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The Ancient Element is the fourteenth Element encountered in Dragon Mania Legends. In relation to base Elements in battle, it is strong when used against Wind, Plant, Light, Shadow and Primal, and is weak against nothing. Furthermore, it is not vulnerable to any other Element, but resistant to Fire and Metal. All Ancient-Element Dragons that have this Element as their primary Element are classified as Ancient and can live in the Ancient Habitat.

The Ancient skill is Damage Leech, which temporarily reduces the enemy's damage and increases the caster's damage by the same amount.

There is no Base Dragon. There are currently 53 Dragons with the Ancient Element.

Ancient-based Dragons

Dragon Rarity Elements Cost
Pokra Dragon Icon.png Pokra Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientFireEarth 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Yamad Dragon Icon.png Yamad Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientFireWater 7,000 Gems Icon.png
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png Ik'ez Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientFireEnergy 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Molim Dragon Icon.png Molim Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientFireShadow 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Fovan Dragon Icon.png Fovan Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientWindFire 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Varapara Dragon Icon.png Varapara Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientWindWater 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Haumi Dragon Icon.png Haumi Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientWindPlant 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Nulvind Dragon Icon.png Nulvind Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientWindVoid 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Luzyll Dragon Icon.png Luzyll Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientWindLight 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Polveles Dragon Icon.png Polveles Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientEarthWind 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Babylonian Dragon Icon.png Babylonian Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientEarthPlant 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png Fundiju Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientEarthMetal Unbuyable
Caltrevas Dragon Icon.png Caltrevas Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientEarthEnergy $99.99 USD
Nedertohl Dragon Icon.png Nedertohl Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientEarthVoid Unbuyable
Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png Tezacueva Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientEarthShadow Unbuyable
Momo'tu Dragon Icon.png Momo'tu Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientWaterEarth 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Oi'ra Dragon Icon.png Oi'ra Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientWaterEnergy 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png Ho'mala Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientWaterLight Unbuyable
Lau'kana Dragon Icon.png Lau'kana Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientWaterShadow 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png Iosghar Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientPlantFire 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Iolhan Dragon Icon.png Iolhan Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientPlantWater Unbuyable
Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png Puenwyn Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientPlantVoid 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Zephujin Dragon Icon.png Zephujin Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientMetalWind 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Artoba Dragon Icon.png Artoba Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientMetalPlant 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Nolskol Dragon Icon.png Nolskol Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientMetalVoid 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Ashkelon Dragon Icon.png Ashkelon Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientMetalShadow 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Lamulyn Dragon Icon.png Lamulyn Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientEnergyEarth 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Gao'vai Dragon Icon.png Gao'vai Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientEnergyWater 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
O'won Dragon Icon.png O'won Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientEnergyMetal 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Zeilk Dragon Icon.png Zeilk Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientEnergyLight 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
E'mun Dragon Icon.png E'mun Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientVoidFire 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Solum Dragon Icon.png Solum Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientVoidWater 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Adatz Dragon Icon.png Adatz Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientVoidEnergy 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Nul Seed Dragon Icon.png Nul Seed Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientVoidShadow 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Solden Dragon Icon.png Solden Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientLightEarth 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Valkov Dragon Icon.png Valkov Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientLightMetal 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Luzra Dragon Icon.png Luzra Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientLightShadow 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Reisk Dragon Icon.png Reisk Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientShadowWind 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Hausk Dragon Icon.png Hausk Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientShadowPlant 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Malitzal Dragon Icon.png Malitzal Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientShadowMetal 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Myrkur Dragon Icon.png Myrkur Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientShadowVoid 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Oyar Dragon Icon.png Oyar Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientDivineFire Unbuyable
Venchu Dragon Icon.png Venchu Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientDivineWind Unbuyable
Enroja Dragon Icon.png Enroja Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientDivineEarth Unbuyable
Baha'jir Dragon Icon.png Baha'jir Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientDivineWater Unbuyable
I'ajir Dragon Icon.png I'ajir Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientDivineWater Unbuyable
Foroskke Dragon Icon.png Foroskke Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientDivinePlant Unbuyable
Koth'ez Dragon Icon.png Koth'ez Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientDivineMetal Unbuyable
Zolto Dragon Icon.png Zolto Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientDivineEnergy Unbuyable
Nihl Dragon Icon.png Nihl Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientDivineVoid Unbuyable
Lysk Dragon Icon.png Lysk Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientDivineLight Unbuyable
Glom Dragon Icon.png Glom Dragon (edit) Ancient AncientDivineShadow Unbuyable
There are 52 Dragons with this Base Element.
Note: Boss and/or Clan Dragons are not included, see Table of Boss & Clan Dragons.

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