collect Gold from Mines.png Gather Gold from any mine until the required total has been collected. Gold can be collected at any time and does not require a Trainer to wait until the Yellow-Bordered Gold Icon.png icon appears above a mine. 12,150-17,850
Clan Quest - Conquer Mines.png Conquer mines on the Campaign Map. 2


See The Great Dragon Race and Clan Siege for more information

Clan Event Button.png

The Great Dragon Race, Emerald Wars, Sugar Rush and Clan Siege are the only available events for Clans. Clans can participate in these events only if they qualify by having a Clan Dragon fully hatched. For the duration of these events, Clan quests, in addition to the regular rewards, will give items needed for Clans to progress through the events. Clans will receive various rewards for completing milestone, as well as for their final placement at the end of the event, while the member with the highest score at the end of the event will become MVP and will receive the MVP Badge Icon.png MVP Badge and an amount of Clan Coins which scales with Clan League their Clan is currently in.


There are five different leagues into which the Clans are grouped. Each league groups Clans that are of approximately the same strength in regard to Clan Events. The league leaderboard resets at 23:00 UTC after the end of a Clan Event and the scores are determined by the Clan's progress in the event. Each league has several leaderboards, each having a maximum of 100 Clans. Clans are promoted and demoted at the time mentioned in accordance to their final position on the leaderboard at the end of a Clan Event. The number of Clans that are promoted and demoted depends on the league: the top 5 Clans in League 1 are promoted to League 2; the top 10 Clans in League 2 are promoted to League 3 while the bottom 25 Clans are demoted to League 1; the top 20 Clans of League 3 and 4 are promoted to League 4 and 5, respectively, while the bottom 25 Clans of League 3 are demoted to League 2 and the bottom 35 of League 4 are demoted to League 3; the bottom 40 Clans in League 5 are demoted to League 4.
The top 5 ranked Clans on the League 5 leaderboard get rewarded pieces of the Feather dragon as reward when the board resets, where first place gets rewarded 5 pieces and the remaining four Clans 3 pieces each.

The league a Clan is currently in affects the prizes and requirements in Clan Events. More specifically, the amount of Clan Coins received from the leaderboard and milestone are in accordance to the Clan's league while the amount of Food and Gold depends on the Level Modifier. Additionally, the Clan Coins offered to the MVP are also different. All the Milestone Card Packs offer Dragon Pieces for the same Dragons, but the amount varies in accordance to the league. The Grand Prize Card Packs offer Dragon Pieces for all Clan Dragons. However, Pieces for Kutter can be obtained only from those packs awarded in League 4 and League 5 while Pieces for Boone can be obtained only from League 5, while Feather Dragon Pieces are awarded weekly to the top 5 clans of League 5 only. The amount of Dragon Pieces rewarded by Grand Prize Card Packs depend on the Clan's final position on the leaderboard and the amount is not affected by any league. Additionally, each league gives the Clan several other shields in addition to those unlocked through leveling.

League Shields Available Milestone Card Pack Grand Prize Card Pack MVP Reward
1 Clan Banner - League 1.png None 1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack All Clan Dragons
(except Kutter, Boone and Feather)
500 Clan Coins Icon.png
2 Clan Banner - League 2.png None 2 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack 750 Clan Coins Icon.png
3 Clan Banner - League 3.png Curved Gray Double Emerald Shield.png Curved Blue Double Rose Shield.png Edged Gray Double Emerald Shield.png Elegant Gray Double Emerald Shield.png Elegant Blue Double Rose Shield.png 3 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack 1,000 Clan Coins Icon.png
4 Clan Banner - League 4.png Curved Gray Peridot Shield.png Edged Gray Sapphire Shield.png Edged Blue Rose Shield.png Elegant Gray Emerald Shield.png Elegant Blue Ruby Shield.png 4 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack All Clan Dragons (except Boone and Feather) 2,000 Clan Coins Icon.png
5 Clan Banner - League 5.png Curved Gray Sapphire Shield.png Curved Blue Amethyst Shield.png Edged Gray Peridot Shield.png Edged Blue Amethyst Shield.png Elegant Gray Peridot Shield.png 5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack All Clan Dragons (except Feather) 3,000 Clan Coins Icon.png

