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Arcade events are fast-paced action events in which the Trainer participates individually. Such events have simple controls and appear easy, but require good hand-eye coordination to perform well in. Arcade events also evoke a sense of nostalgia, being reminiscent of coin-operated machines, or classic console games.

Dragon's Delight

Dragon's Delight Event Icon.png

Dragon's Delight is a limited-time competition in which Trainers offer requested items to event Dragons to earn points, reach individual milestones, earn prizes, and compete against each other.


  • Complete tasks to earn event currency.
  • Use event currency to fill the arcade machine tubes with event items.
  • Gift event items from the machine tubes to event Dragon to fulfill their requests, and earn Happy Dragon Icon.png Happy Dragon points.
  • Time the gifting of items strategically to activate the bonus Frenzy mode and earn 3x the points.
  • Reach event milestones by collecting the required Happy Dragon points for each milestone.


Dragon's Delight Example.png

Every eight hours, from the beginning of the event, Trainers can complete tasks to earn currency specific to the event.

The Event objective is to obtain as many Happy Dragon Icon.png Happy Dragon points as possible by fulfilling Dragon requests. Four random Dragons appear at the corners of an arcade machine, each Dragon requests several items depending on Dragon rarity. Requested items are obtained by completing tasks to collect event currency, which are then spent by pressing the Fill button to fill each of the machine's three separate tubes. Each tube holds three random items, and items exiting the bottom row of each tube can be gifted to Dragons, provided they match a Dragon request. Each tube provides three of five possible items (often represented as Item - Book.png Item - Crown.png Item - Gem.png Item - Key.png Item - Statue.png), and once empty can be refilled in exchange for currency.

If the available items don't match any of the Dragon's requests, the    Trash All    Trash Icon.png button can be pressed to trash all items in all tubes. Each tube can then be manually refilled in exchange for currency, or a Dragon can be refreshed by pressing the Refresh Icon.png Refresh button. Refreshing is free, but takes 60 minutes unless it is sped up using Gems.

After all of a Dragon's requested items are gifted to them, Happy Dragon points are awarded, and that Dragon is immediately replaced by a different one. The points awarded are added to the Trainer's overall score, which appears in a counter Happy Dragon Icon.png200+ Button.png at the top of the event screen. Joker items appear at random with 5% probability and are guaranteed after every 25 items spawned. Gifting the Item - Joker.png Joker Item to a Dragon immediately fills all of its requests. Fulfilling all of a Dragon's requests results in a Happy Dragon, which awards Happy Dragon points, and a new Dragon appears.

Frenzy Meter

Frenzy mode is a bonus mode that awards 3x the points for a duration of 60 seconds. Gifting an item to a Dragon adds 10 points to the Fill for a bonus! Frenzy Meter. After the meter reaches 300 points, Frenzy mode activates. The Frenzy meter constantly decreases by 1 point every second, regardless if the Event is played or not. Points are either accumulated until Frenzy mode is activated, or until the meter runs out.

Note: A minimum score is needed to participate and qualify for the grand (leaderboard) prize. Trainers are randomly placed in groups of 100, where the top Trainer(s) of each grouping will receive the main prize of the event.

Information Button

The ? button, when pressed, provides the following information panels:

Dragon Runner

Dragon Runner Event Icon.png

Dragon Runner Events are limited-time competitions in which players guide their Dragon through a three-lane running track to the finish line, while avoiding obstacles and collecting Flower Icon.png Flowers for milestone progress. Running is automatic, the Trainer must tap to shoot and swipe to move one lane at a time.

PC Controls

  • Keyboard
    • Use Up/Down Arrows to switch to the next lane (twice to move 2 lanes)
    • Use Spacebar to shoot
    • ESC Button pauses the run
  • Mouse
    • Hold and drag up/down to switch lanes
    • Left click to shoot


Once the event begins, the Trainer's Dragon automatically moves forward, meaning the screen must be swiped (or keyboard arrows pressed on PC) to move to the next lane to avoid obstacles (twice to move 2 lanes). Each new "run" attempt costs 1 Energy unit. Some runner obstacles are destructible, the player can click/tap to shoot a fireball to destroy them, while other objects are indestructible and can only be dodged. While the number of fireballs available is unlimited per level, only 3 successive fireballs can appear within a short burst.

Dragon Runner - Checkpoint.pngDragon Runner - Checkpoint (Winter).png

Also scattered within the lanes are Food, Gold, and Flower Icon.png Flowers for collecting, the latter of which accumulates to unlock milestone rewards, and also counts toward the Trainer's leaderboard score. Items collected while running may be lost if an obstacle is hit, at which point the run may be restarted costing 1 Energy unit, or the dragon may be revived, which costs 10 Gems Icon.png Gems. Restarting a run means all Flowers collected during the prior attempt are lost (Food and Gold get saved at the checkpoints) and the current level progress is reset to 1. Alternatively, reviving the dragon allows the attempt to be continued from the point of failure, also keeping any previously collected items. Reviving the running dragon also provides 5 seconds of invincibility, beginning immediately after revival, indicated by the Dragon blinking, during which time obstacles can be passed through; though, when the Dragon stops blinking, invincibility has ended. A progress bar Flag Icon.png appears during a run, indicating the progress towards that run's finish line.

