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Among the various Gameplay Elements of the game, Dragon Mania Legends also has other miscellaneous aspects, such as a soundtrack and even some out-of-game features, such as stickers for smartphones.


As long as the sound is enabled within the game, several soundtracks can be heard which are tied to a specific ongoing action in the game.

Other Sounds

Numerous other sounds are also heard if game sound is enabled.

  • See Sounds, for a list of game sounds.


The following stickers are available on the iOS platform through iMessage:

Loading Screen

Loading screens, also referred to as Splash Screens or Splash Backgrounds, appear while the game is loading. Past loading screens, were not changed as often, two of such examples appear below.

More recently, the loading screen changes after most updates to reflect a major event that happened during that update.

App Icons

Application Icons, or app icons, are the small images that represent the game before launching it. The game also featured a series of different app icons at different times. Early on, there were few app icon changes, and later they were also updated more frequently. Some early game examples appear below.

Platform-Specific Achievements

The following are platform-specific achievement images, though as these are not in-game, their requirements and other information are not tracked on this wiki.

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