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Base Dragons are the only single-Element Dragons in the game, and they each represent one of the current Elements, except for the Legendary Element, Primal Element, Divine Element, Ancient Element, and Tyrant Element Elements. Additionally, Base Dragons are the only Dragons in the game that can be bought using Gold Icon.png Gold. They can only be bought and even bred after the Trainer has unlocked them through Player Leveling.

Element Dragon Gold Cost Player Level
Fire Fire Dragon 100 Gold Icon.png 1
Wind Wind Dragon 100 Gold Icon.png 1
Earth Earth Dragon 1,000 Gold Icon.png 4
Water Water Dragon 10,000 Gold Icon.png 9
Plant Plant Dragon 40,000 Gold Icon.png 11
Metal Metal Dragon 140,000 Gold Icon.png 15
Energy Energy Dragon 400,000 Gold Icon.png 19
Void Void Dragon 800,000 Gold Icon.png 25
Light Light Dragon 1,000,000 Gold Icon.png 35
Shadow Shadow Dragon 1,500,000 Gold Icon.png 44


One of the main purposes for Base Dragons is Breeding to pass the parent Dragon Elements on to obtain hybrid Bi-Elemental Dragons. Bi-Elemental Dragons are Dragons that possess two Elements and are usually Common or Uncommon in terms of rarity, with a few Rare ones and even fewer Epic ones. With very few but notable exceptions, Dragons belonging to the first two aforementioned tiers of rarity can be obtained through normal means.

Incompatible Elements.png

There are hundreds of different breeding combinations to obtain Dragons, so some Dragons can be bred from more than one pairing combination. There are, however, some Dragons that are incompatible and cannot be bred together, these are:

Some hybrid Dragons cannot be bread from a Single-Element Dragon and can only be obtained using a hybrid + hybrid combination, these Dragons are:

Additionally, the above Dragons are the only ones that can be paired in specific combinations to obtain Breedable Legendaries.

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