Clan Dragon[edit]

See Community Hatching for information on hatching Clan Dragons

Enigma Egg Button.png

Pressing the button will show either the Enigma Egg if there is no hatched Clan Dragon or the current active Dragon. Once the first Dragon is hatched, the image of the Enigma Egg will be replaced by whichever the current active Dragon is. If the Enigma Egg is shown, the Trainer can press the Hatching Event.png Hatch button to send an egg to their Hatchery.

Clan Fortress[edit]

Once the first Clan Dragon has been hatched, the Fortress becomes available. Pressing the image of the current active Dragon will bring up the Fortress screen. The main image shows the fort courtyard and the current active Dragon along with a smaller window describing it's power and level, as well as the option to increase the power level through the Power Up! button.

On the bottom left of the screen are three buttons. The left-hand Power Button 2.png button brings up a window showing the Clan Fortress Power, which reduces the timers on all hatchery slots by an amount of time determined by the Fort Level:

- Clan Fort Level 1: 40-minute reduction

- Clan Fort Level 2: 50-minute reduction

- Clan Fort Level 3: 60-minute reduction

- Clan Fort Level 4: 70-minute reduction

- Clan Fort Level 5: 80-minute reduction

The middle Collection Button 2.png button takes the Trainer to the Clan's collection of Clan Dragons. The active Clan Dragon can also be accessed from the archipelago by clicking the Clan Fortress, then pressing the round icon displaying the current active Dragon. In this very same screen, if there is an active Clan event, the time left until its end is shown just under the name of the Clan. If there is no active Clan event, then the time displayed is the one left until the next event.

The right-hand Next Event Button.png button brings up a screen that shows the next Clan event type, the time until the event starts, and recommended Clan Dragons for the event based on which Clan Dragon's powers are suitable for that type of event.


See Clan Dragons for more information

Collection Button.png

In this section, Trainers can view the collection of Clan Dragons. Dragons have a set number of matching Dragon Pieces which must be collected by the whole Clan through various Clan Events events, and require a collective Clan effort in hatching a specific number of eggs to acquire each Dragon. On this screen Trainers can Power Up! the Clan Dragon if they have completed Clan Quests to earn Power Boosters. Additionally, Trainers with the appropriate rights can choose to, through the Activate or Change buttons, which Clan Dragon is available to use for an upcoming Clan Event. Once a Clan Dragon is activated, 60 minutes must pass before it can be changed to another Dragon.

Unlike regular Dragons, Clan Dragons can not be placed in Habitats, earn Gold, or fight in battles. Instead, they have special powers that can be used when activated by Trainers with the appropriate rights to make Clan Events easier, if the appropriate Dragon for a Clan Event is activated before the event begins. Once the Event has started, the active Clan Dragon cannot be changed. Only one Clan Dragon can be active at a time and the Clan Leader, co-leaders and officers can determine which one will be available for the Clan Event. If the Clan Leader is absent for a period of 1 month and there is no active co-leader, once a month on a predetermined (unknown) date, the Trainer with the MVP Badge may be promoted one level. This could theoretically occur until the trainer is promoted to Officer, Co-Leader or Leader, and given management over the Clan and Clan Dragons. The powers of the Clan Dragon can be accessed as mentioned above or from the outside by selecting the Clan Fortress and pressing the Powers Button.png button.

Member List[edit]

Clan Member List Button.png

This button can be selected to view a list of the members of the Trainer's Clan. The first number represents how many members the Clan has, while the second number represents the maximum members the Clan can currently have, based on their level.

