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Origin of Light

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Updated in Update 5.8, Origin of Light was a small island located south of the Main Island that was once again visible between the 4th of November and the 7th of December 2020 for the fourth of the Ancient Events with a Light theme. The island could also be accessed through the Ancient Event Button - Purple.png button located in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The Origin of Light Island was the hub for the Ancient Light Thematic, which took place between the 9th of November and the 14th of December.

The period of time during the appearance of Origin of Light displayed several menus, the time left for those, as well as its main prized Dragons and badges. Several Dragons, such as the Dragon of the Month or those from bundles independent from the island and its events, were also displayed among these rewards even though the method of obtaining said Dragons remained the usual one.

During the whole period of Origin of Light events, the Lysk Dragon and the Luzra Dragon were obtainable, not in a single event, but as result of the other events in Origin of Light. To get the Luzra Dragon the Trainer had to complete the Luzra Rising (20/11/09) collection and to get the Lysk Dragon the Trainer had to complete the Lysk Rising (20/11/09) collection.

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The main events of Origin of Light were:

Ancient Chest[edit]

Ancient Chest (Origin of Light).png

Ancient Chest (20/11/09)

Lightstone Shrine[edit]

Lightstone Shrine.png

Milestone Rewards[edit]

Lightstone Use Milestones (20/11/04)

Ancient Tickets[edit]

Pile of Ancient Tickets (Light).png

Ancient Tickets Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png are available throughout the whole event and have the sole purpose of opening the Ancient Chest. These can be purchased in exchange for Gems or can be obtained from various bundles, from the Dragon Dice, from other events running during the period, and from the Divine Chest itself.

Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png

Ancient Ticket

Sack of Ancient Tickets (Light).png

Sack of Ancient Tickets

Bucket of Ancient Tickets (Light).png

Bucket of Ancient Tickets

Chest of Ancient Tickets (Light).png

Chest of Ancient Tickets

Cave of Ancient Tickets (Light).png

Cave of Ancient Tickets

Island of Ancient Tickets (Light).png

Island of Ancient Tickets

1 Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png for 10 Gems Icon.png 15 Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png for 150 Gems Icon.png 55 Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png for 500 Gems Icon.png 175 Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png for 1,500 Gems Icon.png
Not Offered


Ned.png Back to the past - AGAIN! I wonder how many times Chronos is gonna do this to me...and if it knows I get indigestion.
Arya.png Where - or WHEN - could Chronos have sent us this time? It's nothing like the water world we had to paddle through--
Ned.png WHOA! Watch your step, Arya! W-We're so high up, I can't even see the ground from here...!
Arya.png ACK! How does anybody live up here, I wonder?'s just dragons?
Light Dragon Icon.png Hello. Welcome to the world of light. Now...LEAVE!

Ned.png A world of light, huh? I guess Chronos could've sent us to worse places, for sure. As far as time traveling goes, this doesn't seem too bad...
Arya.png Maybe. But something about this place just doesn't feel right!
Soft Dragon Icon.png I can hardly believe my eyes. We've not seen creatures like you for hundreds upon hundreds of years!
Soft Dragon Icon.png I'd like to help you...but I'm not sure if I trust you. A battle will decide my course of action for me!
Arya.png What's it saying, Ned?
Ned.png (sigh) Exactly what you'd expect it to.

Arya.png What's wrong? You've been making this scrunched up sort of face ever since we battled the Soft Dragon.
Ned.png Erm... said something weird. It hadn't seen "creatures" like us for hundreds of year.
Ned.png Are human beings gone in this part of the past? And...did our time meddling cause it?
Solar Dragon Icon.png Of course human beings are gone. This is a place for beings of justice and light ONLY!
Solar Dragon Icon.png So I'll have to send you two creatures away with a great flick of my righteous tail!

Amphibian Dragon Icon.png Humans! You ARE humans, right? You must be from down on earth! Oh, this is so exciting...
Ned.png C-Can you tell us more about that? Are you from earth too?
Amphibian Dragon Icon.png Yes, I am. I live in the swamps down below, but the Great Lysk let me into the world of light, on account of my good behavior!
Ned.png The...the "Great Lysk"? Arya, do know anything about that?
Arya.png If anybody did, it'd either be you or your dad. I'm in the dark here!
Amphibian Dragon Icon.png No, no, you're in the light! Ugh, I guess what they say about human intelligence is true. But what about human battle prowess?

