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This category houses Templates used for text link shortcuts to articles. If the page or category they link to is moved, its resultant links are updated in one template, which updates it everywhere.


Almost All link templates accept a second (or third) parameter to override its link text. For example, {{apd|My override text}} gives My override text, or {{ctg|Habitats|several habitats}} gives several habitats. Clicking any template name opens its documentation page.

Template &
Result Links to
{{apd}} Arena-Prize Dragon Arena Dragons category.
{{ba|70}} 70 Base Attack category, by base attack number.
{{bdgd}} Bottomless Dungeon Guaranteed Dragon Bottomless Dungeon Guaranteed Dragon category.
{{bg|300}} 300 Base Gold per Hour category, by base gold number.
{{bh|275}} 275 Base Health category, by base health number.
{{body|Cobby}} Cobby-Style Body Shapes category corresponding to shape specified.
{{bp}} Base Purchase Base Dragons category.
{{c|Common}} Common Classification categories by name.
{{ced}} Clan-Exclusive Dragon Clan Dragons category.
Individual character page specified.
{{codex|First Friends}} First Friends Specified Dragon Codex collection (link anchor).
{{cr|Dorbs}} Dorbs In-Game Currency
{{csd}} Card-Segment Dragon Card Dragons category.
{{ctg|Sigil System}} Sigil System Categories by name.
{{dcl}} Dragon Collector Leaderboard Dragon Collector Leaderboard section of the Social System page.
{{dcm}} Dragon Collector Milestones Dragon Collector Milestones section of the Dragon Collector Leaderboard page.
{{dcp}} Dragon Collector Points Dragon Collector Points page.
{{ded}} Dungeon-Exclusive Dragon Dungeon Dragons category.
{{{dl|Frost Fairy}} Frost Fairy Specified (non-boss, non-Clan) Dragon page without displaying "Dragon".
{{dotm}} Dragon of the Month Dragon of the Month page.
{{dotw}} Dragon of the Week Dragon of the Week page.
{{dsd}} Dungeon Shop Dragon Dungeon Dragons page.
{{e|Fire}} Fire Links to Element categories short by name.
{{ebd}} Enchantment-Breedable Dragon Enchantment Dragons category.
{{em|Fire}} Fire Element Links to Element categories by full name. [1]
{{eod}} Event-Only Dragon Event Dragons category.
{{faq|Can I sell buildings?}} Can I sell buildings? Guide:FAQ header by name.
{{h|Earth}} Earth Habitat Habitats section by name.
{{{hl|Ancient}} Ancient Habitat link, without the word "Habitat".
{{island|Mystic Heights}} Mystic Heights Islands category page, without the word "Island" or "Islands".
{{islands|Ancient}} Ancient Special Event Category link, without "Island".
{{ltd}} Limited-Time Dragon Limited-Time Dragons category.
{{nb}} Normal Breeding Normally-Breedable Dragons category.
{{nbd}} Normally-Breedable Dragon Normally-Breedable Dragons category.
{{r|Wildfire Marsh}} Wildfire Marsh Ruins category section by name.
{{red}} Reward-Exclusive Dragon Reward Dragons category.
{{rotm}} Reward of the Month Reward of the Month page.
{{t|Water}} Water Temple Temples section by name.
{{ved}} VIP-Exclusive Dragon VIP Dragons category.
{{wdp}} Weekly Dragon Pieces Weekly Dragon Pieces category.
{{wp|Pauldron}} Pauldron Wikipedia page for the specified item (must exist as specified).
  1. This template does not allow link-text override, it is intended to always display the same way.
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