Once pulled up, the list shows the image and name of each member, their rank (if they have any) and Trainer level, how many donations they have made during events, the MVP score (and badge MVP Badge Icon.png if present) their MVP Score, the last time the Trainer logged into the game, and the ••• button. Pressing this latter button will bring up the Visit button that can be selected to visit their Islands, the Invite button (only if the Trainers are not friends in the game) to ask for friendship of the Trainer, and the Check Profile button. Additionally, if the Trainer has the appropriate permission, they will also be shown the Remove option which is used to remove a Trainer from the Clan, and the Promote option which is used to promote a Trainer to a certain rank.

If the status of the Clan is set to join by request, members with the right to accept or remove Clan members will have a ! notification displayed on the button whenever someone asks to join the Clan. The Trainer can then either decline Decline or accept the request, or visit the applicant's Islands through the Visit option.

If members leave a Clan to join another or rejoin the very same Clan, they will lose all the donations they have made in Clan events. Clan Coins are not lost when leaving or switching Clans.


Members of a Clan, other than the leader, can have various ranks within their Clan. These ranks are initially assigned by the leader.

Leader Icon.png Leader - Has full authority, being able to remove or accept any member, edit the ranks of any member, manage the Clan Dragon, edit the information about the Clan, enable participation in upcoming Clan Events, and even disband the Clan.

Co-Leader Icon.png Co-Leader - Second-in-command after the leader; can do everything the leader does, except disbanding the Clan. Additionally, a co-leader can not edit the ranks of the leader or other co-leaders nor kick them, but can promote other members to co-leaders.

Officer Icon.png Officer - Has the right to remove elders or regular members, can accept new members into the Clan, can edit the ranks of elders and regular members, enable participation in upcoming Clan Events, and can manage the Clan Dragon.

Elder Icon.png Elder - Honorific position within the Clan, having no special attributes.

With the exception of the leader, there is no limit to how many of the other ranks a Clan can have. If the leader leaves their Clan without assigning a replacement, the highest-ranking member of the Clan will automatically inherit their position. If there are two or more people with the highest rank, the one with the most donations in Clan Events receives the leader rank. Additionally, if the leader shows no sign of activity within 2 weeks and there is no active co-leader, the MVP will automatically receive the co-leader rank.

Competition Ranking[edit]

Clan Ranking Button.png

Pressing this button will bring up the Top Clans tab, the Clans Icon.png Clan
tab and the Clan Event

The first tab is for the monthly rankings of the Clans on the same platform and server. Trainers can view the time left before the monthly rankings are reset as well as the rankings of the Top 50 Clans and the Clans that are in the vicinity of the Trainer's Clan in rankings. The ranking scores are made up of the points accumulated by members from cooking recipes and feeding them to Clan Dragons in The Great Dragon Race, from damaging the opposing Towers and Clan Dragon during a Clan Siege and from feeding Shakes to Clan Dragons during a Sugar Rush. For each Clan, the Clan's level, the number of members, their score, their language, and a button for accessing the Clan details are given.

The second tab is for accessing the current Clan League leaderboard.

The last tab is for the Clan Event MVP rankings. Here, the members of a Clan can see their own scores during whichever is the current ongoing event and the time left for the event. Once the event is over, the information will still be visible until the start of the next event.

If a Great Dragon Race event is ongoing, the first column will show the total score score each individual Trainer amassed from feeding recipes to the Clan Dragon while the second column will show how many recipes each Trainer has cooked so far. If a Clan Siege event is ongoing, the first column will show the total damage each individual Trainer dealt to the opposing Clan's base, namely all the five towers and the Clan Dragon, while the second column will show how many sprites each Trainer have summoned so far. The third and fourth column will show the same information for both types of events. The third column will show the amount of Clan Quests each Trainer completed during the ongoing event while the fourth and last column will show how many times each Trainer donated ingredients.

