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2016 Legends

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2016 Legends (16.06.24).jpg
Join one of the sides and boost your team's score for a chance to win the grand prize!
Started 24 June 2016
Ended 11 July 2016
Duration 16 Days & 16 Hours
Type Faction
Grand Prize
2016 Legends was a three-tiered elimination tournament that was played in a series of seven separate events occurring between 24 June and 11 July in celebration of the UEFA Euro 2016. There were eight teams which were represented by the national flag of eight different European countries. In each event, two teams competed to get the highest score by earning points for each event task performed. The winning team advanced to the next tier and the losing team was eliminated. Once all three tiers of the tournament had been completed, the colors on the flag of the country represented by the winning team were painted on the wings of the Champion Dragon, which was the Dragon of the Week following the end of the event.

At the beginning of each event, Trainers chose which of the two countries they wanted to represent. Each task they performed during the event earned them a point toward ranking position as well as a point for the team they were representing. At the end of the event, all participants received regular rewards based upon final position ranking. Trainers from the winning team were awarded special faction prizes (also according to final ranking position).

Tournament Event Stats

Matches Team 1 Team 2 Start Date End Date Winner Grand Prize
Match 1 France Belgium 24 June 26 June France Soccer Dragon Icon.png Soccer Dragon
Match 2 Italy England 26 June 28 June Italy Shooting Star Dragon Icon.png Shooting Star Dragon
Match 3 Spain Russia 30 June 2 July Spain Golden Dragon Icon.png Golden Dragon
Match 4 Germany Turkey 2 July 4 July Germany Gladiator Dragon Icon.png Gladiator Dragon
Semi-Final 1 France Italy 6 July 7 July France Tracht Dragon Icon.png Tracht Dragon
Semi-Final 2 Spain Germany 7 July 8 July Spain Phoenix Dragon Icon.png Phoenix Dragon
Final France Spain 8 July 11 July France Horn Dragon Icon.png Horn Dragon

Tournament Leaderboard

2016 Legends (16.06.24) Competition Leaderboard.jpg
24 June - 26 June 26 June - 28 June 30 June - 2 July 2 July - 4 July
France Belguim Italy England Spain Russia Germany Turkey
6 July - 7 July 7 July - 8 July
France Italy Spain Germany
8 July - 11 July
France Spain
2016 Legends Champion
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