Ned.png A-Arya - I don't think we're welcome here.
Arya.png What are you talking about? This looks like the friendliest place in the world! Besides, the Ancient Dragons from the Great Sea didn't trust us either, right?
Ned.png Maybe you're right... I mean, it IS really nice here. It's all warm, and colorful. There's nothing scary in sight...besides the dragons, of course.
Arya.png Aw, Ned - what's so scary about a Sunfeather Dragon? Isn't it so cute and soft? I'm gonna go give it a hug!
Sunfeather Dragon Icon.png Begone, foul sinners!
Ned.png Uh - you might want to back away from that dragon, Arya.

Ned.png Phew...I thought for sure that Sunfeather Dragon we met back there was gonna bite your head off...
Arya.png Don't worry, Ned - I've got a hard head, even without a helmet like yours. But I wonder what's making these dragons so aggressive...
Lightwing Dragon Icon.png Are you running into trouble here, humans? How strange - and how strange, too, to see folk like you.
Lightwing Dragon Icon.png We don't usually have trouble here in the clouds. We all like to flit amongst the rainbows, sing songs, eat til our bellies are full...
Lightwing Dragon Icon.png But I've never battled with humans or trained dragons before... Say, can I try it?

Golden Dragon Icon.png I see humans! Out for a stroll, maybe? Not for long, though...
Ned.png Huh?
Golden Dragon Icon.png The dragons of the world of light are all whispering about you. You're causing a bit of a stir!
Golden Dragon Icon.png In fact, I hear Valkov is on the lookout for you. I'd love to get a battle in before it finds you two!
Arya.png Ned? You're getting all pale again!

Arya.png Hey, hey, are you okay, Ned? You've gone as pale as that Cloud Dragon!
Ned.png Someone, or something, named "Valkov" is after us... And no matter how pretty this "world of light" is, I'm terrified!
Arya.png But we've never met this Valkov before, right? What if they're super nice? What if they want to make us honorary world of light-ers?
Cloud Dragon Icon.png Oh...I don't know about that. Valkov is pretty strict. Valkov is Lysk's guardian, after all - it protects us from dark thoughts.
Ned.png B-But we don't have any dark thoughts! At least, I don't think we do...! Do we, Arya?
Arya.png Dark thoughts? I'm just thinking of battling this dragon!

Arya.png I know you're scared, Ned. I don't really know what's going on either, but we don't need to jump to conclusions or anything!
Ned.png Chronos always sends us back in time for a reason... I just wish we knew what it was before "Valkov" or "Lysk" or whoever catches us!
Indigo Dragon Icon.png Pssst... Over here...
Arya.png Hold on - I hear something whispering from under that archway. A dragon...?
Indigo Dragon Icon.png I see you're asking questions. Good! If you start letting your mind wander, you'll be facing down Valkov in no time. And I'd like to see what you can do!

Valkov Dragon Icon.png THERE you are!! Mischievous humans, scuttling about the world of light like little bugs!
Ned.png H-Hey! That's not...really nice...
Valkov Dragon Icon.png Your dark thoughts have upset the Great Lysk, and that is the one thing I cannot abide!
Ned.png Dark thoughts?! Wh-What's all this about dark thoughts?! We're GOOD guys! We don't have dark thoughts!
Valkov Dragon Icon.png ALL humans have dark thoughts. Even dragons. But this world of light is no place for creatures like that.
Valkov Dragon Icon.png I will cast you down to the world below - for the glorious Lysk and the world of light!

Arya.png That Valkov dragon REALLY didn't seem to like us... It's pretty unusual to run into that kinda hatred in dragons, Ned. What was it saying?
Ned.png It kept mentioning how people and dragons with "dark thoughts" aren't welcome here...that dark thoughts bother the "Great Lysk"...
Ned.png B-But how can I make these dragons understand that we don't have dark thoughts!?
Dark Matter Dragon Icon.png Of course you do.
Ned.png Now where'd YOU come from?!
Dark Matter Dragon Icon.png All living things have dark thoughts. Even the desire to battle can be a dark thought - and that's what I'd like to do right now!

Ned.png I'm so confused! What the heck are "dark thoughts"?! Are they good or bad?! Are WE good or bad?!
Arya.png Um...I feel like the dragons are really getting to your head, Ned-- YOW!
Arya.png It's okay! This Rogue Dragon just poked me...! But, it's sort of strange - there aren't many dragons that look like the Rogue Dragon around here...
Rogue Dragon Icon.png You two're interesting! Fight me!

Witch Dragon Icon.png Hehehe! How wonderful! If humans like you can tromp around in the world of light, then so can dragons like me!
Ned.png A-Are you saying you're...evil? You ARE a Witch Dragon, after all...
Witch Dragon Icon.png Silly human boy! There's nothing evil about witches - or humans, or dragons like me! Although some dragons here don't quite understand that.
Witch Dragon Icon.png It's all a bit hypocritical - considering this world was created from the Solar Rock: stolen from human witches!
Ned.png WHAT?! These dragons stole the Solar Rock from witches down on earth?!
Arya.png Huh? The same Solar Rock they worship on Illumina back in our time? This is amazing, Ned!!

Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png Is it true? Is it true? Some humans have come from down below to shake things up in the world of light?
Ned.png Well, not exactly "down below", a-and we didn't want to shake things up!
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png Too late for that! Just by being here you have made many dragons remember things that the Ancients prefer we forget...
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png ...Things about humans, and different ways of thinking. Many dragons love to think, you know! About all kinds of things!
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png In fact, I believe Luzra will be paying you a visit soon. Luzra is like me - Luzra believes you must have a bit of mischief in life.
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png Human boy, I think your friend agrees with me. She's been itching to battle this whole time, and I have too!

Luzra Dragon Icon.png Hello, humans. I thought at first you'd come to return the Solar Rock to the witches down below, but now I see you were unaware of our stolen magic.
Luzra Dragon Icon.png Perhaps it's better this way: you two can figure out on your own what you want to do in this world. Mistakes are good. Doubt is good.
Ned.png Um...there's a powerful dragon we know who sent us here to get your kind to help us in the future. At least, that's what I thought, but now I'm not so sure.
Luzra Dragon Icon.png How interesting. Instead perhaps it is you that will help us. My kin must understand that they cannot have light without shadow.
Luzra Dragon Icon.png Permit me a battle with you, if you please. I do so love creatures like you!

Arya.png So you're telling me that the Ancient Light dragons have made the world of light SO perfect, that there's no room for any other ways of thinking?
Arya.png You can't play any tricks or make mistakes or... I guess if I thought this way, I'd never have become friends with Eliza.
Ned.png And maybe dragons would never have become friends with humans... And then, my dad would kinda be out of a job.
Ned.png And I never would have met you...
Halcyon Dragon Icon.png UGH, are you two done squawking? We dragons of light have a perfect world up here, and we don't need you muddling it!
Halcyon Dragon Icon.png Oops - I had a dark thought!

Ned.png WHOA! That arrow nearly hit me!
Arya.png What're you-- ACK! Me too!
Arya.png The culprit couldn't be that innocently whistling Cupid Dragon, could it?
Cupid Dragon Icon.png Tee hee! If you're scared now, just you wait until the Great Lysk gets ahold of you!

Sovereign Dragon Icon.png Ah, humans, breaking the peace - just like back in the old days, when we dragons coexisted with you on earth.
Sovereign Dragon Icon.png Funnily enough, life was rather exciting down there. It's peaceful up here, but, well...
Sovereign Dragon Icon.png I shouldn't be entertaining these thoughts, but perhaps I miss some of the old ways. Humans like you, at least, made life a joy.
Sovereign Dragon Icon.png Battle me, won't you? Win or lose, it'll be an experience!

Ned.png I keep wondering why Chronos sent us here. Maybe it was to fix things? To get the dragons here to return to earth?
Arya.png And embrace other kinds of dragons? And people like us? I didn't even know there was a time in history like this...
Ned.png Maybe I could write about it!
Arya.png Ned, that's a great idea!
Twilight Dragon Icon.png I hear the sounds of new ideas! Well, not so much new as not heard in a long time. I've always enjoyed sounds like this!
Twilight Dragon Icon.png And I haven't had the opportunity to stretch my wings against humans in a while. Shall we battle?

Arya.png Ned, don't look now, but this dragon's been following us for a WHILE now - I think it's finally got the courage to talk to us...well, talk to you.
Solden Dragon Icon.png I've been watching you two this whole time. I think you're finally ready to confront the Great Lysk, and perhaps change its mind.
Solden Dragon Icon.png My name is Solden - I am the only Ancient Light dragon born on earth, and not here in the clouds. Long have I tried to get our kin to return to our origins.
Solden Dragon Icon.png With your coming, perhaps it is finally time to return the Solar Rock to the humans, and rejoin our old friends down below.
Solden Dragon Icon.png But before all that, I'll need to give you one last test - to see if you are ready to face Lysk. Lysk will read your thoughts and know all your intentions.
Solden Dragon Icon.png Now, face me, if you are ready!

Lysk Dragon Icon.png ... ... ...
Ned.png Urrgh... I can't understand this dragon. It's's thinking in images, or maybe feelings - but not words!
Arya.png It's OK Ned! If we just be ourselves, it'll know what our intentions are.
Arya.png I know you're afraid of dragons, and Lysk is afraid too - but there's a lot of love in both of you. And I love you, and dragons, too!
Ned.png *blush*
Ned.png L-Lysk's thoughts are's saying that it might enjoy a battle...and befriending new sorts of people...

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