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Calendar Events are limited-time competitions, with prizes earned individually by logging into the game daily and claiming each within the allotted time. Daily prizes often include Dragon Pieces Dragon Pieces Icon.png, with the ultimate goal of collecting enough days to reach the end of the calendar, resulting in a completed Card-Segment Dragon.


  • Log in daily to collect rewards.
  • The main event prize is typically obtained by reaching a certain day, and collecting the number of matching Dragon Pieces Icon.png Dragon Pieces required to obtain the prize Dragon.
  • Login days don't have to be consecutive – if a day is missed, the next reward is given the following day.
  • The amount of Food Icon.png Food and Gold Icon.png Gold rewarded can depend on the Level Modifier.
  • Days marked with VIP Status Icon.png indicate the reward is doubled for Trainers with an active VIP Status.
  • Days marked with Dragon Pieces Icon.png indicate that earned pieces are added to the already existing amount for the displayed Dragon.


Unlike other event types, Calendar Events begin whenever the game is opened for the first time during the event availability. If a Trainer joins the event late, there is a possibility of completing it within the allotted time. However, the event can only be accessed if joined within the duration of the event.

To claim each reward, the Trainer must manually access the event and tap the appropriate day to collect. Days marked with the VIP Status Icon.png icon award double the prizes on claimed days, provided VIP Status is active. If VIP Status is inactive when a double rewards day is reached, the game asks if the Trainer wants to use a VIP Ticket VIP Ticket Icon.png from Inventory Inventory Icon.png, or purchase one by pressing the Become a VIP button. At the close of the event, any days missed are lost and no additional rewards can be claimed.

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