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Arena Energy

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Arena Energy Arena Energy Bolt.png is the energy used in the Dragon League each time a battle is fought. Arena Energy automatically regenerates at 1 every 1 hour and 30 minutes, up to the maximum base amount. It can also be recovered through Gems (at the cost of 25 Gems per energy), or through leveling up. Both methods fully replenish the energy, and there is no option of choosing the amount of energy desired for replenishing when using Gems. The only way to replenish the energy in smaller amounts is to use small amounts at a time, and then a Trainer can replenish the amount remaining to maximum. The Arena Energy can be refilled two different ways: by pressing the + button in the main screen of the Dragon League, and by trying to engage a battle without any energy left (which will bring up the refill screen from where the energy can be refilled with Gems).

The base amount of energy is four. There is no way to increase the maximum base amount of Arena Energy other than by purchasing VIP Status. VIP levels 1-9 receive two energy units, VIP levels 10-18 receive three energy units, and VIP levels 19-20 receive four energy units (thus the Trainer can have a maximum of eight energy units).

The total amount of energy a Trainer can have is unlimited. Any energy that is gifted or rewarded gets added on top of the current amount, which is displayed in green if overloaded (more than the base amount). Overloading stops the automatic regeneration of energy until the amount drops below the base amount again.

Fighting in the Dragon League requires 1 energy for a regular battle and two energies for a focused attack. A focused attack temporarily enhances all the Trainer's Dragons' current Attack by 50% for that battle.

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See Battle Energy for more information

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