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Collect as much Food as you can from any source.



Food Gathering Events are limited-time competitions in which Trainers compete against each other, reach individual milestones, and move up on the leaderboard by accumulating Food from Farms and other available sources. Each one unit of Food is equal to one point, regardless of Food type or source.


Trainers must select the    Participate!    button to begin, any Food gathered before this are not be counted.

Event Time Frame

These events most often occur during the weekend, beginning Friday at 15:00 UTC and ending Monday at 07:00 UTC.


Progress rewards (Milestones) usually consist of Scrolls Icon.png Scrolls, Gold Icon.png Gold, and Gems Icon.png Gems. During special themed events, these progress rewards can be replaced with tickets or tokens relating to the island event.

The main prize of the leaderboard is typically a Limited-Time Dragon. The rewards for any lower position consist of varying amounts of Food Icon.png Food, Gold Icon.png Gold, and Scrolls Icon.png Scrolls (depending on level-bracket modifiers and placement).



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