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Dual Dragons

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Dual Dragons are Dragons that have opposing or incompatible elements. They can be obtained through normal means, possess two Elements, and are of Rare type or rarity.

Having incompatible or opposing elements means that the Base Dragons that match its elements cannot be bred directly together to obtain them. These special Dragons can only be obtained through the breeding of two Dragons, which both must be hybrids, thus Base Dragons and Dragons able to pass Elements are not eligible. They can also be obtained by purchasing them from the Main Shop, and also belong to the Unlikely Attractions section of the Dragon Codex.

Dragon Elements
Emperor Dragon Icon.png Emperor Dragon Light Shadow
Lightning Dragon Icon.png Lightning Dragon Energy Wind
Magnet Dragon Icon.png Magnet Dragon Earth Void
Mercury Dragon Icon.png Mercury Dragon Metal Water
Sunflower Dragon Icon.png Sunflower Dragon Fire Plant

Incompatible Combinations[edit source | edit]

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There are hundreds of different breeding combinations to get Dragons, so some Dragons can be bred from more than one pairing combination. There are, however, a few Dragons that cannot be bred together, these are:

Some hybrid Dragons cannot be bread from a Single-Element Dragon and can only be obtained using a hybrid + hybrid combination, these Dragons are:

Additionally, the above Dragons are the only that can be paired in specific combinations to obtain Breedable Legendaries.

Owning these Dragons is crucial for breeding Breedable Legendary Dragons.

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