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Wiki Quick Reference Guide This is a quick guide to help members with some of the noticable changes that are present with the conversion to the new wiki. We are still working to implement or improve different aspects and not all topics may be covered herein. Feel free to contact a member of Staff if you have any question about something that is not covered.


Navigation has been made much simpler. The Navigation bar is on the left-hand side of every page with all the main links clearly visible and placed in section boxes by category. Searches for specific pages can be done using the search box above the Navigation bar.

Profile and Message Wall

Profile- Profile pages are now labeled User page. You can reach your User page by either clicking on your account name or the user page tab located at the top of the page.

Message Wall- Message Wall pages are now labeled Discussion. This page is accessed by clicking on the Discussion tab at the top of the page.

Once you have created your account, you will need to set up your user profile (user page) and talk pages (discussion). Until you have something saved into your pages, you will be met with the Creating User or Creating User talk edit boxes on each of these.

  • User page: Simply add the information you want to show on your public profile and click Save page.
  • Discussion page: Simply add the greeting you want the public to see when they visit this page and click Save page.

Once the initial creation of the page has been completed, more edits can always be made later by going to the page you wish to edit and clicking on the Edit tab at the top.

User Talk Pages

Commenting on user talk pages is different than commenting in the forums. Just follow these steps to make comments on a members' user talk pages.

  • To sign and date your comment just type four tildes: ~~~~.
  • To start a new comment thread at the bottom of the page use the (+) button at the top of the page next to 'edit'.
  • To add a comment to an existing thread, click on the edit link next to the topic you want to comment on. Scroll to the bottom of the edit box and begin your comment with a colon ( : ). Comment colons must alternate using a 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 pattern:
    • Thread post - (no colon)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 1st comment - : (one colon)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 2nd comment - :: (two colons)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 3rd comment- ::: (three colons)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 4th comment - : (one colon)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 5th comment - :: (two colons)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 6th comment - ::: (three colons)text(signature) ~~~~


Editing is done in basically the same fashion as before. Instead of clicking on an Edit button, you now click on the Edit tab at the top of the page.

Known issues:

  • Slideshow- <slideshow> function does not work. We are currently working on getting a slideshow extension to resolve this issue.

Uploading Official Wiki Images

Uploading an individual image is done the same as it was on the old wiki. The only difference is just how you get to the upload page. Instead of clicking on a contribute button and selecting add photo, you will click on the Upload file link under Tools in the Navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page.

Uploading multiple images is slightly different. Follow these steps to upload multiple images:

  1. Click on the Multi-Upload link under More Tools in the Navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. Click on the Choose Files button.
  3. Select the first file to upload
  4. Click on the Update the form button.
  5. In the Summary box type the appropriate Category Code as described in the Manual of Style under Categorization.
  6. Click Upload all Images
  7. You should receive a pop-up box that states the image uploaded successfully. Click OK.
  8. The page will update with a green checkmark on the right-hand side. At the bottom of the page, click on Reset the form.
  9. For each additional photo, follow steps 2-8 of this process.

Personal Use Images

-Official Wiki images will work in members User and Talk pages.

-Links to personal images can still be used as they were previously. (See: Dragon Mania Legends Wiki:Code of Conduct)

Known issues:

  • There is currently no platform for displaying personal images.