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This is a quick guide to help members with different aspects of the Dragon Mania Legends Wiki. The wiki is a constant work in progress and not all topics may be covered herein. Feel free to contact a member of the Staff if you have any questions or suggestions about something that is not covered.


The Navigation bar is on the left-hand side of every page with all the main links clearly visible and placed in section boxes by category. Only the main topics are listed in the Navigation bar, but searches for other pages can be done using the search box above the Navigation bar or by using the URL and typing the desired article after the slash.

Personal Profile

By clicking on the icon to the right of the time will bring up a list of personal links that only apply to the user and their wiki account.

  • Language - The first link is for setting the preferred language.
  • Talk - The Talk page is the user's own personal space to write. (Any information or data placed on Talk pages must still follow the Code of Conduct to avoid being removed.
  • Preferences - The preferences link takes the user to a section which allows them to access their profile and decide how they want to interact with the wiki.
  • Watchlist - The watchlist link allows the user to view a list of links that they have saved to their watchlist.
  • Contributions - This link allows the user to view a list of the editorial contributions they have made to the wiki.
  • Log Out - This allows the user to log out of their account on the wiki.

Once you have created your account, you will need to set up your user profile (user page) and talk pages (discussion). Until you have something saved into your pages, you will be met with the Creating User or Creating User talk edit boxes on each of these. Note that only Autoconfirmed users are able to create user pages.

  • User page: Simply add the information you want to show on your public profile and click Save page.
  • Talk page: Simply add the greeting you want the public to see when they visit this page and click Save page.

Once the initial creation of the page has been completed, more edits can always be made later by going to the page you wish to edit and clicking on the Edit tab at the top.

User Talk Pages

Commenting on user talk pages is different than commenting in the forums. Just follow these steps to make comments on a members' user talk pages.

  • To sign and date your comment, just type four tildes: ~~~~.
  • To start a new comment thread at the bottom of the page use the (+) button at the top of the page next to 'edit'.
  • To add a comment to an existing thread, click on the edit link next to the topic you want to comment on. Scroll to the bottom of the edit box and begin your comment with a colon ( : ). Comment colons must alternate using a 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 pattern:
    • Thread post - (no colon)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 1st comment - : (one colon)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 2nd comment - :: (two colons)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 3rd comment- ::: (three colons)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 4th comment - : (one colon)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 5th comment - :: (two colons)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 6th comment - ::: (three colons)text(signature) ~~~~


See also: Editing

NEVER add information on content that has not been released by Gameloft yet. Doing so without permission from gameloft may result in a ban from editing or if repeated a ban from accessing the site at all.


Editing can be done by clicking on the Action tab at the top of a page to edit a page. Once all desired text and coding have been added, click on the Show preview button to visually confirm all edits will translate correctly. If no more changes need to be made, click on the Save changes button to submit the edit. In some areas, individual sections can be edited without the need to pull up the entire page of code.

Undoing an edit

Undoing an edit can be done by clicking the History tab in the list of Actions. Find the edit in the History list, then click the undo link following the edit that is to be reverted.

Creating Tables

When new to MediaWiki tables can be a challenge to understand and create in MediaWiki format. For visual help building wiki tables, try the MediaWiki Table Generator. After a table has been created there, users can hit the "Generate" button to generate a table in MediaWiki format that can be copied and pasted into this wiki.

Note: Do NOT apply background colors and bright formatting to your table or they will be removed by a moderator for readability.


Wiki's are collaborative editing environments, it is important to not be precious about your contributions. All contributions may be edited mercilessly but with good intention, that doesn't mean a contribution isn't appreciated, it means the information is useful but can be taken further, or adjusted further. As stated on, if you do not want your writing to be edited mercilessly and redistributed at will, then do not submit it here.

Wiki staff are regular contributors with routine maintenance tasks and edits, if you need help or would like to help with routine tasks instead of the ones outlined on the Editing Central page, consider adding a message to a Staff member's "Talk" page or post something on the Wiki Support page. The regular contributor/maintainer of any page can be viewed by clicking the button entitled Actions, and then clicking History.

Uploading Official Wiki Images

Uploading an individual image is done by clicking on the Upload file link under Tools in the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side of the page. For multiple images that are in the same category, use the Multi-Upload link under Utilities.

Uploading multiple images is slightly different than individual images. Follow these steps to upload multiple images:

  1. Click on the Multi-Upload link under Utilities in the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side of the page. (Note that it takes a few seconds for this link to fully load.)
  2. Click on the Choose Files button.
  3. Select all the files of the same category for uploading.
  4. Click on the Update the form button.
  5. In the Summary box type in the appropriate image category as described in the Manual of Style under Categorization.
  6. Click Upload all Images
  7. You should receive a pop-up box that states the images uploaded successfully. Click OK.
  8. The page will update with a green checkmark on the right-hand side of each file. At the bottom of the page, click on Reset the form to begin uploading images for the next category.
  9. For each additional category of photos, follow steps 2-8 of this process.

Personal Use Images

- Official Wiki images are allowed to be used on Talk and User pages.

- Links to personal images can be used, but the images themselves may not be directly uploaded to the wiki. (See: Code of Conduct)

Creating a New Page

Before creating a new page always search the topic thoroughly to make sure it is not covered under another page.

There are several predefined page models in the Manual of Style that will cover most situations in which a new page would need to be created. For those rare instances when a new page is needed that is not covered under the predefined models, there are several options available for creating it. When using any method, be sure to properly name, capitalize, and punctuate the page title being created.

Option 1 Option 2

This is the preferred method for creating a new page as it helps ensure that the topic is not covered under another page or title.

This method uses the search engine to link to an article that does not exist by creating a red link.

  • Using the search box in the top-left of the page, type in and search for the name of the page (as it should appear in the title).
  • This will provide you with the search results and a prompt that will look like this:
Create New Page.jpg
  • Click on the red link of the page name to begin creating the page.
  • Enter the text and coding you want on the page, then preview it for errors and make any necessary corrections.
  • Once you are done coding the page, click 'save page' and your page will be created and saved.
This method uses the New Page link and is less preferred as it is much easier to make errors with.
  • Click on the New Page link under Utilities.
  • Click on the circle that represents the type of page you are creating. (Most pages fall under Main)
  • In the box, enter the exact name of the page as it will appear at the top of its page.
  • You will be taken to a blank coding page.
  • Enter the text and coding you want on the page, then preview it for errors and make any necessary corrections.
  • Once you are done coding the page, click 'save page' and your page will be created and saved.

If neither of the methods shown above is preferable, the Create a new page link (which can also be found under the tools section of the sidebar to the left) can be used to create a new article. This is the easiest way to create a new page. Note that it takes a few seconds for this page to fully load.

Known Issues

- Slideshow - The slideshows in the galleries do not have adjustable sizes. This is something that pertains to the MediaWiki core itself, thus not something we are able to change. We are currently working on getting an alternative to resolve this issue, but there is no clear ETA and it is not high on the list of our priorities.

- Visual Editor Currently disabled because of untraced errors.


For suggestions, questions or complaints, please post on our support page.

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