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Apolloed Dragons

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/əˈpɒl oʊd /

  1. To remain lost within time, with no chance for escape.

He was apolloed between time portals

  1. To make something available, but restrict access.

I can't believe Gameloft has apolloed the beautiful Purple Thorn Dragon

— A term coined by Adam (Gameloft Community Manager), used for those Dragons that were added to the Game long ago, but have yet to be made available.
Some of those Dragons are listed here.

Dragons[edit source | edit]

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The Rarity and Elements for Apolloed Dragons may be entirely incorrect!
Please don't rely on their information!
Page Rarity Elements
Adventurer Dragon Epic Earth Wind Energy
Crab Dragon Epic Fire Water Earth
Crested Blue Dragon Epic Fire Fire Fire
Korea Dragon Epic Void Water Light
Malevolent Dragon Epic Shadow Fire Earth
Pride Dragon Epic Earth Light Energy
Royal Snout Dragon Epic Light Plant Energy
Tigerfish Dragon Legendary Legendary Earth Fire

History[edit source | edit]

  • Update 5.6: Released Apollo Dragon during The Final Time Rift event as a specially configured Dragonmaster Pass event. The Dragonmaster Pass event provided an Apollo-gy of sorts, after an informal community campaign to have Apollo released. This later resulted in the term Apolloed Dragons being coined, which was subsequently added to the wiki as a tracking category.
  • Update 3.1: Introduced Apollo Dragon, which was inadvertently left unreleased by the game maker (for an initially undefined period of time).

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