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The Metal Element is the sixth Element encountered in Dragon Mania Legends and it is unlocked at Level 15. In relation to base Elements in battle, it is strong when used against Plant or Primal and weak when used against Metal, Shadow, and Ancient. Furthermore, it is vulnerable to attacks by Energy and is resistant to attacks by Earth and Metal. All Metal-Element Dragons can live in the Metal Habitat.

The Metal skill is Vengeful Sword, which deals damage to any Dragon who attacks allies. There are currently 253 Dragons with the Metal Element.

The base Dragon is the Metal Dragon.

Metal-based Dragons

Dragon Type Elements Cost
Metal Dragon Icon.png Metal Dragon (edit) Common Metal 140,000 Gold Icon.png
Slushy Dragon Icon.png Slushy Dragon (edit) Rare MetalFire 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
War Dragon Icon.png War Dragon (edit) Common MetalFire 150 Gems Icon.png
Bonewing Dragon Icon.png Bonewing Dragon (edit) Rare MetalWind 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Razor Dragon Icon.png Razor Dragon (edit) Uncommon MetalWind 385 Gems Icon.png
Armored Dragon Icon.png Armored Dragon (edit) Uncommon MetalEarth 400 Gems Icon.png
Mercury Dragon Icon.png Mercury Dragon (edit) Rare MetalWater 900 Gems Icon.png
Jadeite Dragon Icon.png Jadeite Dragon (edit) Rare MetalPlant 2,000 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png
Cyborg Dragon Icon.png Cyborg Dragon (edit) Uncommon MetalPlant 500 Gems Icon.png
UV Dragon Icon.png UV Dragon (edit) Uncommon MetalEnergy 550 Gems Icon.png
Knight Dragon Icon.png Knight Dragon (edit) Uncommon MetalEnergy 8 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Steel Dragon Icon.png Steel Dragon (edit) Rare MetalVoid 1,000 Gems Icon.png
Laser Hammer Dragon Icon.png Laser Hammer Dragon (edit) Rare MetalLight 200 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Mech Dragon Icon.png Mech Dragon (edit) Rare MetalLight 1,150 Gems Icon.png
Heavy Metal Dragon Icon.png Heavy Metal Dragon (edit) Rare MetalShadow 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Gargoyle Dragon Icon.png Gargoyle Dragon (edit) Rare MetalShadow 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Rock Snake Dragon Icon.png Rock Snake Dragon (edit) Rare MetalShadow 1,216 Gems Icon.png
Fire Mage Dragon Icon.png Fire Mage Dragon (edit) Epic MetalFireWind 1,555 Gems Icon.png
Shamrock Dragon Icon.png Shamrock Dragon (edit) Epic MetalFireEarth 1,635 Gems Icon.png
Torpedo Dragon Icon.png Torpedo Dragon (edit) Epic MetalFireWater 1,580 Gems Icon.png
Chef Dragon Icon.png Chef Dragon (edit) Epic MetalFirePlant 1,685 Gems Icon.png
Ironcast Dragon Icon.png Ironcast Dragon (edit) Epic MetalFireEnergy 1,700 Gems Icon.png
Legion Dragon Icon.png Legion Dragon (edit) Epic MetalFireEnergy 1,817 Gems Icon.png
Jinqiu Dragon Icon.png Jinqiu Dragon (edit) Epic MetalFireShadow 1,940 Gems Icon.png
Greyhorn Dragon Icon.png Greyhorn Dragon (edit) Epic MetalFireShadow 1,756 Gems Icon.png
Steampunk Dragon Icon.png Steampunk Dragon (edit) Epic MetalWindWater 3,000 Gems Icon.png
Machine Dragon Icon.png Machine Dragon (edit) Epic MetalWindEnergy 1,600 Gems Icon.png
Valkyrie Dragon Icon.png Valkyrie Dragon (edit) Epic MetalWindShadow 1,888 Gems Icon.png