Card Packs[edit]

See Main Shop for more information

Card Packs Button.png

Gift Giver Notice.jpg

Clan Gifting Event Advertisement.jpg

This button can be pressed to access the Card Packs tab of the Main Shop where card packs containing Dragon Pieces for several Card Dragons can be bought.


In addition to the other benefits of being part of a Clan, members will receive a gift whenever one of their Clan members purchases Gems, directly or indirectly, during a so called Gift Giver Event. There are five different gifts and the gift that is to be awarded depends on the number of Gems that were purchased. This event is a promotion that is only made available occasionally and for a limited time, usually no longer than 3 days.

Box Gem Amount Gift
Bronze Gift.png 50-250 1 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png
Silver Gift.png 251-500 2 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png Gold Icon.png 5,000
Golden Gift.png 501-2,000 3 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png Food Icon.png 1,000 Gold Icon.png 10,000
Platinum Gift.png 2,001-3,500 5 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png Food Icon.png 2,000 Gold Icon.png 20,000
Diamond Gift.png 3,501-10,000 7 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png Food Icon.png 3,000 Gems Icon.png 5

Noteworthy Changes[edit]

Updates 4.0 - 4.6

Update 4.6

Clan Quest - Collect Dungeon Tokens.png

Update 4.3

  • The color scheme of the chat has been modified.
    • The completion of a Legendary recipe is shown in white text instead of purple text.
    • Names of Clan members are now colored in dark blue instead of white while. Both their names and their messages are now over the same background whose color changed from gray to light blue.
    • Automated messages sent by the Clan are now over a pink background instead of a blue one.
    • The equipped badge of the Trainer is now displayed next to their name.
  • The Clan interface can now also be accessed from the Social System interface.
  • The Chat Button (Old 2).png button was replaced by the Chat Button.png button.

Update 4.0

  • Trainers are now able to check the last time a fellow Clan member has logged into the game.
  • Changes to the Clan, such as demotions, promotions, Clan Dragon and so on are now announced in the chat.
  • Profanity filtering can now be turned off or on for the chat.
Updates 3.0 - 3.8

Update 3.8

  • The Attack (Old) Icon.png icon for Use Dragon Fury and Win side-quest battles in the Campaign Map was replaced by the Crimson Fury.png icon and the Scrolls Icon.png icon, respectively.
  • League 5 was opened. Before the opening of League 5, the top and bottom 30 Clans of a League were promoted and demoted, respectively.

Update 3.6

  • The Chat Button (Old).png button was replaced by the Chat Button (Old 2).png button, the Clan Chat Tab (Old).png tab was replaced by the Clan Chat Tab.png tab and the New Message Indicator (Old) Icon.png icon was replaced by the New Message Indicator Icon.png icon.

Update 3.3

  • The icon of the feeding Dragons quest was changed from the Food Icon.png icon to the Feeding Event.png icon.

Update 3.2

Update 3.1

Update 3.0

  • Clan Leagues and Clan Siege events are introduced. The buttons and tabs for accessing the main screen of the Clan will display the banner of the league the Clan is currently in.
  • Three new Clan Quests added.
  • Clan members will now, occasionally, receive various gifts whenever other Clan members purchase Gems.
  • Trainers now need to be, at least, Level 30 to create a Clan. Level 25 is still the minimum for joining a Clan.
Updates 2.7 - 2.9

Update 2.9

  • Starting with this update, when refreshing a quest through the Refresh Button.png button, the Trainer no longer has to confirm the choice through an additional   Refresh   button.

Update 2.8

  • Clan Ranks were introduced, giving various powers to Trainers of a Clan.
  • Auto-promotion for the MVP to co-leader status if the leader becomes absent for a minimum of 2 weeks and there is no active co-leader.
  • The automated message for when a Legendary recipe is completed is now shown in purple instead of black.
  • The notifications for when Clan Quests are completed were altered in order to be more noticeable.
  • The   Manage Members   button has been removed from settings Settings Button.png and the options to remove or promote members have been moved under the More Options Button.png button under the list of members Clan Member List Button.png. The   Remove   button was changed to the   Remove   button.

