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Box Dragon

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Boxer Dragon  Boxer Dragon Icon.png    Switch Arrow Right.png

Box Dragon.png
Box Dragon.png
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Box Dragon Egg.png
When startled, the Box Dragon can collapse itself into what appears to be nothing more than a pile of cardboard. This technique is SO effective that this trainer has mistakenly tried to recycle the poor creature on more than one occasion.
Charmed Dragons

Rarity: Epic (classification) Icon.png
Elements: Wind (Element) Icon.png Water (Element) Icon.png Metal (Element) Icon.png
Health: 224 Health Icon.png
Attack: 60 Damage Icon.png
Gold/Hour: 395 Gold Icon.png
Experience: 860 Experience Icon.png
Selling Value: 8,450 Selling Icon.png
Base DCP: 105 Dragon Collector Points Icon.png

Availability: Enchantment
Method: Enchanted Breeding
Breeding Den: Level 2
Parents: Seed Dragon Icon.pngEnchantment Star 1.png Clownfish Dragon Icon.pngEnchantment Star 1.png
Cost: Unbuyable


Breeding Time: 16 Hours
Hatching Time: 23 Hours & 30 Minutes
VIP Breeding: 12 Hours & 48 Minutes
VIP Hatching: 18 Hours & 48 Minutes
Game Update: Update 2.3


The Body Shape of the Box Dragon is Leonine. It has a beige body with the texture of cardboard. Its head is mostly square with a slightly peaked nose and two small holes for nostrils. At the back of the head are three rectangular flaps like those of an actual open box, one at the top and two on the sides. Each side flap has a brown line, below two brown arrows pointing to the flap edge, as if indicating "this side up". The Dragon has two triangular "cardboard slice" spikes on its forehead, the closest to the snout being smaller. Its eyes have dark blue pupils and bright blue irises, and it has a slightly open mouth. Its body appears constructed like that of a cardboard sliceform, a 3D form made of flat, spaced out but interconnected slices on two different planes, used to represent a 3D shape. Large, evenly spaced oval "chest slices" run crosswise down its spine, gradually getting smaller, until they reach the tail tip. Where these aforementioned pieces seem intersected, and held together, by three very long and curved body "slices" running lengthwise down the body, the outer two creating its pointy, branched tail.

Each front leg has a brown recycle symbol at the shoulder, while each hind leg has a fragile content (cracked wine glass) symbol. It has three semicircular "cardboard slice" claws emerging from each foot.

Enchantment Materials Requirements

Enchantment Star 1.png Enchantment Star 2.pngEnchantment Star 2.png Enchantment Star 3.pngEnchantment Star 3.pngEnchantment Star 3.png Enchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.png Enchantment Star 5.png Enchantment Star 6.pngEnchantment Star 6.png Enchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.png Enchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.png Enchantment Star 9.png Enchantment Star 10.pngEnchantment Star 10.png Enchantment Star 11.pngEnchantment Star 11.pngEnchantment Star 11.png Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png
14 Average Materials - Wind.png 21 Good Materials - Wind.png 25 Excellent Materials - Wind.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png
14 Average Materials - Water.png 32 Average Materials - Water.png 25 Excellent Materials - Water.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png
14 Average Materials - Metal.png 32 Average Materials - Metal.png 32 Good Materials - Metal.png 39 Excellent Materials - Metal.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png


Level Health Attack Gold/Hour
1 224 60 395
10 1,156 310 1,367
20 7,157 1,917 2,447
30 44,311 11,869 3,527
40 274,357 73,489 4,607
50 1,698,749 455,022 5,687
60 10,518,202 2,817,376 6,767
70 65,125,938 17,444,448 7,847
80 403,242,646 108,011,423 8,927
90 2,496,772,180 668,778,262 10,007
100 15,459,355,244 4,140,898,726 11,087
120 592,674,576,439 158,752,118,689 13,247
125 1,474,764,002,044 395,026,071,976 13,787
120 Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png 47,115,760,244,505 12,620,292,922,635 13,247
125 Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png 117,239,088,531,610 31,403,327,285,252 13,787


The Box Dragon is an Enchantment-Breedable Dragon which can be obtained solely through breeding a unique combination of enchanted Dragons in a Level 2 or higher Breeding Den. Both the Seed Dragon and the Clownfish Dragon have to be enchanted to Level 1 or higher.

Breeding Breeding Icon.png for this Dragon takes 16 hours while incubating and subsequently hatching the resultant egg takes 23 hours and 30 minutes. With an active VIP Status Icon.png VIP Status of Level 2 or higher, the breeding time is reduced to 12 hours and 48 minutes while the hatching time is reduced to 18 hours and 48 minutes.

Because this Dragon's combination can result in other outcomes, multiple breeding attempts may be necessary to obtain it.

The Combination

Seed Dragon Enchanted Breeding Button.png Clownfish Dragon

Possible Outcomes
Dragon Breed Time VIP Breed Hatch Time VIP Hatch
Wind Dragon 30 seconds 24 seconds 30 seconds 24 seconds
Ice Dragon 1h 30m 1h 12m 2 hours 1h 36m
Dust Dragon 2 hours 1h 36m 3h 20m 2h 40m
Cloud Dragon 2h 30m 2 hours 3 hours 2h 24m
Melon Dragon 2h 30m 2 hours 3 hours 2h 24m
Clownfish Dragon 4 hours 3h 12m 5h 30m 4h 24m
Breeze Rock Dragon 4 hours 3h 12m 5h 30m 4h 24m
Seed Dragon 6 hours 4h 48m 8h 30m 6h 48m
Tree Dragon 6 hours 4h 48m 8h 30m 6h 48m
Candy Dragon 8 hours 6h 24m 11h 20m 9h 4m
Leaf Dragon 8 hours 6h 24m 11h 20m 9h 4m
Avocado Dragon N 12 hours 9h 36m 16h 50m 13h 28m
Elixir Dragon N 16 hours 12h 48m 23h 30m 18h 48m
Panda Dragon N 16 hours 12h 48m 23h 30m 18h 48m
Arboreal Dragon N 16 hours 12h 48m 23h 30m 18h 48m
Nurture Dragon N 16 hours 12h 48m 23h 30m 18h 48m
Box Dragon 16 hours 12h 48m 23h 30m 18h 48m

Campaign Map Encounters

Map Quest Level
Normal Icon.png Normal 199 62
Heroic Icon.png Heroic 240 79 Enchantment Star 6.pngEnchantment Star 6.png
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