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Hello guys Have you thought of letting us change unusefull scrolls with coins or gems?I have so many and I will certainly get more ! I could change them with something usefull.... Thank you !

Soukupmi (talkcontribs)

Hey - here is the wrong place to post requests or change suggestions.
The Whale-Mart provides some useful items from time to time in exchange for scrolls, btw.
For gameplay issues please contact Gameloft Customer Care, for complaints and suggestions please post in the official forum of the Game owner (Gameloft).
This is the Wiki - created and maintained by the user fanbase (you, me, all players who like the game) - and it is not officially linked to Gameloft.
In the GameLoft Forum, Community Managers (like Adam e.g.) might provide some feedback on this issue, here it will stay unheard by those who could change the game.

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