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Ancient Portal

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Ancient Portal.png
This Ancient Portal leads to the Outer Isles, a land of battles to win and treasures to claim.
Enables the Trainer to travel from the Archipelago to the Campaign Map.

Cost: Free initially, variable to upgrade.
Requirements: None
Upgradable: Yes
Can go in Inventory: No

7 x 7

The Ancient Portal is a building allowing the Trainer to travel from the Archipelago to the Campaign Map.

Building Functions

The following function buttons appear when the building is selected:

  1. Upgrade Button.png Upgrade – to upgrade the building (appears if upgrades are available).
  2. Campaign Map Button.png Campaign Map – to travel to the Campaign Map and its different modes.
  3. Golden Portal Button.png / Ancient Portal Button.pngAppearance, to toggle between default and Golden Portal appearance (appears at VIP Level 11+)
  4. Information Button.png Information – to view basic information (appears when fully upgraded).


Upgrading increases the Ancient Portal's level, which determines the base number of Portal Energy Icon.png Portal Energy used to battle on the Campaign Map. Upgrading the Portal costs a fixed number of Gems Icon.png Gems per level.

To upgrade the structure, select the portal, press the Upgrade Button.png Upgrade button, then the Instant Upgrade   Gems Icon.png button. Each time the Portal is upgraded, both the Portal Energy and the Arena Energy Icon.png Arena Energy replenish. Portal level does not affect the 'base' amount of Arena Energy, that amount is only affected by VIP Status Icon.png VIP Status.

The Portal size is 7x7 squares, regardless of level, making it the largest movable building. Additionally, the building's appearance stays the same regardless of level.

Portal Level Upgrade Cost Maximum Energy Portal Energy Icon.png Experience Experience Icon.png
Level 1 Starting Level 3 Energy None
Level 2 50 Gems Icon.png 4 Energy 550
Level 3 100 Gems Icon.png 5 Energy 1,110
Level 4 150 Gems Icon.png 6 Energy 1,660
Level 5 250 Gems Icon.png 7 Energy 2,770
Level 6 500 Gems Icon.png 8 Energy 5,500
Level 7 750 Gems Icon.png 9 Energy 8,330


To travel to the Campaign, press the Portal, then the Campaign Map Button.png Campaign Map button. To return, press the X button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Golden Portal.png

Golden Portal

Trainers having VIP Level Icon.png VIP Level 11 and above can switch between Ancient Portal Button.png Ancient Portal button and a Golden Portal Button.png Golden Portal button variant by pressing either button, which toggles between the two. The Golden Portal is a skin for the Ancient Portal, it serves no purpose apart from aesthetic enhancement. Once obtained, the Golden Portal is a permanent benefit regardless of VIP Status Icon.png VIP Status.

Information Button

The Information Button.png Information button, when pressed, provides information about the portal's current level. This button only appears once the portal is fully upgraded, though the same information can be seen at prior levels by pressing the Upgrade Button.png Upgrade button.

Visiting Location

Though visiting is not done through the Ancient Portal, the portal still serves as an "anchor" of sorts when visiting another Trainer's island; the visiting Trainer enters at whatever island the portal is placed on. By default, the portal is placed on the Main Island, but can be moved to other locations.


A single object is moved by pressing and holding it until move options activate, indicated by X Edit Mode Icon.png Check Mark Icon.png buttons below it and move arrows on each side. Green move arrows indicate sufficient space in the currently chosen area to place an item, gray arrows indicate not enough. Move the object by dragging, or by pressing the move arrows or the destination, then press the Check Mark Icon.png or X button to accept or cancel.

Edit Mode moves multiple objects, once move options are activated as described above, after pressing the Edit Mode Icon.png button. Moving or swapping instructions appear:

  • Select one or more objects to move them at the same time.
  • Swap two objects by selecting them and pressing the Swap Icon.png button.
  • Store multiple objects in inventory by selecting them and pressing the Inventory Icon.png Inventory button (for eligible buildings or objects only).

Dragging or pressing a destination a does not move objects in Edit Mode, the initial state is selection-only; instead, pressing the Move Icon.png Move button enables these options, the base of all objects turns green or gray indicating if there's enough space to move the items to as a unit.

  • Selected objects are moved exactly parallel to their former positions, any destination must have the corresponding spaces freed for a successful move.
  • The Inventory Icon.png Inventory button only appears if all selected items are eligible for inventory storage, and appears below the last item selected.
  • Objects cannot be selected from different islands at the same time.


Arya.png The Portal has run out of Energy. Usually, we'd need to wait until it's recharged, or throw some Gems into it to speed up the process.
Arya.png But I've got a few spare Gems this time, so I'll throw them in.
Arya.png If you upgrade the Portal, you can increase its Energy storage so it runs out less frequently.

Historical Images


  • Update 3.2: Increased the VIP Level at which the golden form of the Portal is unlocked from Level 5 to Level 11.
  • Update 2.4: Added a level 7 upgrade.
  • Update 1.9: Added a Golden Portal appearance variant which can be changed after VIP Level 5 and above.
  • Update 1.0: Introduced.

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