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Dragon Grid Events are limited-time competitions in which the Trainer moves their Dragon avatar around the 3×3 grid, attempting to collect Tyrant Tickets and other rewards, while minimizing damaged received to survive as long as possible.

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Dragon Avatar

Dragon Grid - Avatar.png

A Dragon avatar, representing the Trainer, appears initially at the center of the game board to be moved where desired. The avatar is controlled by either tapping on, or swiping in, the desired direction. The avatar can also be replaced by the current week's Bottomless Dungeon Guaranteed Dragon, if that dragon is obtained (or re-obtained) during the event. Once obtained, the Dungeon dragon affects the Trainer's starting and maximum Power capacity.


Each Level, the Trainer begins with 20/30 Power which is visible at the (inside) top-right of the Trainer's avatar tile. The current power number appears on the left, separated by a slash, by the maximum Power capacity on the right. The count increases, decreases, or remains unchanged, depending on the nature of tiles landed upon (i.e., harmful, or beneficial).

Obtainment of the Dungeon dragon during the event, raises the Trainer's starting Power level to 30, and maximum Power capacity to 50; thus unlocking the dragon as soon as possible may prove helpful.

Important Icon.png
If too much damage occurs from harmful tiles, and the Trainer's Power hits zero or below, then the current level ends prematurely and the level restarts. When a level restarts, any tickets or chests collected (from the level) are lost.

Harmful Tiles

Harmful tiles are tiles that may reduce the Trainer's power, by the amount displayed at the top-right of the tile, when landed on:

  • Damage tiles (represented by other Dragons) – Reduce the current power number.
  • Trap tiles (represented by boards/saws) – Reduce the current power only if the trap is active when landed on. Trap tiles alternate between their active (saw up) or inactive (saw down) states as moves are made, and are only safe to land on (giving no damage) when inactive.

Beneficial Tiles

Image Tile Description
Food Icon.png Food Heals lost power in the amount displayed in their top-right corner, but cannot heal power over the Trainer's maximum amount.
Tyrant Ticket (Blue) Icon.png / Tyrant Ticket (Green) Icon.png
Tyrant Ticket (Purple) Icon.png / Tyrant Ticket (Grey) Icon.png
Ticket Each level has a set number to find, and once all are found, the level ends. Ticket color changes depending on the week (1-4) of the event.
Dragon Grid Chest.png Chest Unlocked once the level is completed and gives bonus rewards.


Every chapter, the Trainer begins with one Shield Potion Icon.png Shield in inventory, the current inventory count appears at the right of the screen. When used, a Shield completely negates the damage received from one harmful tile. Additional shields can be won by opening chests, though their appearance in chests is rare. Shields can also be purchased for 15 Gems Icon.png Gems.


Each level contains a pool of harmful or beneficial tiles. As the Trainer progresses through the levels, the chances of the type of tile appearing in the grid changes. If a level is failed, it must be restarted using Energy, which regenerates over time. Completing a certain number of levels is also necessary to unlock the Dragons in the Event's Shop.

Energy (level attempts)

Energy Icon.png

Each weekly grid iteration has a starting Grid Energy capacity of 2. The cost to begin a level attempt is 1 Energy. The Energy count appears at the top-right, and automatically regenerates over time. As the level increases, the energy held increases up to a maximum cap. Higher capacity amounts are unlocked at grid level 10, 20, 50, 80, 120, 160, and 200.

Unlock Level Energy Pool Minutes per Energy
0 2 30
10 4
20 6
50 8
80 10
120 12
160 14
200 16


Tyrant Ticket (Green) Icon.png

A set number of Tickets are available in each Level, and must be found to progress to the next level. At the left of the interface, beside an image of the ticket for that level, appears a current ticket count. The count's first number represents the number of tickets already collected, separated by a slash from the total number of tickets to be collected.

Information Button

The ? button, when pressed, provides the following information panels:



  • Update 7.3: Reduced the cost of revival and shields from 30 to 15 Gems.
    • Changed energy pool amounts and time to regenerate.
    • Made the story unlock in earlier levels.
    • Reduced difficulty scaling to be more gradual.
    • Added additional reward chests.
    • Increased the maximum Power capacity from 40 to 50 once the Bottomless Dungeon Dragon was obtained.
    • Moved what would formerly be a Collection Event (Tyrant) Dragon to instead be obtained via Dragon Pieces available inside Puzzle Grid chests
  • Update 7.1: Introduced Dragon Grid events (AKA Puzzle Events)

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