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Boss Challenge (20/11/16)

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Boss Challenge (20.11.16) Promotion.jpg
Beat all the celestial Bosses to complete rounds!
Started: 16 November 2020
Ended: 23 November 2020
Duration: 7 Days
Type: Relay
Prize: Coco Crab Dragon Icon.png Coco Crab Dragon
Ticket(s): Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png

The event took place during the Origin of Light Ancient event series. Relay Events are limited-time competitions in which each Trainer participates individually. These events follow a single path made from a series of tiles, each containing a different, restrictive battle.


The main reward is earned by beating a series of Boss-like Dragons. A Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png Ticket is given for any defeated Boss-like Dragon, regardless of the battle or lap. Regular Dragons appear between bosses, and when defeated award smaller rewards such as Food Icon.png Food, Scrolls Icon.png Scrolls, or Gold Icon.png Gold, based on Level Modifier. Enemy Dragons, apart from the Boss-like Dragons, are usually random, thus not all Trainers face the same Dragons. The levels of all opposing Dragons are in relation to the levels of the Trainer's own Dragons at the moment the Boss Challenge started.

Element Restrictions

The Elements used in Boss Battles are gradually restricted, with all Elements allowed for the first battles. Defeating a Boss-like Dragon reduces the allowed Elements by 1 random Element, making the restrictions more severe after each Dragon. A maximum of 6 are restricted in the hardest battles, leaving only the highest 4 Elements allowed in all battles. The remaining 2 Elements are random, and change each time a Boss Battle is won. Element restrictions can be refreshed, but a waiting period is required before the next fight is started, and it only lasts until the next Boss is defeated. Every battle also requires a cooldown period before the next battle is started, though any waiting period may be skipped using Gems Icon.png Gems.


When a lap is finished, a Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png Ticket is given and the map resets with a new set of battles. The main prize Dragon is awarded once the 4th lap is complete. Any subsequent lap after the fourth offers a repeatable reward consisting of 17 Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png Tickets. Laps are usually unlimited with infinite rounds.


The amount of Food or Gold awarded depends on Trainer Level, the highest Level Modifier amount is displayed.

Tier Reward
Lap 1 Lightstone Icon.png 1,400
Lap 2 Lightstone Icon.png 3,000
Lap 3 Lightstone Icon.png 4,000
Lap 4 Coco Crab Dragon Icon.png Coco Crab Dragon
Lap 5+ Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png 17


See Boss Challenge (20/09/14) for previous dialogues that were repeated in this event.

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