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Back in Session (16/09/09)

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Back in Session (16.09.09).jpg
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Started 9 September 2016
Ended 30 September 2016
Duration 20 Days
Type Calendar
Day 20
Grand Prize Cheerleader Dragon Cheerleader Dragon Icon.png Dragon Pieces Icon.png 20
Occasion First day of school

This event was the very first Calendar Event to take place in the game.


  • The main prize of the event is obtained by reaching Day 20 and collecting the matching 20 Dragon Pieces.
  • Login days don't have to be consecutive - if a day is missed, the next reward will be given the following day.
  • The amount of Food and Gold rewarded can depend on the Level Modifier.
  • Days marked with VIP Status Icon.png indicate the reward is doubled for Trainers with an active VIP Status.
  • Days marked with Dragon Pieces Icon.png indicate that this currency is added to the already existing amount for the displayed Dragon.

Calendar[edit source | VE]

1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 2 3 VIP Status Icon.png 4 2 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 5
Cheerleader Dragon.png

Pile of Gold.png

Pile of Food.png

Cheerleader Dragon.png

Pile of Gems.png

6 VIP Status Icon.png 7 2 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 8 9 VIP Status Icon.png 10 3 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Three-Card Pack.png

Cheerleader Dragon.png

Plasma Dragon.png

Three-Card Pack.png

Cheerleader Dragon.png

11 12 VIP Status Icon.png 13 3 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 14 15 VIP Status Icon.png
Pile of Gold.png

Pile of Gems.png

Cheerleader Dragon.png

Pile of Food.png

Dragon Fury Essence Bottles.png

16 4 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 17 18 VIP Status Icon.png 19 20 5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Cheerleader Dragon.png

Rare Chest.png

Three-Card Pack.png

Pile of Gems.png

Cheerleader Dragon.png

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