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Calendar Events

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Calendar Events are limited-time competitions each Trainer participates individually in, by logging into the game daily during the allotted time period. Doing so, awards daily prizes, sometimes awards Dragon Pieces Dragon Pieces Icon.png, and in some events, collection of enough days to reach the end of the calendar provides enough pieces to earn a Card-Segment Dragon.

Unlike other event types, Calendar Events begin whenever the game is opened for the first time during the event availability. A Trainer who joins late can finish the event past the normal ending date of said event. However, depending on special settings or on larger events unfolding during the time a Calendar Event is available, joining only until a pre-determined date may be allowed.

In most events, some calendar days double the prizes for those who have an active VIP Status. If VIP Status is inactive, when a day with double rewards for VIP members is reached, the game asks the Trainer if they want to use a VIP Ticket VIP Ticket Icon.png from the Inventory Inventory Icon.png or purchase one by pressing the Become a VIP button.

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