Update 2.7

  • Starting with this update, the MVP can now manage the Clan Dragon if the leader becomes absent for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • Whenever new messages appear in the Clan chat, a notification is displayed on the Clan tab in the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Clan Quests that require exploring ruins are now completed once the reward is collected from the ruin instead upon initiating the exploration.
Update 2.6
  • Clan Dragons introduced which are special Dragons that can only reside in Clans.
  • A major revamp was done, removing or changing many aspects:

There were five tabs available: Main   Main  , Quests   Quests  , Clan Event  Clan 
, Find A Clan  Find A 
, and Card Packs  Card 


The main screen showed fewer details on the Clan to which a member belongs:

  • Clan name, level and descriptions
  • Number of members/maximum number of members allowed
  • The button for accessing the Clan rankings Rankings Tab.png
  • Clan management buttons (Edit Clan and Manage Members)
  • The button for leaving the Clan
  • Member list

Additionally, the buttons for rejecting and accepting new members were placed in the right of the applicant while the   Visit   button was used to visit the applicant's Islands. Starting with this update, the first buttons are in the left of the applicant while the last button was replaced by the Forward Button.png button and moved in the right of the applicant.


Before Update 2.6, all Clan Quests could be done collectively, were divided into three tiers of difficulty and there was a limit to how many could be done per day. Once certain levels had been achieved, the limit of quests given per day was increased.

Level Max Number of Quests
from Ned per day
Max Number of Quests
from Arya per day
Max Number of Quests
from Professor Hogwin per day
1 3 0 0
2 3 1 0
3 3 1 1
4 3 2 1
5 3 2 1
6 3 3 1
7 3 3 2
8 3 3 2
9 3 3 2
10 3 3 2
11 3 3 3
12 3 3 3
13 3 3 3
14 3 3 3
15 3 3 3
Arya - Clan Quest.png
Ned - Clan Quest.png
Hogwin - Clan Quest.png

The quest tab showed Clan goals and stats. Ned, Arya and Professor Hogwin could each gave out up to 3 quests per day, with having 9 total being available for Level 11 and above Clans. While each character could give out the same type of quests, the requirements were lowest for quests from Ned and highest for Quests from Professor Hogwin. Each quest is listed separately along with current status and rewards for each.

Clan Coins Icon.png Clan Coins
Clan Experience Icon.png Clan Experience
Loyalty Icon.png Loyalty Score

Type of Quest Loyalty Icon.png/Action Ned's
250Clan Coins Icon.png
2,000Clan Experience Icon.png
500Clan Coins Icon.png
8,000Clan Experience Icon.png
Professor Hogwin's
1,500Clan Coins Icon.png
32,000Clan Experience Icon.png
Train Dragons 1 240 1,440 4,000
Perform Perfect Hits 1 900 5,400 15,000
Win battles 2 540 3,240 9,000
Collect Food (from Farms only) 5[1] 2,400,000 14,400,000 40,000,000
Use Dragon Fury 5 120 720 2,000
Level up any Dragons with 2 or more Elements/a specific Element[2] 5 150 900 2,500
Defeat a specific Dragon[3] 20 72 432 1,200
Breed a Dragon with a specific Element with a specific Dragon/with any other Dragon[4] 30 24 144 400


  1. 40,000 Food farmed equaled 1 Action
  2. Elements that could be encountered (for specific Elements) were: Plant, Metal, Energy, Void, Light, Shadow
  3. Dragons that could be encountered were: Boiling, Brick, Candy, Dracula, Dust, Eel, Empress, Faun, Honey, Jelly, Machine, Mist, Nightshade, Rocker, Rust, Shard, Stardust, Summer, Sunflower, Tribal
  4. Breeding combinations that could be encountered:
    - One Dragon from any of the following: Geiger, Lumino, Minotaur, Seed + any Dragon having an Element from any of the following: Fire, Wind, Earth, Water
    - Any Dragon with any Element + any Dragon having an Element from any of the following: Plant, Metal, Energy, Void, Light, Shadow

