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Events are time-limited contests to win various rewards, dependent on the type of event. Most events that occur pit Trainers against each other in various and conditions, though some events involve completion of individual tasks or as a team (such as events as a member of a Clan). There are often two areas for obtaining rewards; completion of milestones and final placement on a leaderboard.

Accessing[edit source | edit]

Events can be accessed by pressing the Events Button.png Events tab on the main (islands) screen. This tab rotates event names, icons and countdown timers and when pressed, opens the Limited-Time Events screen, displaying all events currently running.

Participation[edit source | edit]

Trainers can take part in most events after reaching Level 7, but Clan Events require Level 25 (the prerequisite for Trainers to join a Clan). Most events are worldwide and allow any Trainer to participate, though some events have limitations and only those who qualify can take part. Exclusive Events allow only those of a specific country or platform to participate. Some events require an active VIP Status.

Selecting any available event's window displays the conditions to compete in it, the prizes that can be won (from the milestone or leaderboard), and the option to take part through the      Participate!      button. Once pressed, there is no option to cancel participation, and the position and score of the Trainer become available in the section above the milestone rewards. Additionally, there are some events in which Trainers take part in automatically.

Start Times[edit source | edit]

Minor events generally start at 15:00 UTC and end at 07:00 UTC. Major events generally start at 12:00 UTC with end times that vary. The start times of recurrent events sometimes get adapted to a major event running at that time to ensure consistency.

Usual Time Event Type
09:00 UTC Clan events
12:00 UTC Major Events Dragon of the Week Dragon of the Month
Bottomless Dungeon
Ancient / Divine Arcade
Calendar Events Castle
Cake Craze Chain Breeding
Collection Events Dragon Dice
Frenzy Days Relay
Sigil Campaign Solo
Treasure Hunt Dragon Grid
15:00 UTC Minor Events Feeding Food Gathering
Gem Spending Gold Collecting

Chronology of Events[edit source | edit]

Current Year[edit source | edit]

Events 2023

Previous Years[edit source | edit]

Please visit Events of Past Years for older events.

Quasi-Events[edit source | edit]

While not events in the true sense of the word, Dragon of the Month and Dragon of the Week are breeding events whose sole purpose is to successfully breed a Limited-Time Dragon in the allotted time.

Lastly, there is another type of event called Frenzy Days which are not a competition, and there is no prize awarded at the end of such events. These events run for 24 hours, during which a certain currency or resource is made obtainable in larger amounts than usual.

Limited-Time Event Ship[edit source | edit]

Featured Dragon Ship.png

The (Limited-Time) Event Ship is a ship anchored beside a pier southwest of the Main Island. Whenever Limited-Time Dragons are featured as prizes for any type of event, one appears on the deck of the ship, and tapping it opens the event screen for that event. Dragons featured in time-limited breeding events also appear inside a button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Scoring & Rewards[edit source | edit]

The Ranking Icon.png button, found next to the position and score, displays the position and scores of opposing Trainers. Additionally, when Dragons are offered as the first prize, the i appears next to their name, pressing it displays the Dragon's base Codex Entry.

The maximum score Trainers can have in an event is limited by the in-game technical capacity of 2,147,483,647, except for Gold Spending and Gold Collecting Events, which have no limit. Thus, in theory, if there are events where the number of Trainers with the maximum score exceeds the number of allotted spots for the main prize, all Trainers with that score will receive the prize. However, the maximum score displayed is not, from a technical standpoint, at maximum, as it is unlikely to have even scores at this stage. This is further sustained by the fact that amounts over two billion are only represented by the first digits.

Wherever Food and Gold are offered as prizes, the amount earned changes by a certain Level Modifier that increases the higher the Trainer's level. The modifier can change whenever a Trainer's level increases, affecting the amount of Food and Gold earned from an event the Trainer might be taking part in.

Level Brackets[edit source | edit]

Most events are based on the Trainer's Level, giving different leaderboard brackets for groups by level. Therefore, the higher the level, the tougher the competition may be. Additionally, if the number of Trainers in the same level bracket exceeds the number of positions on a leaderboard, multiple groups of Trainers will exist, meaning the event will not be limited to the number of said positions. Level brackets also affect the milestones of events.

Level Brackets
Level Tier
1-6 No tier
7-15 Tier 1
16-25 Tier 2
26-40 Tier 3
41-55 Tier 4
56-70 Tier 5
71-90 Tier 6
91-110 Tier 7
111 and higher Tier 8

History[edit source | edit]

  • Update 6.0: Discontinued the ability to see one’s place in any Event leaderboard until after the minimum requirements for the event have been met (e.g., 1 Gem for Gem Spending Events, or the minimum score of Happy Dragons for a Reward in Arcade Events).
  • Update 5.0: Revamped Event Screens, gave Leaderboards a transparent background and a streamlined visualization of the player’s position, and provided better clarity for events such as the value of hatched dragons in Crowded Nursery events.
    • Added Clan Events to the Event slider with regular Events.
  • Update 4.1: Changed Event brackets (see update page for details).
  • Update 4.0: Modified the interface for Events, so they were no longer represented through a horizontal, rectangular banner, but through a vertical, rectangular window. Additionally, the background changed, and the prize Dragon was no longer represented through a mugshot, but through a full-body image.
  • Update 3.3: Made major events generally begin at 12:00 UTC (3 hours earlier than previously).
  • Update 2.8: Made the event tab cycle through available events and display all when tapped, and discontinued the pop-up notification announcing new events visible between Update 1.6 and Update 2.8.
  • Update 2.6: Discontinued Feel the Fury, Settle the Score and Winner Takes All Clan Events, and replaced them with The Great Dragon Race events.
    • Added the name of the Dragon offered as a prize next to the Dragon Egg Icon.png icon on leaderboards.
  • Update 2.5: Discontinued Feeding Events with specific Elements, allowing all kinds of Dragons to be fed.
  • Update 2.3: Removed the Dragon Egg Icon.png icon displayed when Dragons are offered as milestone rewards, and replaced with an image of their baby form.
  • Update 1.8: Introduced a new tier for event brackets, grouping Trainers above Level 70 in the last tier.
    • Changed leaderboards and milestones to increase and/or decrease the conditions and rewards for different events.
  • Update 1.6: Added a pop-up notification whenever new events occur.
  • Update 1.2: Added a ship off from the Main Island that can be pressed for some, displaying a featured Dragon


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