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Breeding Blitz (19/05/06)

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Aries Dragon Promotion (Breeding Blitz).jpg
During the event, you can get the awesome ARIES DRAGON by using its parents in the Breeding Den!
Started 6 May 2019
Ended 10 May 2019
Duration 4 Days
Type Chain Breeding
Grand Prize Aries Dragon Aries Dragon Icon.png


Chain Breeding Events are limited-time competitions in which each Trainer participates individually. The objective is to first mate two distinct Dragons, or Dragons with certain Elements, to obtain a particular limited Dragon. Once obtained, the Dragon must then be paired with another specific Dragon to obtain the main objective Dragon.

Dragons already in possession can be used as breeding parents and don't have to be bred again.

As opposed to other forms of limited-time breeding, Dragons made available through Chain Breeding Events are not available to purchase in exchange for Gems, breeding is the sole method of obtainment.


The main objective, namely the Aries Dragon, can be obtained by first breeding for its first parent, the Clownfish Dragon Icon.png Clownfish Dragon, and then subsequently breeding it with the second parent, the Plant Dragon Icon.png Plant Dragon.

The Clownfish Dragon Icon.png Clownfish Dragon must be bred for by mating the Earth Dragon Icon.png Earth Dragon with any Dragon having the Water and Wind Elements. The Plant Dragon Icon.png Plant Dragon can be bred under normal conditions.


Earth Dragon.png

Earth Dragon

Clownfish Dragon.png

Clownfish Dragon

Unknown Dragon.png

Water Wind

Aries Dragon.png

Aries Dragon
Breed External-link-ltr-icon.png

Plant Dragon.png

Plant Dragon

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