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Bottomless Dungeon Icon.png

Bottomless Dungeon Events are limited-time competitions in which the Trainer participates individually, battling endless waves of opponents.

Event Time Frame

These events occur weekly, beginning Monday at 12:00 UTC and ending on the following Monday at 12:00 UTC when the next iteration begins.


In a Dragon Brawl, the Trainer faces endless waves of opponent dragons; thus, a Brawl cannot be won. The goal is not winning, but rather fighting as long as possible, completing as many Brawl Tasks as possible, to collect as many Stepping Stones Icon.png Stepping Stones as possible.

Starting or Continuing

Before entering, the Dragon Brawl pane displays Arya and Otto, separated by swords, representing the battle to come. Pressing the Start or Restart button begins a Brawl, where the Continue button continues a paused one.

Fighting Team

The Trainer's 9 strongest dragons (up to 12, depending on VIP Level Icon.png VIP Level) are automatically selected for the Dungeon Fighter team, while the opponent has an endless Dragon supply. On starting a Brawl, 3 Dragons are auto-selected but each can be pressed to change to another Dragon on the team.

During Battle

For the duration of the event, 3 random tasks are offered. Upon task completion, Stepping Stones are awarded, and a new task replaces the completed one. Stepping Stones are also awarded after each opposing Dragon defeat. Points for each Knockout Icon.png Knockout (KO) are multiplied by a factor of 1 to 3, depending on the defeating Dragon's level. Stepping Stones carry over to the next brawl, accumulating throughout the Dungeon iteration. A defeated opposing Dragon is immediately replaced by a stronger one. There is no level cap for opposing Dragons, the power levels scale from the Trainer's weakest Dragons to the strongest, and continue to rise. When a Trainer's Dragon is defeated, it must be replaced immediately by choosing any remaining Fighter team Dragon, and battle continues until all are defeated or the Trainer leaves.

Pausing Battle

A Brawl is paused by pressing the II Leave Battle button, and then pressing the Leave and
continue later
button to confirm, pressing the Restart Brawl button to start a new brawl, or pressing the X button to return to battle.

After Battle

Once a Brawl ends, a new one can only be restarted after the cooldown period. Cooldown times between restarts are 15 minutes after the first brawl, 1 hour after the second, 3 hours after the third, and 6 hours after every subsequent brawl. When restarting a Brawl, Dragons are fully healed and opposing Dragon power levels are reset. Members of Clans can also use a Clan Fortress Power to reduce the Restart Brawl timer, depending on Clan Fortress and Clan League level.

Additionally, the following Badges Icon.png Badges can be earned:

  • The Dungeon Fighter Badge.png Dungeon Fighter badge, by defeating 50 Dragons during 1 Bottomless Dungeon event.
  • The Dungeon Champion Badge.png Dungeon Champion badge, by defeating 5,000 Dragons in Dragon Brawls.

Opponent Pools

One of 8 pools of Dragons is used for each dungeon iteration. The Brawl starts with the first 3 Dragons, and any defeated opponent is replaced by the next in the list.

See Opponent Pools for the complete list of possible battle opponents.


Dungeon Chest - Epic.png

Four kinds of chests are opened for the number of Stepping Stones indicated when reaching them. The value of the rewards increases with the size of the chest opened. Small red chests, medium green chests, and large blue chests can only be opened once each. The final pink chest, the most valuable, is called bottomless because it can be opened an unlimited number of times. After opening the pink chest a random number of times, between 1 - 15, it awards the Bottomless Dungeon Guaranteed Dragon.

All chests contain 3 random items, only one can be collected. Chests contain Dungeon Tokens Icon.png Dungeon Tokens as one option, while the other two choices vary to include time-limited Dragons, Stepping Stones Icon.png Stepping Stones, Gems Icon.png Gems, and other rewards, all which change each iteration. Occasionally, there are special prizes offered in addition to the Bottomless Dungeon Guaranteed Dragon (such as Divine, Ancient, or Tyrant Event tickets, or Dragon Pieces Icon.png Dragon Pieces).

Image Size and Type Rewards Chance of BDGD
Dungeon Chest - Red.png
Small Chest Rewards may include: Small Chance.
Dungeon Chest - Green.png
Medium Chest Medium Chance.
Dungeon Chest - Blue.png
Big Chest Higher Chance.
Dungeon Chest - Epic.png
Multi-Open Chest Guaranteed after 15 chest opens.

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