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Dungeon Dragons

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See Bottomless Dungeon Guaranteed Dragon for a complete list of Limited-Time Dragons made available in the Dungeon and Bottomless Dungeon for more information

These Dragons can only be obtained by the Trainer through the Bottomless Dungeon Shop or entering an iteration of the Bottomless Dungeon and opening the Chests in which there is a chance for the currently available Dragon to be found. On some occasions, Limited-Time Dragons are made available in the Dungeon and the only chance to obtain them is by opening enough Chests.

Dungeon Shop Dragons[edit source | VE]

Dungeon Shop Dragons are those always featured in the dungeon shop.

Dragon Rarity Cost 1 2 3
Monk Dragon Icon.png Monk Dragon Epic 3550 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Wind Void Fire
Kitsune Dragon Icon.png Kitsune Dragon Epic 3450 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Water Earth Plant
Robot Dragon Icon.png Robot Dragon Epic 999 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Metal Energy Earth
Jadeite Dragon Icon.png Jadeite Dragon Rare 2,000 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Metal Plant
Snow Ghost Dragon Icon.png Snow Ghost Dragon Legendary 10,000 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Legendary Water Metal
Budding Dragon Icon.png Budding Dragon Epic 5,900 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Energy Shadow Plant
Golden Sentinel Dragon Icon.png Golden Sentinel Dragon Epic 5,900 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Wind Plant Light
Lightwing Dragon Icon.png Lightwing Dragon Epic 6100 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Light Void Metal
Pink Bloom Dragon Icon.png Pink Bloom Dragon Epic 1,755 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Plant Fire Energy

Dungeon-Exclusive Dragons[edit source | VE]

Dungeon-Exclusive Dragons are Dragons that can only be obtained in the Bottomless Dungeon during their week of appearance as a Bottomless Dungeon Guaranteed Dragon (BDGD). They, differ from other BDGDs who may regularly be made available in other types of Events.

Dragon Rarity Elements
Darkfire Dragon Icon.png Darkfire Dragon Legendary Legendary Shadow Wind
Warden Dragon Icon.png Warden Dragon Epic Plant Fire Earth
Vibrant Dragon Icon.png Vibrant Dragon Epic Fire Light Water
Royal Dragon Icon.png Royal Dragon Epic Earth Energy Shadow
Doomsday Dragon Icon.png Doomsday Dragon Epic Energy Wind Void
Moose Dragon Icon.png Moose Dragon Epic Wind Plant Shadow
Ivory Dragon Icon.png Ivory Dragon Epic Light Fire Earth
Pink Bloom Dragon Icon.png Pink Bloom Dragon Epic Plant Fire Energy

Special Offer Dragons[edit source | VE]

Special Offer Dragons are Limited-Time Dragon Dragons that have appeared as special offers in the Bottomless Dungeon, they are not specific to, or only available in, the Dungeon.

See Dungeon Shop Special Offers for more information

Special Offer-Only Dragons[edit source | VE]

The following Dragon was previously offered as part of the Clockwork Dungeon (discontinued), it is now available occasionally in the Special Offers filter section of the Dungeon Shop.

Dragon Name Cost Elements Type
Wizard Dragon.png
Wizard Dragon
999 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png VoidFireWind Epic


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