Armory Dragon Icon.png Armory Dragon (edit) Epic MetalEarthFire 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Steel Bull Dragon Icon.png Steel Bull Dragon (edit) Epic MetalEarthFire 25 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Colossus Dragon Icon.png Colossus Dragon (edit) Epic MetalEarthWind 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Ravager Dragon Icon.png Ravager Dragon (edit) Epic MetalEarthWater 1,555 Gems Icon.png
Centurion Dragon Icon.png Centurion Dragon (edit) Epic MetalEarthEnergy 1,700 Gems Icon.png
Handyman Dragon Icon.png Handyman Dragon (edit) Epic MetalEarthShadow 1,900 Gems Icon.png
Rust Dragon Icon.png Rust Dragon (edit) Rare MetalWaterEarth 950 Gems Icon.png
Fluffspot Dragon Icon.png Fluffspot Dragon (edit) Epic MetalWaterLight 1,787 Gems Icon.png
Sea Slug Dragon Icon.png Sea Slug Dragon (edit) Epic MetalWaterShadow 1,799 Gems Icon.png
Jade Dragon Icon.png Jade Dragon (edit) Epic MetalPlantWind 22 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Jormungand Dragon Icon.png Jormungand Dragon (edit) Epic MetalPlantWater 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Coral Dragon Icon.png Coral Dragon (edit) Epic MetalPlantWater 1,650 Gems Icon.png
Crunchy Dragon Icon.png Crunchy Dragon (edit) Epic MetalPlantEnergy 1,825 Gems Icon.png
Green Agate Dragon Icon.png Green Agate Dragon (edit) Epic MetalPlantVoid 1,845 Gems Icon.png
Taiga Dragon Icon.png Taiga Dragon (edit) Epic MetalPlantShadow 1,888 Gems Icon.png
Star Stripe Dragon Icon.png Star Stripe Dragon (edit) Epic MetalEnergyFire 1,780 Gems Icon.png
Boxer Dragon Icon.png Boxer Dragon (edit) Epic MetalEnergyWind 1,745 Gems Icon.png
Robot Dragon Icon.png Robot Dragon (edit) Epic MetalEnergyEarth 999 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png
Asteroid Dragon Icon.png Asteroid Dragon (edit) Epic MetalEnergyWater 1,711 Gems Icon.png
Aurora Dragon Icon.png Aurora Dragon (edit) Epic MetalEnergyVoid 1,850 Gems Icon.png
Herald Dragon Icon.png Herald Dragon (edit) Epic MetalEnergyLight 2,020 Gems Icon.png
Ragnarok Dragon Icon.png Ragnarok Dragon (edit) Epic MetalVoidFire 1,700 Gems Icon.png
Costume Dragon Icon.png Costume Dragon (edit) Epic MetalVoidWind 1,742 Gems Icon.png
Agent Dragon Icon.png Agent Dragon (edit) Epic MetalVoidEarth 1,007 Gems Icon.png
Midnight Dragon Icon.png Midnight Dragon (edit) Epic MetalVoidWater 1,808 Gems Icon.png
Fishbot Dragon Icon.png Fishbot Dragon (edit) Epic MetalVoidWater $79.99 USD
Robocluck Dragon Icon.png Robocluck Dragon (edit) Epic MetalVoidEnergy 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Snowpelt Dragon Icon.png Snowpelt Dragon (edit) Epic MetalLightFire 1,801 Gems Icon.png
Grand Prize Dragon Icon.png Grand Prize Dragon (edit) Epic MetalLightWind 1,715 Gems Icon.png
Citrine Dragon Icon.png Citrine Dragon (edit) Epic MetalLightEarth 1,725 Gems Icon.png
Cave Dragon Icon.png Cave Dragon (edit) Rare MetalShadowWind 1,202 Gems Icon.png
Iron Lion Dragon Icon.png Iron Lion Dragon (edit) Epic MetalShadowEnergy 1,909 Gems Icon.png
There are 60 Dragons with this Base Element.

Note: Boss and/or Clan Dragons are not included in this table, please see Table of Boss & Clan Dragons.

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