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Dragon Dice Event Icon.png

Dragon Dice events are limited-time competitions with individual goals and battle story content. Trainers roll two dice Double Dice Icon.png to move spaces on the game board, collecting keys to open chests for different rewards.

Roll pairs to activate the battle story and defeat the elite opponents to win rewards.


Trainers work individually, using Event Currency to move around the board, collecting Dragon Pieces Icon.png Dragon Pieces and other prizes from chests.

Event Currency

Emberstone Icon.png

Every 6-hour cycle, from event start, a set amount of Emberstone Icon.png Event Currency (themed to the event) is earned by doing various tasks. Each game board move costs a number of Event Currency.

Game board

Dragon Dice Board (Fire).jpg

Dragon Dice Board (Metal).jpg

The Trainer is provided a pair of Double Dice Icon.png dice. Rolling these costs a set amount of Event Currency, and rolls both dice at once. With each roll, the Trainer selects which one (die) of the two outcomes to use first, to progress around the game board. The second die roll can then be used to move again.

Tile & Key Types

The goal is to land on specific colored tiles that give the matching Key type. When 3 of the same color keys are collected, it opens the matching Chest type.

Type Tile Key Chest
Rare (classification) Icon.png Rare Rare Tile Icon.png Rare Key Icon.png Rare Board Chest Icon.png
Epic (classification) Icon.png Epic Epic Tile Icon.png Epic Key Icon.png Epic Board Chest Icon.png
Ancient (classification) Icon.png Ancient Ancient Tile Icon.png Ancient Key Icon.png Ancient Board Chest Icon.png

Additionally, there are 3 checkpoints across the board that, when passed through, trade all unused Keys accumulated for Emberstone Icon.png Event Currency. However, landing on a checkpoint first awards the Key of the Trainer's choice, then converts the leftover keys into Event Currency. Completing one full lap of the Dragon Dice Board awards 1 of each Chest type for free, and gives 3 (single) die rerolls to use any time within the duration of the next lap.

Tile Description
Start Tile Icon.png Start, Lap, and Trade-in checkpoint
Checkpoint Tile Icon.png Trade-in checkpoint

Chest Types

The 3 chest types contain content relevant to their type (see Chest Rewards). The chest rewards themselves are represented by prize cards that flip over, revealing their prizes. Regular Chest Card Back.png cards award Emberstone Icon.png Event Currency or Silver Horns Icon.png Silver Horns, Dragon cards Uncommon Card Back.png Rare Card Back.png Epic Card Back.png Legendary Card Back.png Ancient Card Back.png award Dragon Pieces Icon.png Dragon Pieces, and Material Cards Materials Card Back.png Ancient Materials Card Back.png award Enchantment Materials Icon.png Enchantment Materials. Once all pieces for a Dragon are collected, the chests providing these offer alternate prizes.

Chest Type Rare Board Chest Icon.png
Epic Board Chest Icon.png
Ancient Board Chest Icon.png

Rolls and Rerolls

A die can be rerolled, for free, up to 3 times in each lap. After using up the 3 free rerolls, each subsequent reroll costs Event Currency. Most importantly, using a die value of six gives 2 Keys of the tile type landing on, including checkpoint tiles, which would give 2 Keys of the Trainer's choice.

Double Dice
Double Dice Icon.png

Double Dice Meter Example.png

When two dice of the same value (doubles) are rolled, a Double Dice point is given. Each roll of doubles accumulates in the Double Dice meter, until the Trainer is eligible to enter combat in the battle story. The Double Dice meter count is reset to a new goal only after the battle is won.

Battle Story

Upon filling the Double Dice Meter, reaching the level's required amount, the Trainer is prompted to enter a Double Trouble battle. Completing such battles awards event Tickets and unfolds the Battle Story, which usually ends with obtaining a unique Dragon or Badge Icon.png Badge. Skipping the battle in exchange for Event Currency is also possible.


In addition to the Double Dice rewards, the board Chests and Ancient Market also provide rewards.

Ancient Market

The Ancient Market button provided a selection of time-limited offers where Silver Horn Icon.png Silver Horns, collected from Epic Chests, could be spent on various items such as: Relics, Food, Sigil Chests, VIP Tickets, Arena Energy, Decorations from past events, and Dragons.

Information Button

The ? button, when pressed, provides the following information panel(s):



  • Update 6.6: Replaced the Bingo feature with the Ancient Market (which was introduced).
  • Update 6.5: Discontinued Bingo Cards, see Revision 92753 for prior information.
  • Update 5.3: Introduced Dragon Board events, a shorter version of Dragon Dice with the same strategy and several dragon rewards to collect.
  • Update 5.1: Replaced Leaderboards with a Bingo Card feature.
    • Discontinued the leaderboard, where the most moves on the Dragon Dice board were required to advance in rank and achieve first place.
  • Update 4.9: Introduced.

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