1 Energy unit is restored every 30 minutes until the maximum amount is reached (the limit is 4 at Event start, gradually increasing with each completed run, up to 8).

Items and Obstacles

Beneficial Items Obstacles
Item Amount per
Actions Type Item Image (and variations) Description Actions
Flower Icon.png Flower 1 Collect Indestructible Dragon Runner - Rock 1.png Dragon Runner - Rock 2.png Dragon Runner - Rock 3.png Dragon Runner - Rock 4.png Rock Dodge
Dragon Runner - Rock 1a.png Dragon Runner - Rock 2a.png Dragon Runner - Rock 3a.png Dragon Runner - Rock 4a.png
Runner Food Icon.png Food 100 Dragon Runner - Rock 1 (Winter).png Dragon Runner - Rock 2 (Winter).png Dragon Runner - Rock 3 (Winter).png Dragon Runner - Rock 4 (Winter).png
Destructible Dragon Runner - Hay Bale Target.png Dragon Runner - Hay Bale Target (Winter).png Hay Bale Target Shoot or dodge
Gold Icon.png Gold 200 Dragon Runner - Statue.png Dragon Runner - Statue (Winter).png Statue
Dragon Runner - Barrel 1.png Barrel

Win Streak

After two consecutive run completions, a win streak begins (for which there is no timer) and can subsequently be increased, if no losses occur. The win streak, if maintained, acts as a multiplier for collected flowers, starting at 1x increase and increasing by 1x each win, up to a 5x increase.


Dragon Runner - Flag.png

When the running Dragon successfully reaches the finish line (indicated by flags), the attempt is won and rewards are given. Any collected flowers earned during the successful run are multiplied by the win streak (if any) and added to the cumulative total. Totals are tallied for milestone rewards and the leaderboard score.


There are ten difficulty levels, and five run-difficulties, one of which is selected at random just before running starts. Run difficulties include: very easy, easy, medium, hard, and very hard. Each level takes a certain length of time to complete. The odds of a harder difficulty being encountered increases as the level increases, as does the number of obstacles. Furthermore, there are 5 checkpoints per run, crossing a checkpoint awards 10 flowers and increases the Dragon's speed slightly, which also increases the difficulty. Each win leads to the next difficulty level, until the maximum level, while failing a run resets the difficulty to Level 1 again.

Information Button

The ? button, when pressed, provides the following information panels:


Dragon's Delight

Dragon Runner


  • Update 7.7: Added a winter background theme and winter obstacles to the Dragon Runner Event.
    • Reduced Dragon Runner checkpoint speed increase for levels 1-10, from 20, 20, 25, 25, 25, 30, 30, 30, 35, 35 (presumably) milliseconds respectively, to 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 5, 5 milliseconds.
    • Reduced Dragon Runner early level start speeds, by making each start speed individual per level and lowering the first 5 speeds. Previously all levels had a start speed of 250 (presumably) milliseconds, which for levels 1-10 then became 180, 200, 220, 210, 230, 250, 250, 270, 290, 300 milliseconds respectively.
    • Reduced the time duration (length) of two higher levels from 60 seconds each, to 30 second and 45 seconds each.
  • Update 7.5: Introduced the Dragon Runner Event.
  • Update 7.2: Changed Dragon's Delight rarity drop values due to the introduction of the Tyrant Element.
  • Update 6.6: Changed Dragon's Delight rarity drop values due to the introduction of the Primal Element.
    • Increased the probability of lower rarity Dragons in Dragon's Delight, decreased that of Epic, and doubled that of Legendary.
    • Raised the cost of filling Dragon's Delight tubes from 50 to 60.
    • Lowered the Dragon's Delight Frenzy bar threshold from 600 to 500, but made it fill slower (from 30 to 10 points per item).
  • Update 6.4: Increased Dragon's Delight chance for higher rarity Dragons, decreased the chance for lower rarity Dragons.
    • Decreased the score for higher rarity Dragon's Delight dragons in line with higher frequency of their appearance.
    • Adjusted Dragon's Delight event milestone requirements higher, as it is possible to score more points.
  • Update 6.3: Increased Dragon's Delight Frenzy bar's points per item from 10 to 30 to fill the frenzy bar sooner.
  • Update 6.1: Reworked Dragon's Delight event to have a frenzy meter and different number of items for different Dragon Rarities.
  • Update 5.0: Made Happy Dragons only give 1 point.
  • Update 4.2: Added chance to score additional points when a Dragon's Delight Dragon requests are completed.
  • Update 3.0: Increased the Dragon's Delight Dragon refresh time from 10 minutes to 60, and discontinued Dragon Pieces as a reward.
  • Update 2.9: Introduced Dragon's Delight Arcade Events.

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