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Use the form below to upload files. To view or search previously uploaded files go to the list of uploaded files, (re)uploads are also logged in the upload log, deletions in the deletion log.

Please remember to read the Images and Categorization sections of the Manual of Style before uploading an image. All images must:

  • Follow existing naming conventions (see how images in the same category are named).
  • Be categorized in an existing image category (staff administers new categories).
  • Follow existing maximum file widths (see table).
  • Have the appropriate file type extension .jpg/.jpeg for all images except those that need transparency.

Image Maximums May Have Changed:


Image Type Proper Naming Proper Sizing Proper Format Special Information
ALL IMAGES Please follow the naming convention used in the existing category suitable for the image you are about to upload. In general, users should only upload images listed in Special:WantedFiles (please do not upload dragon icons, Kimberly creates those) using the exact name specified. Images should generally be uploaded at the largest size for which they are to be used in pages (not larger), and most files should not exceed 800px in width or height (unless they look poor at smaller sizes). This prevents extra copies from being made by MediaWiki, as a file page can only display files at a maximum of 800px by 800px, MediaWiki is forced to create a copy/thumbnail to display it at that size on those pages, and unnecessary copies should be avoided (eats server space unnecessarily).
Achievements Decoration - Name (Tier).png A maximum width of 300 pixels .png Resize width, height will auto-adjust.
Dragon Advertisements Name Dragon Promotion (Event) A maximum width of 600 pixels .jpg Resize width, height will auto-adjust.
Decorations/Obstacles Decoration - Name.png
Obstacle - Name.png
A maximum width of 400 pixels, or maximum height of 500 pixels. .png Resize width, height will auto-adjust, or resize height and width will auto-adjust
Dragon Icons Name_Dragon_Icon.png for regular Dragons, Name_Icon.png for Boss Dragons. Kimberly does these icons, other users should not do them so they are kept uniform. 156x158 pixels .png Kimberly does these icons, other users should not do them so they are kept uniform.
Element Icons Name_(Element)_Icon.png 160x160 pixels .png
Other images of Dragons in
different situations, locations or events
Name Dragon (Name Situation/Location/Event) A maximum width of 1,024 pixels Any Resize width, height will auto-adjust.
Dragons in their adult form Name Dragon 800 pixels maximum dimension .png Remove background. Resize longer side, keep aspect ratio.
Dragons in their infant form Name Dragon Baby 600 pixels maximum dimension Remove background. Resize longer side, keep aspect ratio.
Dragon eggs Name Dragon Egg 256x256 pixels Take screenshot of egg in 'Speed Up' view.
Crop to image of egg and resize.
Remove background.
Image must be in 1:1 width/height ratio.

More examples of how the images should look can be found here.

Personal use images are not to be uploaded directly to the wiki. In order to use personal images, read the Images section of the Code of Conduct.

To include an image in a page, use a link in one of the following forms:

  • [[File:File.jpg]] to use the full version of the file
  • [[File:File.png|200px|alt text]] to use a 200 pixel wide rendition with "alt text" as description
  • [[:File:File.jpg]] for linking to the page of the file, in the File: namespace, without displaying the file
  • [[Media:File.ogg]] for directly linking to the file without displaying the file