Clan MVP

Each month an MVP MVP Icon.png was picked based on Loyalty Scores Loyalty Icon.png amassed during the previous month. The MVP received 750 Clan Coins as a reward. The Loyalty Score was individual and was raised when an individual helped complete a quest. All Loyalty points were lost when a Trainer leaved a Clan to join another and were not gained back if the Trainer rejoined the same Clan. Clan Coins earned were retained regardless of what Clan was joined. The Loyalty Scores were discontinued with this update.

Event MVP

The Clan Event MVP Clan Event MVP Icon.png received points based on each event task completed. As all Clans of the same server and platform competed in the same event, each of the MVP of the top three Clans of the event received the normal event reward for Clan placement as well as a five-card pack.

Clan Rankings

The monthly Clan score ranking was comprised of the collective amount of Loyalty Scores earned from Clan Quests. Starting with this Update 2.6, the Clan rankings are based on scores earned from completing recipes in The Great Dragon Race, a new type of Clan event.

Clan Events

Clan Events.png

Before Update 2.6, there were three different types of Clan Events, namely Settle the Score, Feel the Fury, and Winner Takes All. Each ran one after another in different weeks and had different milestones along with rewards for reaching them and a different thematic. The Clan Events tab showed a map of the milestones of the current event. A brief description was given above the map on what the task was for the current event along with a countdown clock for the time remaining. The score for the event along with rankings were shown at the top. Rewards included Clan Coins, Food and Gold. Starting with Update 2.6, these events have been replaced with The Great Dragon Race event.

Updates 2.1 - 2.5

Update 2.5

  • Ruin-exploration quests have been removed.
Type of Quest Loyalty Icon.png/Action Ned's
250Clan Coins Icon.png
2,000Clan Experience Icon.png
500Clan Coins Icon.png
8,000Clan Experience Icon.png
Professor Hogwin's
1,500Clan Coins Icon.png
32,000Clan Experience Icon.png
Send Dragons to explore Ruins 25 15 90 250

Update 2.1

  • Starting with this update, Clan members can befriend each other in the game without the need to use a social media platform.
  • The Clan leaderboard was changed to reflect the activity of members in Clan Quests, having been previously based on Dragon power, a cumulative score of the skills, level and type of the top 5 Dragons of each member. Also introduced in this update is the reset of the Clan leaderboard which takes place on a monthly basis.
  • The Quest MVP is now elected at the end of each week instead of each month.
  • The requirements for some Clan Quests were slightly changed.
Type of Quest Loyalty Icon.png/Action Ned's
250Clan Coins Icon.png
2,000Clan Experience Icon.png
500Clan Coins Icon.png
8,000Clan Experience Icon.png
Professor Hogwin's
1,500Clan Coins Icon.png
32,000Clan Experience Icon.png
Win battles 2 180 1,080 3,000
Collect Food (from Farms only)
*40,000 Food Farmed equals 1 Action
5* 2,400,000 14,400,000 40,000,000
Level Up Any Dragons with 2 or more Elements 10 60 360 1,000
Level Up Dragons with a specific Element 10 60 360 1,000
Breed a Dragon with a specific Element with a specific Dragon 10 30 180 1,000
Breed a Dragon with a specific Element with any other Dragon 10 60 360 1,000
Defeat a specific Dragon 10 60 360 1,000
Train Dragons 20 60 360 1,000
Use Dragon Fury 20 60 360 1,000
Perform Perfect Hits 20 250 1,350 3,750
Send Dragons to explore Ruins 40 15 90 250

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