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See Dragon Pieces for more information.

Card Dragons (sometimes referred to as Card-Segment Dragons) can only be obtained by collecting a full matching set of Dragon Pieces and then hatching the egg. Dragon Pieces are found in Card Packs, in Weekly Dragon Pieces, won from spinning the wheel during Otto's Lotto Week, obtained through the Dragonmaster Pass, Clan and other events, and other methods.

Card Pack Dragons

Mystery Gifting

Dragon Pieces Dragon Pieces Icon.png for Enchantress Dragon Icon.png Enchantress Dragon are awarded through Mystery Gifting.

Weekly Dragon Pieces Dragons

See Weekly Dragon Pieces for more information.

Daily Task Dragons

See Daily Tasks for more information.

Clan-Exclusive Dragons

See Clan-Exclusive Dragons for more information.

Arena Card Pack Dragons

See Arena Card Dragons for more information.

Limited-Time Dragons

See Limited-Time Dragons for more information.


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