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Clan Events are limited-time competitions Clans can participate in only if they have a fully hatched Clan Dragon. Clan members work together to reach milestones, compete against each other and other Clans, to earn rewards. For the duration of the event, Clan Quests give items needed for Clans to progress through the event, in addition to the regular rewards.

There are 4 types of Clan events, The Great Dragon Race, Emerald Wars, Sugar Rush and Clan Siege. Clan events begin on Mondays at 09:00 UTC and end Fridays at the same hour. On rare occasions, these events occur during the weekend. Members who joined the clan after an event starts, cannot participate and have to wait until the next event.


Clans are grouped into 5 different leagues of approximately the same strength. Each league has several leaderboards, each having a maximum of 100 Clans. The current Clan league affects the prizes and requirements in Clan Events. Leagues 2–5 provide a Clan Fortress power bonus, that increases as higher leagues are reached. Some leagues also give the Clan several shields in addition to those unlocked through leveling:

League League Rewards Clan Fortress
Icon Number Shields Available Milestone Card Pack Grand Prize Card Pack MVP Reward Level Power Bonus
Clan Banner - League 1.png League 1 None 1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack All Clan Dragons
(except Kutter, Boone and Feather)
500 Clan Coins Icon.png 1 0%
Clan Banner - League 2.png League 2 None 2 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack 750 Clan Coins Icon.png 2 20%
Clan Banner - League 3.png League 3 Curved Gray Double Emerald Shield.png Curved Blue Double Rose Shield.png Edged Gray Double Emerald Shield.png Elegant Gray Double Emerald Shield.png Elegant Blue Double Rose Shield.png 3 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack 1,000 Clan Coins Icon.png 3 40%
Clan Banner - League 4.png League 4 Curved Gray Peridot Shield.png Edged Gray Sapphire Shield.png Edged Blue Rose Shield.png Elegant Gray Emerald Shield.png Elegant Blue Ruby Shield.png 4 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack All Clan Dragons (except Boone and Feather) 2,000 Clan Coins Icon.png 4 60%
Clan Banner - League 5.png League 5 Curved Gray Sapphire Shield.png Curved Blue Amethyst Shield.png Edged Gray Peridot Shield.png Edged Blue Amethyst Shield.png Elegant Gray Peridot Shield.png 5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack All Clan Dragons (except Feather) 3,000 Clan Coins Icon.png 5 80%

Note: Feather Dragon Pieces are only awarded weekly to the top 5 clans of League 5.

Promotion and Demotion

Scores are determined in accordance with the final leaderboard position at the end. The league leaderboard resets at 23:00 UTC and Clans are promoted and demoted accordingly.

The number of Clans promoted and demoted depends on the league:

Icon League Promoted Demoted
Clan Banner - League 5.png League 5 Top 5 (Feather Dragon Pieces Icon.png) Bottom 40
Clan Banner - League 4.png League 4 Top 20 Bottom 35
Clan Banner - League 3.png League 3 Top 20 Bottom 25
Clan Banner - League 2.png League 2 Top 10 Bottom 25
Clan Banner - League 1.png League 1 Top 5 n/a


Clan Event Icon.png

There are three reward platforms:

  1. Reaching group milestones (awards all members Dragon Pieces for Clan-Exclusive Dragons).
  2. The Clan weekly MVP Badge Icon.png MVP, awarded to the highest scorer along with Clan Coins scaled with the current Clan League.
  3. The Clan's leaderboard placement as compared to other clans.

The amount of Dragon Pieces rewarded by Grand Prize Card Packs depends on the Clan's final position on the leaderboard, and the amount is not affected by any league. Clan Event Card Packs can only be obtained from The Great Dragon Race and Clan Siege events. There are two types:

Card Pack Type Recipient Obtainment Details
Clan Events - Grand Prize Card Pack.png Clan Dragon Pieces The Clan Minimum score required and a Top 7 position in the league required. The number awarded varies from 1 to 6 in accordance with final leaderboard rank.
Clan Events - Milestone Card Pack.png Clan-Exclusive Dragon Pieces All Clan members Obtained up to four times by reaching Clan score milestones. The Number awarded varies from 1 to 5 depending on the league the Clan is currently in.

See Clan-Exclusive Dragons for a complete list of Dragon Piece Dragons available in The Great Dragon Race and Clan Siege.

Level Modifier impacts
  • Amount of Food and Gold received.
  • Clan Coins awarded to the MVP.

See Also

For detailed information about each event type, see:

For detailed information about Clans see:



Note: For changes related to specific Clan Event types, see the event's respective page.

  • Update 7.6: Added a Clan Fortress powers bonus, as associated with the current Clan League from participation in Clan Events.
  • Update 4.7: Made opt-in (by Ranked Clan Members) required for participation in Clan Events.
    • Added a participation opt-in notification on the Clan screen, Clan Event button.
  • Update 4.5: Introduced five new epic Clan Reward Pack Dragons.
  • Update 3.8: Opened Clan League 5.
  • Update 3.0: Introduced Clan Siege.
  • Update 2.9: Removed confirmation requirement when refreshing Clan Quests, if they have not been started.
  • Update 2.7: Added ability to view the latest member scores after the end of an event until the next.
    • Made tasks requiring exploration complete when the reward is collected.
  • Update 2.6: Discontinued Feel the Fury, Settle the Score, and Winner Takes All events and replaced them with The Great Dragon Race event.
    • Added notifications for when Clan Events start.
    • Changed Clan Quests to require individual goals to be met instead of collective goals.
  • Update 2.0: Introduced.

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