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Clone Dragons

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Clone Dragons are dragons that have an extremely similar design to an already existing dragon. This means the same body type and similar features. Sometimes clone dragons are just a recolour.

How to find Clone Dragons[edit source | edit]

Finding a clone dragon may be extremely easy or extremely hard. Sometimes it may be completely obvious from the design. For example the Ice Cream Dragon is obviously a Clone Dragon of the Mud Dragon. Sometimes you may have to look at the baby forms or eggs. Boss Dragons do not count as a Dragon Clone of their non-boss variant. These are called Counterparts.

List of Clone Dragons[edit source | edit]

Original Dragon Clone Dragon/s
Smoke Dragon Icon.png Smoke Dragon Witch Dragon Icon.png Witch Dragon
Bee Dragon Icon.png Bee Dragon Meteor Dragon Icon.png Meteor Dragon
Earth Dragon Icon.png Earth Dragon Tribal Dragon Icon.png Tribal Dragon
Snow Dragon Icon.png Snow Dragon
Tiger Dragon Icon.png Tiger Dragon
Golden Dragon Icon.png Golden Dragon
Lava Dragon Icon.png Lava Dragon Geiger Dragon Icon.png Geiger Dragon
Salamander Dragon Icon.png Salamander Dragon Water Dragon Icon.png Water Dragon
Candy Dragon Icon.png Candy Dragon
Liquid Fire Dragon Icon.png Liquid Fire Dragon
Ice Dragon Icon.png Ice Dragon Ruby Dragon Icon.png Ruby Dragon
Emerald Dragon Icon.png Emerald Dragon
Cloud Dragon Icon.png Cloud Dragon Love Dragon Icon.png Love Dragon
Mud Dragon Icon.png Mud Dragon Ice Cream Dragon Icon.png Ice Cream Dragon
Agnes Dragon Icon.png Agnes Dragon Typhoon Dragon Icon.png Typhoon Dragon
Tree Dragon Icon.png Tree Dragon Autumn Dragon Icon.png Autumn Dragon
Melon Dragon Icon.png Melon Dragon Orange Dragon Icon.png Orange Dragon
Alien Dragon Icon.png Alien Dragon
Shooting Star Dragon Icon.png Shooting Star Dragon
Tricolor Dragon Icon.png Tricolor Dragon
Sunflower Dragon Icon.png Sunflower Dragon Redflower Dragon Icon.png Redflower Dragon
Agave Dragon Icon.png Agave Dragon Lumino Dragon Icon.png Lumino Dragon
Metal Dragon Icon.png Metal Dragon UV Dragon Icon.png UV Dragon
War Dragon Icon.png War Dragon Eel Dragon Icon.png Eel Dragon
Minotaur Dragon Icon.png Minotaur Dragon Mist Dragon Icon.png Mist Dragon
Dracula Dragon Icon.png Dracula Dragon
Armored Dragon Icon.png Armored Dragon Black Armor Dragon Icon.png Black Armor Dragon
Honey Dragon Icon.png Honey Dragon Phoenix Dragon Icon.png Phoenix Dragon
Golden Crow Dragon Icon.png Golden Crow Dragon Archangel Dragon Icon.png Archangel Dragon
Shard Dragon Icon.png Shard Dragon Skeleton Dragon Icon.png Skeleton Dragon
Prickly Dragon Icon.png Prickly Dragon Ash Dragon Icon.png Ash Dragon
Jelly Dragon Icon.png Jelly Dragon Ghost Dragon Icon.png Ghost Dragon
Aurora Dragon Icon.png Aurora Dragon Machine Snake Dragon Icon.png Machine Snake Dragon
Comet Dragon Icon.png Comet Dragon
Dark Mech Dragon Icon.png Dark Mech Dragon Mech Dragon Icon.png Mech Dragon
Midnight Dragon Icon.png Midnight Dragon Sixth Dragon Icon.png Sixth Dragon
Faun Dragon Icon.png Faun Dragon Rastafari Dragon Icon.png Rastafari Dragon
Root Dragon Icon.png Root Dragon
The Sludge Icon.png Gasper Icon.png
Eagle Dragon Icon.png Eagle Dragon Star Stripe Dragon Icon.png Star Stripe Dragon
Vibrant Dragon Icon.png Vibrant Dragon Glamorous Dragon Icon.png Glamorous Dragon
Lantern Dragon Icon.png Lantern Dragon Yin Yang Dragon Icon.png Yin Yang Dragon

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